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Topic: Jay Sankey - thumbs up
Message: Posted by: mitchb2 (Aug 14, 2007 09:38AM)
My son lost part of my Holy Moly set...the hardest part to replace.
I emailed Jay and asked if I could buy a replacement.
He replied quickly, and mailed me out a replacement for free...he even paid for shipping.

Message: Posted by: Papasmurf (Sep 14, 2007 03:01PM)
I live in a far north remote town of 5,000. The closest city is about 5 hrs drive away.
Today in our local grocery store I passed by a small rack of DVD's on sale, there was only 5 in the rack. One of these 5 dvd's was Jay Sankey's Short and Sweet for $2.95. I could not believe it, how the heck did that get there. I am pretty sure I am the only practicing magician for miles.
I had to speak with the manager and find out how it got there and could she get more. She said they buy these DVD's in a bulk load and never know what they get.
Is this unusual or is there going to be a Presidents Choice Sankey in all major grocery stores?
This definately made my day
Not sure where I should of posted this thread, so figured this was the best place for now, in the soup to nuts next to the crackers.