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Topic: New to the café.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinded (Aug 29, 2007 11:07AM)
Hello, just introducing myself. I'm Spellbinded, I live in the United States, in Virginia. What else? Oh yes, I am completely new to magic, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been aroused into magic by watching Derren Brown recently. I've been trying to read books on how to do the stuff he does, but without much success. I'm not completely sure what he uses, but I've speculated suggestion, covert hypnosis, illusion, misdirection, showmanship, mentalism, and psychology. Most of them are what he says he uses, but please correct me if I'm wrong. In short, anyone who can help me learn the things centered around psychology, not tricks, would be appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Dmann (Aug 29, 2007 04:37PM)
Welcome to the Café and enjoy!
Message: Posted by: apple123 (Aug 30, 2007 08:26AM)
Welcome to the wonderful world of the Magic Café. You'll find many treasures here.
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Aug 30, 2007 10:55AM)
[b]Welcome to the Café![/b]
Message: Posted by: TheGreatGalling (Sep 13, 2007 01:56PM)
Welcome to the Café, have fun!
Message: Posted by: magicalmike (Sep 13, 2007 08:13PM)
Welcome to the Café(i know I need to learn how to accent the e). If I may ask what part of virginia?
Message: Posted by: Doughlas (Sep 14, 2007 07:23PM)
Welcome Mike,
You journey into discovery will be a fun one.
Message: Posted by: Ogre1234 (Sep 27, 2007 07:49AM)
Enjoy the Café, have fun.