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Topic: Bottom Deal from Full Grip
Message: Posted by: Clock (Jun 27, 2007 11:01PM)
Hey all,

I have devised a method to deal bottoms from full grip naturally. The only reason I have been fooling around with it is because if I saw someone dealing from full grip, I wouldn't even question that they were dealing fairly.

My question is; do you think it even matters what grip you deal from (erdnase/master/full)? The average player would not look at an erdnase grip and suspect much, but I know I would.

To answer everyone's questions about the vid...I am sorry to keep you guys waiting...I have been tied down shooting another project (a 3 card monte project in fact). I have been completley immersed in this thing, but I'm in post stage now so it shouldn't be too long. Thanks for being so patient.


Message: Posted by: j0ndrums (Jun 28, 2007 08:10AM)
I just posted an identical message titled SF Grip Bottom. I've been thinking the same thing about grips for the bottom.

I've had more luck by modifying the grip so that its three fingers on the side of the deck, and the pinky is not used. If you hold the deck between the crook of your thumb and the third finger on the lower right corner, it seems to work well because you can get the bottom (mostly) out the side rather than the front of the deck.

It obviously a strike bottom, but I use an inward strike which rotates the bottom card about the lower left corner then a take.

Message: Posted by: Yiannis (Jun 28, 2007 01:19PM)
For those who want to accomplish a bottom deal from the side using a full grip, a very nice technique is described in "Enchantments" by Wesley James. The left hand simulates a full four finger grip (a Marlo's idea) at the right hand side of the deck.