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Topic: Fog Machine Solution
Message: Posted by: tannin (Sep 20, 2007 05:52PM)
Does anybody know what the water based fog machine solution is made from .IT doesn't say on the jug so to me that means its somthing easy to make .At 10 bucks ajug Id sure like to be making my own .
Message: Posted by: Bill Nuvo (Sep 20, 2007 05:56PM)


Message: Posted by: Fitz (Sep 20, 2007 10:48PM)
I know it uses an alcohol but if you can find it for ten bucks I would just buy it. Not only that but then you don't have to worry about how pure it is. Remember you and your audience are breathing this stuff.

Message: Posted by: Regan (Sep 21, 2007 07:04AM)
I agree with Fitz that you should buy your own. There is a difference in the snow fluids and it pays to get a good one. I have used some that thickens over time and sludge builds in the bottom of the jug. This can't be good for the machines. I only used part of a jug of that stuff and I threw it away. I've heard snow machines can clog and be problematic.

The brand I settled on and like best is True North Snow Fluid. It stays pure for a log time in the jug. It dissipates rapidly after it falls, it doesn't stain and it makes really lightweight, beautiful snow. There may even be some better brands out there now. I haven't tried anything new in a long time, but True North is good stuff. It's made in Canada, and like it says on the jug, they know snow!

Message: Posted by: tannin (Sep 21, 2007 10:02AM)
After reading that Ill just stick to buying it ,thanks.
Message: Posted by: MDS (Sep 24, 2007 03:57PM)
Yeah, where are you finding it for $10.00 a jug? I generally pay around $20.00. I used to have a friend that ordered it by the pallet and I got it cheaper from him, but he doesn't buy it like that anymore.