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Topic: Review of Swiss Pack by David Acer
Message: Posted by: Logan (Feb 4, 2003 07:43AM)
I just got this in the mail, sent by 'joseph' a user of the Magic Café, thanx mate!

Ok, the effect is:

A card is selected and lost in the deck... or so it would seem, for the magician confesses that in fact he has put a mark on the card in such a manner that he can find it at will; in fact, he has put several. In order to prove this, he spreads through the deck and one card is seen to be full of holes! This in fact is the chosen card! Suddenly, however, the holes vanish. Where could they have gone? Surprise! There is now one huge hole right through the center of the deck! A wonderful walk-around trick; very magical and bound to produce lots of laughter. Comes with a book and the special deck.

Price: $15.00

This trick is really cool! I mean, I have alot of tricks and although the method to this trick is EXTREMELY simple, it is ENTERTAINING and that's what i like about it! I add a story line saying that some magicians, like myself, are so fast that they can punch holes in the selected card just before it's put into the deck and its so fast that they can't see it :rotf:

But anyway, about the trick: The deck is not gimmicked in any way, they can examine the deck all they want. The vanish of the holes are visual and the handling is very simple.

I really like the flourish of spinning the deck on the index finger at the end of the trick as it looks cool AND amazing at the same time (some people have never seen a deck with a hole straight through it!).

With the proper patter and presentation, this can be a really entertaining and commercial illusion, bound to make your audience smile and laugh.

I give it a 8/10.

Drawback: Acer didn't provide ample patter, just a little bit. I was thinking, if he was a comedian, he could have done better as this is one of HIS most performed tricks!

I recommend it to those who like to put a bit of comedy into their card magic - but if you're looking for visual astonishing effects, this isn't it (except for the vanish of the holes).

The value of this trick lies in it's ability to entertain and make people smile and laugh as opposed to making people go "Whoaaaa" although it might get that result as well, depending on how you present it :shucks:

All the best and I hope this review helps those in search of a nice card effect!