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Topic: Local newspaper
Message: Posted by: MagiClyde (Sep 15, 2007 07:07PM)
While I do have a business that has nothing to do with magic (yet!), I figured I'd go ahead and ask everyone here with real experience in these things this question: Does it pay to advertise in the local newspaper?

Of course, the other question would be to ask what forms of advertising you've done that have proven effective? Do you even ask your clients where they got your contact information?
Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Sep 15, 2007 07:10PM)
What type of busienss?
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Sep 15, 2007 09:02PM)
On 2007-09-15 20:07, clynim wrote:
Do you even ask your clients where they got your contact information?


- Donald
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Sep 15, 2007 11:20PM)
Problems with the newspaper:

1 - It's not where people look when they want a magician, and a magician's not what they've got their attention 'tuned to' when they're reading a newspaper.

2 - It's gone in a day.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Sep 16, 2007 09:55AM)
I have had a decent amount of success in the past, with advertising a birthday party show in the classifieds of certain local newspapers. I tracked my results. I also knew not to advertise certain shows in there, as there were better ways to get them.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: MagiClyde (Sep 16, 2007 11:14AM)
Right now I am trying to get a personal gifts business off the ground. The main information goes onto a pre-printed background and contains the person's first name, meaning and origin of the name, and attributes related to that name. The background can then either be given to them as-is or in an oak frame. I can also make these into mugs, steins and keychains. Part of it can also entail making a background with a zodiac theme.

I was also thinking of going to some arts/crafts fairs and performing some magic to attract a crowd around my products. As it is, passing out flyers to people just isn't cutting it.
Message: Posted by: Magic_Steve (Sep 16, 2007 12:46PM)
Congrats man! You've realized something that many people never get. If you just stand by and apss out business cards, your phones going to be pretty quiet. If you want more gigs, you have to get out there and make it happen. They won't just come to you, you have to find 'em.

Well...how do you do that?

1. Your idea about the crafts fair is one of them. Kinda like a tradeshow style thing. Attract them to your display, then pass out some info about your arts and crafts, and your magic.

2. Sub-contracting. Call up some local places that could use a magician, or where people go to for parties. Maybe a party store, arts and crafts store, etc. Talk with the owner and try to get permission to put some business cards/flyers around their store. A party store would be perfect IMO. People going there to get some stuff for their son's b-day party, and bam! An advertisement for a magician right there. Perfect! It might be more last-minute gigs (as people pick that sorta stuff up only a couple days before), but still gigs none the less.

3. Schools. See if you can buy some advertisement in some local elementary school. I know some have flyers/papers that go home to the students monthly, with events and such coming up. I think at my elementary school they sold the space on there to help cover the cost of various events throughout the year. Ask around.

4. Grocery stores/Food chains (Mcdonalds, Burgerking, etc) often have bulletin boards for you to post stuff on. Throw osme flyers on there, and have some slips with your contact info on it. My local Baskin Robins also has something like this. Check with places liek Coldstone, Toys R Us, KB Toys, etc.

Just my thoughts...

Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Sep 16, 2007 04:20PM)
Some points to ponder on ...

1) Getting your name out there
2) Getting them to notice you
3) Getting them to take action
4) You taking the action to close them