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Topic: Connected
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Jul 1, 2007 05:54PM)
NOTE: Negative people, I put this as a post to an old thread but I don't know where it went so I'm putting it here should the other thread be in the wrong area or messed up. Thank you for your concern.

Title: Connected by Peter Harrison
Medium: DVD
Arena: close up
Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies

Connected is a multiphase routine using cards. What you do is have a card signed and you sign a card. You ask the spectator for a personal item, and they take out their wallet where you place their card in full view. Magic move and the card you had is now in the wallet and you have their card in your handÖ.viola. You then have a card selected and it is torn up by the spectator and they keep the traditional corner as a receipt. The pieces of card vanish and are found in the specs wallet much to their surprise and not only are they found but the pieces are restored and the corner matchesÖviola.

In keeping with the Ďif you canít explain it in one sentenceí rule here it goes. Two cards change places and a third not only appears in an impossible location but it has restored itself after being torn.

Letís take a look at the production. Other than it could be a little bit better lit, and I think the darkness was for artistic reasons, the production is fine. The camera work is okay and the sound has no problems, even with the outdoor scenes. Peter, for some reason, wears a stocking cap through out, I guess this was for image. I think he should have taken it off as others were comfortable in short sleeves I donít think it was stocking cap weather. The end result is half his face is in shadow. I do like the authorship of the DVD, the scenes are nicely set apart and the menu itself was functional, better than a lot of people put together. So get rid of the cap and use another light bulb and they would be gold. Good job though production people!

The DVD opens with Peter performing the routine twice. Iím not sure if it is part of his patter or if the specs he performed for are famous in the UK for one reason or another. I have no clue who they may be but he played it as if they were important. Could be footballers (I learned that watching BBC) or something of that ilk. Either way Peter performs the routines and does a fine job with it. He seems to go for the Ďstreetí look but his delivery is quite a bit more polished than you find with the average street assassin or hallway hit man, who I think may be the target purchaser. The routine itself is pretty good if not real original in concept. The idea of doing a torn card then having it restored out of sight is an interesting amendment to the Ďcard to impossible locationí theme. The use of the initial switching of the cards from the magicians hand to the specs wallet is a good idea in relation to the entire routine as well and I hand it to Peter for putting the routine together the way he did.

Peter and his sidekick (sorry, I didnít catch the name) did an excellent job explaining the routine section by section. You can, using their menu, jump around to parts you have questions about. Peter is easily understood, I believe he may be a Scot but donít get mad at me if he isnít as Iím not an expert at knowing where someone is from in the UK, and he understood what he wanted to communicate. The sidekick asked the right questions and also was prepared. This may seem like a no brainer but Iíve seen DVDs where people seem to be winging it but that isnít the case here. Peter also likes taking the path of least resistance when it comes to forces and no problem there. So far so good, production is pretty good, the routine presentations worked for me, the explanations done very wellÖ..all in all something you card guys may want to consider if you canít put things together for a routine and this would be a step up for a lot of the people new to card magic.

Here is my problem with the routine. People do not like others touching their wallets. I made a point of trying to touch wallets this past week and I watched performances where the spectator was to pull out their wallet and the wallet itself was never touched by the spec, as it is in this routine. In every case where the wallet was touched and even when the magician didnít physically touch the wallet the wallet owner inspected their wallet. Every time. Perhaps in the UK they are more trusting but it sure wasnít the case here. As much as I like the routine that part scares me, but since I really like the routine here is the fix. You have their wallet on the table, do your initial switch, but do NOT have them take the wallet back until the entire routine is done. If you give it back to them to put in their pocket and as is likely to happen they look in it the trick is blown. If it sits on the table or they put their hand on it you get the same end result w/out blowing the routine.

My other thought is more of an advanced version of this routine. How about you have the pieces found in the wallet and you do a visual restoration ala JC Wagner or something of that nature? Then the corner can match, viola, another dimension is added to the whole thing. You can even do a switch and have the restored card be the one with their signature! I just realized that I must have liked this routine if Iím brainstorming about it trying to make it fit my style. The basic routine as taught is fine though but consider the wallet back in the pocket vs the wallet on table based on what Iíve seen and the simple fact that the people filmed on the DVD knew they were part of the filming so they played along.

Good job and something to be considered if this sounds like a routine that would fit into your performances.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Jul 3, 2007 05:54AM)
This is a very good review. Just a few points. the side kick is the grand master of RAWK...Mr Owen Packard ( ala the rama deck) And yes, Peter is a fellow scot and both men in question are true gents.( Dave and Rachel arnt to bad nether) Just so they don't feel left out lol. Sorry back to the point. Really nice review man

Alan Rorrison
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jul 3, 2007 09:36AM)
Peter Harrison is a very talented fellow.

MagicSanta, great detailed review! And great observation about people not liking others touching their wallets. I think the individual performer will have to gauge who to do this for ( perhaps after gaining some trust ).

It reminds me of card to mouth. I would never do it. Never, never. I think it's dirty. BUT......there are performers that KILL with this. So....everyone has to decide what works for them.
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Jul 3, 2007 01:42PM)
Yeah, card to mouth always bothered me because I don't want to touch anything afterward because others might be like me and think "he has spit on him!".

The wallet thing is a tough one. I watched a routine done by a major pro last week where the spec never actually handed the wallet to the magician and during the routine he checked his wallet three times, no kidding. The other time I saw the same routine the guy checked it before the routine then before putting it into his pocket. I worked with people and found they checked it, in my experience, 100% of the time before putting it in their pocket but usually not until then, thus keep it on the table with their hand on it. The hand reduces anxiety and carries you to the end of the routine.

Last question for our UK friends, are those two guys being specs celebs in the UK or was the 'can I have your autograph later' just part of the patter?
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Jul 3, 2007 02:38PM)
Its part of the patter
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Jul 3, 2007 03:55PM)
That's what I was thinking. It does lead to the signiture well.