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Topic: Paul Hallas Lecture at Funerama
Message: Posted by: Ratty Roberts (Aug 15, 2007 11:58PM)
I am an old longtime friend of Paul. Having said that, he delivered a lecture on Restaurant, and Banquet Table Hopping. If you get Paul for a lecture, it may be of interest to ask hime to do this also, as an opener to his other fine lectures. The amount of simple common sense ideas and thoughts were first rate. Having done some of this stuff the hard way, I wish I had seen this when I started!

Good ideas on approaching the management, (remember this Paul) and how to nail the booking. In USA there is no "Wedding" Magician, as there is in UK.

This is a huge field of oppertunity for you guys! Paul is already on the case!

Try to catch Paul, apart from his amazing output on Mentalism, he can and does do a good line in practical, working close up. Not to mention good patter!