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Topic: New Comedy Routines
Message: Posted by: Magicjg (Aug 13, 2007 09:29AM)
Hello. I have been performing for a few years now with a comedy stand-up routine. I am looking for new material. Any suggestions for nice long comedy routines that hit hard? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Comedy Writer (Aug 13, 2007 12:24PM)
Yes -- take some classes (or get a book) and write up some of your experiences as material.

Comedy Writer
Message: Posted by: peculiarone (Aug 13, 2007 02:49PM)
I've been looking at Terry Seabrooke's Burnt Note in Wallet routine from his book Seabrooke's Book.

Message: Posted by: C Christian (Aug 14, 2007 06:01AM)
I always find this question difficult because you can make just about any effect funny Heck I even seen McDonald Aces done Stand-up and Funny. I got the Privlige to meet David Williamson Lecture 2 weeks ago, He did his in the hands coins across and I will tell you he hand me along with Greg Wilison and John Carney along with everyone else in the room laughing hard. Why, because HE IS FUNNY! He made it funny so dive into a book or video and find a stand-up effect you like and try and make it funny...Who knows you might surprise yourself!