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Topic: Thinking about innovation in bottle/can penetrations...
Message: Posted by: Boracay (Jul 6, 2007 12:38AM)
Coin in Bottle effects are one of my favorites...and the "new offerings" are quite dizzing recently. Just thinking about the keeper concepts..wanted to share some thoughts...get some feedback. Let's agree, the metaphysics of bottles mandate that foreign objects either go through (sneakily) the top, are always in the container or are never in the container. Obvious. ;)

So the classic effect has a smartly folding coin and now often a pk ring to create the moment of magic(MoM). SINFUL coin through soda can is genuis for the clean handling - totally impromptu. Add just a pk ring, and PROHIBITION gives you a totally impromptu hamdling with the visual impact of a clear bottle. Less of a routine, but INFUSION gives you a quick hit effect with a big necked bottle or bar glass. CORKER is a clever idea for a sneak but why introduce the gaff with the other clean handlings. Similarly for a shaved penny...why hunt for the right bottle and worry about differences in oxidation? So three strong ways to go impromptu...

Bottle - Prohibition
Can - Sinful
Glass - Infusion

The setup effects all seem to suffer from requiring significant preparation and then offer presentations with more contrived introductions and handlings than I prefer for a close up effect. ABYSS is clever but too restrictive from the start position. LABELED is very clever too but again starts with the assumption that the bottle will speak for itself with a quick display and "watch..watch" for the MoM. OSMOSIS brings you a manufactured gaff if Heineken works for you. SEALED IN provides a bit more interplay but does not really deliver much different effect than PROHIBITION...so does the sealed bottle with the prep required justify the extra time and effort. There has been word of effect called FACTORY SEALED with a more visual handling that could justify the set-up. BOTTLED UP provides a clever torn card production with a bit of a mash up required. Still do not think any of these set up presentations live up to clean versions above. Any effects or handlings I am missing?

Then my favorite approach...if you want to penetrate the bottle...don't penetrate the bottle. Devious. TRIC TAC comes to mind for this concept which is quarter INTO ordinary Tic Tac mint container. This is more of a quick hit effet like infusion but great to play when the opportunity presents. Finally PASSING THROUGH that provides a very visual penetration...has a total impromptu handling...and allows the spectator to keep everything. Simple gaffs for these last two that are easy to keep handy for an improptu opportunity.

So my list of keepers is

Bottle - Prohibition & Passing Thru
Can - Sinful
Glass - Infusion
Container - Tric Tac

But I must be missing something out there...a little help? :D