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Topic: Lounge Suspension
Message: Posted by: Kent Messmer (Jan 31, 2003 12:20AM)
Has anyone seen this? Check it out on http://www.tilfordillusions.com.

Is this a knock off? If so what is the name of the original? Who makes it?

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jan 31, 2003 12:38AM)
It is nothing more than another version of the Super-X suspension.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Jan 31, 2003 08:53AM)
Judging by the photos, it just doesn't look like a "Super-X". Besides, no Super-X is worth that price.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jan 31, 2003 12:37PM)
The base is a 1/4 in metal plate, the stooge is not choosen random. Instead of a screen it is a chair. It can be built for a lot less than $2,600.
Message: Posted by: Corey K (Jan 31, 2003 12:44PM)
Interesting...when I first saw the photo, I immediately thought of a modified Super-X. Only thing that was throwing me off was that I didn't see the tell-tale bars through the cloth he has down, plus there was no board that the 'floatee' was laying on.

Looks interesting, but I wouldn't spend 3 grand on a suspension. Mechanical levitations can be bought at that price, maybe less.
Message: Posted by: Kent Messmer (Feb 1, 2003 12:13AM)
I don't know if any of you saw the video clip but... the stooge walks on, then bends backward until his head is on the stool, the legs are lifted and the stool is removed.

To top it off, he is then just stood up and walks off.

Not like any super x I've ever seen.

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Feb 1, 2003 08:14AM)
Think logically here.

A Super-X is specific, hence the name. The principle doesn't change. Instead of a board one only needs a hook. Think Sword Suspension here, no board in that. The no movement from magician clearly indicates the the type of gimmick
Message: Posted by: Corey K (Apr 4, 2003 04:35PM)

I know this is an old topic, but did you see the video clip of the Lounge Suspension? After the assistant is levitated, the magician grabs him and pivots him until his legs tough the ground, and he just walks away - no rig left behind, because the magician walks away too...

I don't know, doesn't seem like a Super-X at all. I actually really like this thing.
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Apr 4, 2003 04:44PM)
I'm very familiar with this trick. Think super x and sword suspension combined. That is what makes it so expensive. Video is a bit deceptive because it requires using a stooge. It's sold by Tilford, Hank Lee and I believe Hocus had it at time.

Message: Posted by: einhorn (Apr 5, 2003 02:14AM)
It looked to me like the guy walked off with a really stiff leg!
Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Apr 5, 2003 06:23PM)
Well einhorn it was a very "exciting" illusion :rotf:
Message: Posted by: illusioneer (Nov 14, 2003 08:19PM)
So all-in-all, what's the verdict on this illusion? Worth it or not?
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Nov 17, 2003 04:35PM)
So all-in-all, what's the verdict on this illusion? Worth it or not?
It depends on your budget and need for this...For me it is really expensive. You can buy so many other great effects with this money. All you have to do is to check the internet regularly.
:angel: :angel: :angel:
Message: Posted by: dsilverfield (Nov 30, 2004 05:51AM)
I have watched it over and over again and to me it seems the stooge is carrying something with him when he walks away after the effect.
Message: Posted by: runawayjag (Dec 14, 2004 06:36PM)
So many people post on this site without ever really owning the prop! I have one. Personally, I don't like it, but the thinking behind it IS clever.

It is not a Super-X like the early posts claimed. In that context you could say Walter Blaney's Ladder Levitation (which I also own and much prefer,) is a Super-X. Or, even tje common Flying Carpet is a Super-X, given the assessments on this thread.

The "seeming" advantages of the Lounge Levitation are that it appears to be somewhat impromptu and that the stage is left clean after the effect.

Neither is quite true, of course. Someone speculated that the assistant does a little "after work" and, without giving too much away, he is correct.

The gimmick, by its very necessity to create the walkaway finish, is not very substantial, so your assistant must be fairly light and not too "long," horizontally speaking. It will also take a lot of practice to get the wobbliness out of it and to get your assistant comfortable and confident with the floating. I've not been on this (I'm much too heavy,) but I KNOW it is not a float that feels really secure.

I don't remember, but think this sells for $3200? So, is it worth that? IMO absolutely not. I got mine used for $1200.00. Is it worth that? Probably, but still not an enthusiastic yes.
Message: Posted by: troller (Jul 27, 2005 03:58PM)
I watched Criss Angel do a levitation out in the middle of the street and around some flower beds I believe. And he seemed to be using a very similar type effect. Cannot your Gamolo be modified so that you can take it with you where ever you go and be able to perform some levitation by yourself?