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Topic: You-tube Question
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Aug 17, 2007 10:17AM)
Hey Lads,

I have a similiar question that Jaxon posed a few days back.Why does the following happen :

I watch a video on you-tube first time round and it loads fine,second time could be fine and third but sometimes I try to watch it again another day and it takes an age to load?Usually when this happens it seem sthat for ever more that clip which was perfect first 6 or 27 times seems to take a month to load now :( Any idea's?


Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Aug 17, 2007 12:43PM)
Have you got any downloads going or is something taking up a lot of ram?

This slows it down... also could perhaps be a virus or malware.

Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Aug 17, 2007 12:50PM)
Cheers buddy...no no I tend to download while watching clips and I cant imagine what would be taking up a lot of space....My comp also has a clean bill of health.Terribly frustrating!
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Aug 17, 2007 08:53PM)
Delete cookies?

empty cache?
Message: Posted by: leapinglizards (Aug 19, 2007 06:40AM)
Broadband can run faster or slower depending on the number of people in your area using it at a given moment, your OWN bandwidth usage, (some ISP's will slow your transfer rate down for a period of time if you have transferred too much, say uploading or downloading large files,) or the You Tube server useage at any given moment.
Message: Posted by: Pete Legend (Aug 19, 2007 07:13AM)
Thanks everyone for the help! I deleted Cookies as Corona suggested and will be purchasing a memory stick where I can keep my pdf files(They do take up a lot of space)

Good point leapinglizards!I never thought of that I think our broadband company allows 40 people to be on at the same time..so this could be causing the problem!

Thanks again lads!

Message: Posted by: msc455magic (Aug 19, 2007 07:26AM)
My youtube always takes forever to load during the mornings and afternoons. But as midnight comes, the videos would play as soon as you click on them. When I was in Japan, I never had any problems with youtube in the mornings or afternoons. I guess it is just a broadband problem.

Good luck!