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Topic: The Omega Gimmick by Bob Solari Magic
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 22, 2007 11:29PM)
[b]The Omega Gimmick by Bob Solari Magic[/b]

[b]Description / Effect:[/b] [i]Imagine having a card freely selected and in a matter of seconds you know the name of this selected card! No, the cards are not marked. No, the deck is not stacked. The cards may be shuffled both before and after the selection. Absolutely no force of any kind is used. Imagine the possibilities!!! Simply add the Omega Gimmick to your BicycleŽ Brand deck and you are ready to perform miracles! Each Omega Gimmick is handcrafted by Bob Solari. Complete with gimmick and photo illustrated instructions. Available in red and blue back. The Omega Gimmick is limited only to your imagination![/i]


I see a ton of stuff hit the magic market on a weekly basis. Most of the stuff is either garbage or new versions of stuff that I can find within the pages of my magic library.

When I receive something to review, I do my best to give it a good look and even try the item out. If I think it's something worth considering, I do a write up. If I feel its junk or totally useless, I normally don't mention it at all. My feeling is [i]why[/i] give the item any more press than it's already receiving? Besides, I know that the magazines will end up giving it a good thrashing. ;)

Having said all that, while I'm not impressed with the latest release from [b]Bob Solari Magic[/b], I do think the workmanship of the gimmick is excellent, so the item does at least deserve to be mentioned. Okay, so the gimmick is really well made and works like a charm. But - that's about the only positive thing I can say about [b]The Omega Gimmick[/b].

The whole idea behind this gimmick is to allow you to find a freely selected card. That's fine, you can do that. But why do I need this particular device? If I'm a collector, it might be nice to show other magicians, but that's about it. Using the Omega Gimmick to aid in locating a card can be compared to walking across The United States. True, it can be done, but why walk when you can fly?

There are endless ways to [i]peek[/i] or control a freely selected card and most of these are extremely easy to do. Even a book written for the beginning magician has at least one method for obtaining the identity of a freely selected card.

So why do we need this Omaga thingy anyway? Truth is, we don't. While the gimmick does work, it is extremely impractical to use and in practice makes handling the deck a chore. Angles must be watched closely, and while you can shuffle the deck proper, only an overhand shuffle can be used without damaging the gimmick. Additionally, your spectators cannot handle the deck because the gaff will be instantly detected. Worse yet, while the instructions do explain the use of the gaff, there are no actual routines included. Given that only an absolute neophyte would be purchasing this item to begin with the lack of any routines is just plain wrong.

Speaking of intructions, all you receive is three sheets of what appears to be photo-copied instructions which are wrapped around the gimmick. The sheets explain the basic set-up and include a few photographs - nothing more.
To add more salt to the wound, Mr. Solari states that while he put this gimmick together independently, he does give credit to Chuck Leach of Chazpro Magic who previously marketed The Swami Card gimmick back in 1995. I've never personally seen Mr. Leach's gimmick, but will assume it is very similar to the Omaega Gimmick, 'nuff said.

Finally, my biggest gripe about this product is the idea that a beginner will purchase this item, start using it and forever depend upon it, never learning the important skills that are actually worth learning. You know, the stuff inside books. If you are a beginner, do yourself a favor and go purchase a good book, it will be money better spent. If you are a seasoned pro, move along - there is nothing to see here.


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Suggested retail is: $19.95 + S/H

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