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Topic: Card Effects
Message: Posted by: Yaniv Deautsch (Feb 12, 2002 06:08PM)
Where could I find card effects that use a borrowed deck, well mixed and always remain in the spectator hands?

Yaniv Deautsch
Message: Posted by: Slide (Feb 12, 2002 06:48PM)
Well, this should probably be in the Card Section, but Stewart James: The James File will keep you busy for a few decades.
Message: Posted by: magus (Feb 12, 2002 07:56PM)
"From a Shuffled Deck In Use"
Message: Posted by: crossroader (Feb 18, 2002 03:52AM)
Also check Al Mann's "No Toccaire".
Message: Posted by: Yaniv Deautsch (Feb 18, 2002 02:36PM)
Al Mann's No Toccaire was the reason for my post...

Yaniv Deautsch
Message: Posted by: Lee Marelli (Feb 18, 2002 04:37PM)
Yaniv: your topic may be too broad. Mann's specific books are getting harder to find. If you are looking for mentalism and cards then you might consider rephrasing your topic. Hope this may help you.
Message: Posted by: Yaniv Deautsch (Feb 18, 2002 04:53PM)
I meant that Al Mann's book led me to think about "test conditions" effects with cards.

Yaniv Deautsch
Message: Posted by: Lee Marelli (Feb 18, 2002 11:01PM)
OK, now I understand. Maybe you want to start a new topic on this.
Message: Posted by: leondo (Feb 19, 2002 02:27PM)
I must recommend an excellent effect in volume 2 of AM/PM magazine. It is presented as a prediction effect and could be a stunner. It could be done with a borrowed deck (and a few moments alone) and will definetly be perceived by the audience as not being handled by the performer.
Great effect!
Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: Ian Rowland (Feb 19, 2002 03:15PM)
May I recommend the card books by Lewis Jones? ALL his effects can be done with a borrowed, regular, unprepared deck. Some of them are 'test conditions' effects and involve little or no handling of the cards. Most are sleight free as well, relying more on ingenuity than sleight or manipulation. Search your nearest dealer or book supplier for titles, but 'Cardiograms', 'Lusions', 'Spring of 52', 'Shampagne' and his other books are all inexpensive, worth a read, and packed with good and overlooked ideas.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Feb 20, 2002 06:33AM)
And look out for a new book soon to appear co-authored by Lewis and Jack Avis.

Message: Posted by: David Neighbors (Mar 6, 2002 01:44AM)
Hi Yaniv,
Ken Krenzel's book Ingenuities has some cool stuff. The frist chapter is called
out of hand. It has A routine called Simulacrum Mirabundum. That's an Any card at at any number. and a handleing of Paul Carry's Open Prediction called Remote Chance.
Speaking of Curry You mite take A look at his new book. He does A lot of that kind of stuff! Also Simon Aronson does A lot of that kind of stuff. That all I can think of right now.

Best David Neighbors
The Coinjurer
Message: Posted by: Giles (Mar 20, 2002 04:52PM)
There are some effects like these in Steve Beam's "Semi-Automatic Card Tricks"