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Topic: Dave Allen - America's got talent
Message: Posted by: dmagic (Jul 4, 2007 05:02AM)
I know Dave Allen the dvd kids show and I see hem in America's got talent


whats happend ?

Message: Posted by: Daveandrews (Jul 4, 2007 06:29PM)
This is actually a clip from Britain's Got Talent.

We all have bad days I guess, but this was THE place NOT to have 'one of those days'.


Message: Posted by: GG (Jul 7, 2007 05:28PM)
Oh Dear .
Message: Posted by: Guardian452 (Jul 7, 2007 08:41PM)

o man

I hate it when Im doing the Ambitious card and my second duck falls out
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Jul 8, 2007 03:18AM)
Wow ! that stinks I almost thought hey why not play it off like comedy he could have got out of it . Make it like you wanted to reveal the other duck & work it although it may have been to late ...
Message: Posted by: AndyComic (Jul 9, 2007 10:33PM)
I hear they only put the best and worst on.
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Jul 10, 2007 07:15AM)
It was a "science" themed act. A simple "Look how I have cloned the duck!!" would have got him out of it.
Ah well,
Message: Posted by: Andy the cardician (Jul 12, 2007 11:43PM)
S##t happens . . . but there is a learing in everything.

Apart of that - hilarious . . . Guess, from now on he will be adressed as "Hey, aren't you the guy with the duck?"
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Aug 23, 2007 12:39PM)
You mean the guy with two ducks??