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Topic: Rubber tubing for Inviso torch
Message: Posted by: vernon (Feb 1, 2003 03:35AM)
Not giving away but anyone know where I can get the rubber tubing required for inviso-torch ...mine has a few holes in it and although I've tried shoring them up... it don't work
Ta Vernon
Message: Posted by: MOTO42 (Feb 1, 2003 11:43AM)
I dunno if this will work, but you could probably find what your looking for in a hobby-shop that sells parts for remote controlled airplanes.
Message: Posted by: niva (Feb 2, 2003 02:59PM)
just send an email to Jim Pace. He will surely help out, as I know he did with many especially when it comes to his products.

Message: Posted by: vernon (Feb 7, 2003 11:33PM)
Cheers guys ...will try these out... and then get on with the serious business of burning myself

Thanks again
Message: Posted by: mamba (Feb 9, 2003 03:50AM)
tubing for fish pumps work pretty well
Message: Posted by: Jim Pace (Feb 12, 2003 11:41PM)
Vernon, please send it to me at:

White Rabbit Magic Co
956 Lloyd Mall
Portland Oregon

I will repair it for you. No charge, just place enough postage with the package so that I may send it back without costing me.

Jim Pace
Message: Posted by: vernon (Feb 16, 2003 04:08AM)
Thanks Jim, sorry I haven't replied sooner, just that I only access the net and Café every weekend after I present my radio show on Oasis radio, in Tenerife. http://www.oasis.fm