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Topic: The Vest
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Sep 29, 2001 12:26AM)
This is a really nice system to organize and carry your props when you don’t want or can’t use a case. LOTS of room.

If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale, I also recommend the pocket prop organizers, available from Chazpro (inner breast pocket) or Klamm (side coat pocket). Both are very inexpensive and hold quite a few items (packet tricks, knives, coins, etc) in an organized and easily accessible manner.


Scott F. Guinn

Great Scott! It’s Magic!
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Oct 5, 2001 11:34PM)
Thank you Scott, I had posted a topic about the vest a while back. I deleted it because it got no replies.

Now I know. :bg:
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Nov 20, 2001 05:01AM)
Message: Posted by: Bengi (Dec 1, 2001 04:39AM)
I received a new catalog from Diamonds Magic yesterday...in the catalog it has a vest with 76 pockets!! It says it will enable you to carry your complete close up and table hopping act in your pockets. Heck! I could probably fit my lunch and a beer in something like that!!

It comes only in black, in large and extra large.

Just thought I'd mention this.

You might find it at http://www.diamondsmagic.com

It's called the Magician's Waist Coat with 76 pockets.

Bengi :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Dec 2, 2001 01:08AM)
Sound's like you can carry an entire magic shop in that thing! Probably handy if you are a pickpocket. :rotf: :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Bengi (Dec 2, 2001 04:19AM)
Message: Posted by: saglaser (Dec 6, 2001 10:07PM)
Vests are wonderful. I almost always wear one -- usually a black leather one available from your basic mall Leather store. No, not the biker type, but something a tad more genteel.

Between that and my regular set of pockets I can walk around loaded for bear -- providing the bear likes magic.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Dec 7, 2001 02:56AM)
A vest with 76 pockets.

And it only comes in extra-large!

Go figure! :rotf:


Peter Marucci

Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Dec 10, 2001 07:13AM)
It’s not very good! Every time you lean over things fall out. The pockets are at an angle. There are so many pockets you forget where things are, and some of the pockets you can’t use as they are too small.
Message: Posted by: tctahoe (Dec 11, 2001 01:47AM)
A neat wee thing I have used is… that thing that waiter/waitresses use to keep their stuff organized. It loops onto your belt, and will carry several decks of cards; lots of coins, there are slots for pens, which will hold color changing knives. They’re great and if you are wearing a jacket you can wear it like a holster, and your jacket will cover it.

Just thought you’d like to know.


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Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Dec 11, 2001 08:11PM)

That's exactly what I wear when I do street work.

(Oddly enough, I don't use it in restaurant and bar work!)

First of all, you shouldn't be carrying so much that you need 76 pockets.

Everything that you would ever need to do up to a half-hour without repeating, you can carry in the waiter's apron.


Peter Marucci

Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 3, 2002 04:25AM)
When working close up gigs I use The Close Up Carrier from The Magic of Helene, it hangs down from your inner breast pocket and anchors near the bottom with velcro, and gives you a series of extra pockets. Used it for about 5 years.

Fanny bags, or bum bags as we call them in the U.K. are ok for streetworkers, but wouldn't look too good if you're wearing a dinner suit! :)
Message: Posted by: preston91 (Jan 3, 2002 10:21PM)
has anyone used "The Pocket Pocket" available from Carl Andrews? I'm looking for something to organize coins mostly...

thanks :confused:
Message: Posted by: gerard1973 (Mar 11, 2006 12:53PM)
Scott mentioned the Close-Up Pocket Organizer from Klamm Magic and the Trick Indexer from Chazpro Magic. These are two popular organizers that Magicians use besides a vest, Topit or some type of apron. On a smaller scale, the three most popular pocket management accessories for Magicians seem to be:

The Pocket Pocket by Carl Andrew from Carl Andrews Comedy Magic Entertainment
The Close-Up Pocket Organizer from Klamm Magic
The Trick Indexer from Chazpro Magic

preston91, here is some more information about Carl Andrews Pocket Pocket and the other two small pocket management accessories that Scott mentioned in the above post:

Carl Andrews Comedy Magic Entertainment
The Pocket Pocket
The Pocket-Pocket is a pocket organizer for your trouser pocket. It turns your trouser pocket into 8 pockets to easily organize your effects while performing. No more searching thru your pocket to find props, with the pocket-pocket, you know where everything is located.
Trouser Pocket Organizer: The Pocket--Pocket
$10 plus Shipping in 2006 prices.

Klamm Magic
Transforms just 1 jacket pocket into 17 separate, easy access compartments. A mini close-up case at your finger-tips. For cumberbuns, too. Unique semi-rigid fabric keeps its shape to hold each coin, card, knife, thumbtip, ball, silk, etc. in an exact position for instant location. Without looking, locate the proper side of your color changing knife. Reduce the bulk of silks or sponge balls and keep colors separate.
Price: $9.50 in 2006 prices.

Chazpro Magic
Tired of digging in your pockets for magic props? This damages props and makes you look disorganized. The Trick Indexer organizes your props for quick and easy retrival, plus it protects them!
Hang the Trick Indexer inside your jacket. No sewing necessary. It is designed to attach and detach quickly. It holds lots of your favorite magic props. There are special pockets to hold several decks or cards, coins, sponge balls, rope, silks, packet tricks, etc. A large pocket on the back will hold jumbo cards, even a wand! $17.50 in 2006 prices.
Message: Posted by: strollingmagician (Mar 13, 2006 09:39PM)
Less is more in the pocket.
strolling magician
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Mar 16, 2006 03:43AM)
I always use a vest. My vest has no back to it just a strap on top and the bottom. This way it keeps you cooler. It is place under your coat/jacket and it designed not to be seen with the jacket open.

I have found that at all my close up gigs, that you really only need a few effects. Anywhere from 3 to 5 effects will last all night. I do carry more but that is mostly all I ever do.

I found that by using a vest the props hang from your shoulders and not on your jacket. This gives you a cleaner look when one looks at you.

Message: Posted by: Dr_J_Ayala (May 24, 2011 02:58PM)
On 2001-12-02 02:08, Steve Brooks wrote:
Sound’s like you can carry an entire magic shop in that thing! Probably handy if you are a pickpocket. :rotf: :rotf:


That is funny! But hey - 76 pockets to choose from? That could make it easier for pickpockets to pick you too!