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Topic: 30-Second Review of Relic
Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Jul 7, 2007 12:08PM)
I like Relic very much, and here's my review, which should take a mere 30 seconds to read:

Looks: So convincing that it passed as a real shipwreck coin when I showed it to two antique dealers. So pretty that my wife wanted to “borrow” it to wear.

Working: It takes very little practice to get used to the “signals” from the ring. There are good handling ideas on the Relic forum.

Quality: Excellent craftsmanship, artful antiquing of the silver coin.

Presentation: Spectators find the coin beautiful and fascinating (history, legend), and there are lots of presentation possibilities.

Value: A real bargain in today's magic marketplace.

Customer service: Quick, friendly, responsive.

Highly recommended!

I hope this review helps.