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Topic: Something nobody says
Message: Posted by: apple123 (Sep 3, 2007 01:38PM)
I wish I had a sense of humour.

I've got too much money in my pocket.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 3, 2007 01:47PM)
You could buy all bittermans ebooks, that might help you out in at least one department.


This topic should really be in 'looking out for our own'

Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Sep 3, 2007 02:03PM)
If this were a fairytale, what would happen?
Message: Posted by: Magicusa (Sep 3, 2007 02:32PM)
Oh, I love fairytale! :)
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Sep 3, 2007 02:34PM)
If you need any fairy tails ask Whit Haydn...he cuts them off before he grinds them down for his fairy dust.

Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 3, 2007 07:33PM)
I feel sorry for the pedestrians and the cyclists.
Message: Posted by: Justin Style (Sep 4, 2007 10:43AM)
I like to cycle. My favorite loop is from the George Washington Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. It's a 30 mile round trip. Next time you're in NYC, give me a call, I'll take you on it. You can become an official member of the [i]Back by Midnite[/i] club.
Message: Posted by: Corona Smith (Sep 4, 2007 11:07AM)
I used to cycle over brooklyn bridge to manhattan and back daily. My very first time I went the same route as the traffic! GULP.

It took me awhile to realise why they were all beeping.

Nice bridge though. Very nice.