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Topic: Trilogy
Message: Posted by: artofillusion77 (Jul 1, 2007 02:48PM)
Anybody got a review for the trilogy,the floating gimmick or bisection?
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Jul 1, 2007 03:19PM)
Use the search feature, please.
Message: Posted by: motown (Jul 1, 2007 03:20PM)
See the DVD section for The Trilogy. It's there.
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Jul 1, 2007 04:13PM)
Ill be posting one for the trilogy soon, and bisection is great for SOME venues. its an idea that looks completely awsome, yet when you get the booklet(or DVD) you will be amazed by the simplicity. lets keep it at this, if you can manage your audience to get away with king's rising without the coat(awsome effect I can reccomend it fully) then your in good shape for bisection.