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Topic: Locked Topics???
Message: Posted by: Christopher Lyle (Sep 2, 2007 07:41PM)
So who locks out a topic and why? Just curious...
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Sep 2, 2007 08:37PM)
Moderators, when they feel a topic has been adaquately addressed or gone on long enough.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Sep 2, 2007 09:54PM)
I got a feeling this thread will be sent to a different section.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Sep 2, 2007 11:36PM)
Sometimes it happens when a thread gets really hot.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Sep 3, 2007 09:26AM)
I wish it happened more when a thread got really stupid.
Message: Posted by: meyegr (Sep 3, 2007 11:18AM)
What would we read then ? :lol:
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Sep 11, 2007 12:59PM)
Here's a previous topic about the same subject with a very good explanation.