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Topic: One cup and coins
Message: Posted by: Mr. Ed (Feb 10, 2002 12:46AM)
So I just received John Murrays One Cup and Coins via an e-bay purchase. I saw Doug Brewer use it in his lecture and had to get one. Now I like Dougs routine, but does anyone know of any others. I really like this device and want to study other routines so I can draw from them to make my own. Any suggestions?
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Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Feb 10, 2002 07:43PM)
Here's my routine. To be honest, I haven't performed it under fire. The main difference is that I would use three coins, plus the gaff, while Doug uses four plus the gaff. I would also precede this routine with a routine using three ungaffed coins to help sell the idea that everything is okay and ungimmicked.

1.) Dump out the three coins and the gaff. Drop two coins and the gaff to the mat, retaining one coin in left fingerpalm. Put the coins and gaff into the cup. Doug's move of flipping the coin forward struck my fellow club members as odd when I performed the routine at a meeting. If you show the good side of the gaff and then rotate it 180 degrees as you drop it into the cup, the "bad" side can't be seen because the coin is moving too quickly. Do Doug's production of the coin in left fingerpalm and set the coin aside.

2.) Dump out two coins and put one back in the cup. Openly take the second one under the table and snap it against the underside. Jiggle the cup, then invert it forcefully enough to dislodge the gaff so two "coins" show. This is Doug's through-the-table phase. Put the coin and the gaff into the cup. Bring the left hand up from under the table with the concealed coin and repeat the first production. Set this coin aside.

3.) Dump out the last coin and the gaff onto the left fingers, secretly retaining one. Put the gaff into the cup. I like Doug's idea of using a napkin to take some heat off of the gaff and the cup. Produce the last coin.

My presentational theme would run along the lines of how expensive drinking is and how people are practically drinking money (since the cup resembles a shotglass).
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Feb 11, 2002 03:41PM)
I will confess that I've never seen, John Murrays One Cup and Coins routine.

I've been doing magic for awhile and have found what fits my style.

I have been a fan of Larry Jennings for years. I do his one cup routine. I do it standing up.

You start with empty hands, reaching into the air you produce a silk. Placing the silk onto the mat (table) a form appears under it. It of course is the cup. The ball appears next and at the end everything vanishs one at a time.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Feb 11, 2002 09:08PM)
Yes, but that's a cups and balls routine, not a coin routine. The Murray routine, though using aspects of a C&B routine, still remains strictly a coin effect.