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Topic: Chop cup routine
Message: Posted by: ghageman (Jul 30, 2007 06:03AM)
Hi everyone

I have just started to get into the chop cup and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to other chop cup routines they like?? I am very keen to implement a multiple of ideas into one routine.

Message: Posted by: Richard Evans (Jul 30, 2007 07:01AM)
Someone else recently asked an almost identical question. To avoid duplication, have a look [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=213940&forum=115&40]here[/url].
Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Jul 30, 2007 07:04AM)
Have a look at "The Classic Chop Cup" DVD, by the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions. Performances and explanations by Larry Jennings, Don Alan, Martin Lewis and Brad Burt.

Also see Dan Tong┤s recent DVDs "Finally!", Vol. 2. He has a nice Chop Cup routine you will want to see.