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Topic: Astral Projection By Jay Sankey
Message: Posted by: Jolan Vanderdark (Feb 10, 2003 06:31PM)
Does anyone have this trick? Any thoughts on this one? Placing a magic order in a couple of weeks and want to get thoughts on the ones I'm thinking of buying.

The Effect
A deck of cards is cut in half and a spectator takes one of the piles. The performer spreads the other half of the deck face up and asks the spectator to merely think of any card that they see. These cards are squared and left face up on the table.

The magician claims that he will make the card the spectator is simply thinking of to vanish from the magician's half and reappear in the cards spectator is holding. Without even asking which card the spectator thought of, the magician then deals through all of his cards and the spectator's selection is gone! The spectator names the card, deals through the cards in her hands and finds her card!

Instantly Re-sets
No sleight-of-hand!

What You Get
Astral Projection


Includes The Free Bonus Trick Foreign Exchange! An innovative handling of the classic two bill close-up transposition! Comes complete with illustrated instructions, professional script performance and performance and practice tips!

Message: Posted by: magicman2000 (Feb 11, 2003 12:29AM)
I have it, Jolan, and I'm sure you will like performing it as it almost does all the work itself. There are several tricks on the market that give the same effect, but this is one of the best. Keep in mind, the ads don't tell you that you will have to supply a deck of cards of your own to complete the trick.

Most of the "Princess Card tricks" use just a few cards to show which makes it look like a packet trick. AP uses the whole deck which makes it more natural.
Message: Posted by: 1908 (Feb 11, 2003 09:40AM)
I did not purchased that trick, but somewhere I saw a demo of it and I feel that the method is very obvious. Not very sure for my opinion but I will not buy it anyway. I prefer to purchase some of Jay Sankey's videotapes/DVDs.