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Topic: Kudos to Barry Mitchell
Message: Posted by: demente42 (Jun 20, 2007 09:36PM)
This is the closest forum I could find for this post even though it says not for specific dealers.

I would like to applaud the great customer service I received from Barry Mitchell on a recent order. I questioned him about an item that normally comes with a component of one of his products when purchased elsewhere separately but was removed from the final product he sells as it had nothing to do with the effect itself. I myself saw a use for it in my show and Barry was quick to offer to ship me the component at no charge. I was appreciative of his generosity. His products are excellent and his willingness to go the extra mile for his customers is a rare trait nowadays. I would highly recommend his products to anyone due to the level of quality and service he provides. Please support him and caring magic dealers like him. If you are not familiar with Barry or his products check out http://www.barrymitchell.com/products/