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Topic: Thank goodness we have experts jugglers here
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jul 25, 2007 02:16PM)
When I joined this forum I was the only juggler answering questions. We now have Nigel, Alfredo, SenseStrange, and Mike here to give a variety of perspectives on just how the professionals do it.
Thanks guys
Alfonso Angello
Message: Posted by: just_larry (Jul 25, 2007 08:23PM)
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jul 26, 2007 09:19AM)
Please excuse me I knew my list would not be complete. I cautiously ad Larry, One man, and that bald clown from New York. I'm sure there are some I've forgot, but this "catch this if you can" has grown and I am very happy about it.
Alfonso Angello
(I'm trying to differentiate myself from Alfredo)
Message: Posted by: just_larry (Jul 26, 2007 11:09AM)
It's cool Al!
One man is Kevin Brown, a Clown College Grad (84), and a great entertainer!
(He also did the First Dancing cane I had ever seen, except his was a mop)
Brian is the Bald guy from NYC. I hope to see him and Matthew soon, I keep hearing nothing but good things.

Message: Posted by: Circus Bambouk (Jul 26, 2007 11:11AM)
The bald clown from New York gratefully acknowledges the cautious add from the self-proclaimed aging juggler from Pennsylvania.

In all seriousness, I agree with Al in that the Café has grown from a place to discuss Tenyo products and suitcase tables into a nearly complete variety arts resource center in a way some of the other bb's on the net have not.

I extend my thanks to all of the knowledgeable, regular posters who have answered all sorts of questions from all sorts of performers.

And even though not everyone has heard of Bambouk, at least Alfredo has. He told me so, in an elevator at Motionfest. Unless he was just being nice, in which case, I return to the back of the line. And thanks, Larry. With nice words like that, I just may make it in this business someday.

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jul 26, 2007 02:04PM)
Do you ever go to the juggling conventions at Pratt, or Philadelphia? By the way the 20th annual Philadelphia juggling convention is Oct 6 and 7, and I plan to do my boomerang rubberband workshop there, so be there, or be square.

PS- When I'm on stage I feel 20 years old.
Message: Posted by: SenseiStrange (Jul 26, 2007 03:46PM)
I too am grateful for such a forum, (even though my posts sometimes get deleted)
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jul 26, 2007 04:29PM)
As a staff member I have the power to delete any post I so desire. That being said I will tell you that I have never deleted any posts except my own.
Message: Posted by: Circus Bambouk (Jul 29, 2007 09:44AM)

I've popped into the Pratt conventions briefly two or three times, but never been to the Philly. I'll be out of the country during the weekend of the 6&7 of October, which is a shame, 'cause I have a performer going to Philly for a gig on the 6th, and if it had been me I could have stayed for the 7th...


You can delete this post if you want.

Message: Posted by: AntonDreaming (Jul 29, 2007 08:55PM)
Yeah I am very happy to be informed by the people on this forum. Its a great resource.

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jul 29, 2007 09:25PM)
The best magic I know I learned right here at the magic Café, not only that, but I am a very, very hard guy to fit for a magic trick, I always try to avoid doing anything like the other boys (kinda like Michael Jackson), and I have been able to have it all my way here. I came here with a 45 minute show, and three years later I can do three different 45 minute shows with a brief case, and a juggling bag. I can do walk around for hours with just what I have in my pockets.
Message: Posted by: busterjuggler (Jul 30, 2007 04:52AM)
I am grateful to have this forum too with lots of knowledgeable people here! eespecially being the only juggler on here from Australia as I know of!

Oh and Japan's great!

Message: Posted by: fingerflinger (Oct 24, 2015 08:13PM)
It is great to see lots of juggling discussions on a magic forum.

Having both magic and juggling skills sure comes in handy. I can do more juggling when I have to perform 3/4, or fully surrounded, and more magic, when I have to perform in an 8' ceiling. The Magic Café is a great place to read and post about magic and juggling, all in one place...