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Topic: Proof of purchase?
Message: Posted by: The Amazing Noobini (Aug 20, 2007 12:32PM)
I'm looking at this pack of Stud cards lying on my desk and next to the bar code at the bottom it says "proof of purchase". I have seen this before and never understood what it's about. For instance, all US DVDs I have ordered online has a little part of the cover which is marked as if you are supposed to tear it off and inside it it says "proof of purchase".

What's this all about? I have wondered about it for a long time. Is it that if you tear off a part of a product's packaging it no longer looks new? This is in a way logical, but why ruin all your DVD covers just to prove to someone (who?) that you bought it? Don't you get receits in your country? And what is to prevent someone tearing off corners of everything inside a store and then walking out claiming to have proof of it's purchase?

No, there has to be a different meaning. But what? I need to know!
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Aug 20, 2007 12:36PM)
Often the proof of purchase tabs are used in marketing contests, giveaways, specials. You know...all those extra papers that fall out when you first open the case.
Message: Posted by: The Amazing Noobini (Aug 20, 2007 03:04PM)
Aha. They are a kind of coupons then. I have seen those in movies. We don't have that here.

Also I'm lucky in that here one can put a sticker on the mailbox which says "no unaddressed mail" and it is then illegal to fill up the mailbox with junk, as is harvesting names for direct advertizing. I never get anything in my mailbox except... bills. (We need a law against those too I guess).

This all suddenly makes sense to me then. Maybe I can start shipping large envelopes full of paper clippings across the water in order to get a free inflatable beach ball or a toaster which runs on the wrong voltage or something. Cool.

Thanks a lot for clearing this up!
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Aug 20, 2007 09:24PM)
Well, consider the dual uses for a rebate:

1 - Only one such 'proof' exists per item,

2 - One more hoop to jump through before you actually get your money ('Sorry, we can't send your rebate check because you failed to enclose...')