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Topic: "The Coin Patriot" by Reed McClintock......
Message: Posted by: Tony (Feb 14, 2003 09:00PM)

Can you tell us more about it (routines, sleights)? Looking forward to your DVD.

Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Feb 15, 2003 08:38PM)
Sorry, Tony, Reed's on the road and at the Magic Castle at the moment. He lectures there on Sunday, I believe. I don't think he has the Patriot DVD ready for sale yet.

I can't say much more without Reed's O.K., but the title is appropriate for at least one of the effects that is genuinely patriotic without being cloying. It is also stunning, and involves enough coins to stock a small mint.

Release is being delayed while the material is checked and rechecked for credits. Reed is doing his duty as a citizen of Creative America to ensure that we remember the heroes whose imagination and sacrifice have brought us the intellectual prosperity we enjoy today.

Are you inspired yet? Come on, everybody, let's all join in saying the "Nonconformist's Oath"... :bg:
Message: Posted by: Ben721 (Feb 15, 2003 08:42PM)
I Bet the DVD will be great, because all of Reeds material is.
Message: Posted by: Agathon (Feb 16, 2003 12:12PM)
I saw Reed last night at The Magic Castle. He was on! The Coin Patriot will have a couple of card things, including a great card force that is very simple. It's one of those things that make you say "Why didn't I think of that?"

Charles Spector :stout:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Feb 16, 2003 04:12PM)

Dang, missed him again (can't go to the Castle today due to previous engagament). Anyway, I'd like to attend the Café and the Coinvention and see the master altogether.

Looking forward to POS3 very soon.

Message: Posted by: Agathon (Feb 16, 2003 04:16PM)
... and he's lecturing today. Sorry Tony.

Charles Spector :stout:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Feb 16, 2003 04:26PM)

Next time...

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Feb 21, 2003 03:21AM)
Hi Guys,
I just got home and have been away as Curtis said.
So now back to the work stuff again. I had a great time at the Castle and spent some quality time with a lot of the great guys there.
Lets see how can I answer what will be on the Coin Patriot DVD.

It will have coin magic on there and three card things. lol

Well let's see, I have a new solution for three fly I have put on there. This takes the effect to a much clearer and direct way and gets the audience involved instead of them just watching you. I have been doing this and killing people with it.

I will be going over the artistic side of coin magic, you will have to see it to understand what the heck I am talking about. some of you already know. Brand new and impossible looking coin magic. The last piece I really hate to let go of, but I need to protect it. I will be tipping the real work on the closer I used in my castle act, but I will be doing what I do in the real world. so everyone can have access to it. I have shown very few people this piece and when it gets out I will be very curious to see who has the heart to do this piece and then to see who does it well. Then from there see who takes it to the next level. It is not easy and will take work but the rewards will be handsome I am sure.

I am seeming to be getting booked a lot just off the one piece. :wavey: If I can answer any more questions let me know.
cheers and thank you for your interest I really appreciate all of the support.
Message: Posted by: dillib (Feb 21, 2003 06:40AM)
Can't wait for your new DVD Reed, I'll certainly get it.
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Feb 21, 2003 09:20AM)
I look forward to seeing the DVD Reed. (you got my interest peaked with that one statement.)

"I will be very curious to see who has the heart to do this piece and then to see who does it well, Then from there see who takes it to the next level. It is not easy and will take work but the rewards will be handsome I am sure."

I look forward to seeing it.

(Hopefully you're at the Coinvention as well.)
Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Feb 22, 2003 01:25AM)
I saw Reed's show at the Castle and attended his lecture also. Reed is known for his coin work, but I've got to say that he has some nice routines all around. A real artist! I bought his McClintock Twist video at his lecture -- what a visual routine! I also loved his three fly routine with fifty cent pieces. His International Three Fly had all of the guys at the lecture talking.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Feb 22, 2003 08:35PM)
I also second MJ's comments regarding the McClintock twist, very visual and impressive! As for Reed's other work everytime I see his stuff I can hear gasps from other magi's in the room. (now this is a good thing, trust me) :D Reed is truly a gifted magician. Would definitely recommend any of his DVD's and lecture notes, plus he's a genuinely nice person. (psss, Reed you can send my pr check at your convenience.) :rolleyes:
Message: Posted by: coinlover (Feb 24, 2003 05:23PM)
I'm waiting for it, what about it's release date?
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Mar 24, 2003 11:10PM)
Magic smith is releasing a dvd here in the next couple of weeks, I will let that float around for just a little while, while we get the finishing touches finished on the coin Patriot. I still need to send coin patriot out for double checking on credits. I will keep you all posted.
thank you :)
Message: Posted by: SCGillett (Mar 29, 2003 10:22AM)
Thanks for sharing your work, Reed.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (May 19, 2003 05:19PM)
Well here is the great news on the latest with this project. Yesterday we finished shooting all of it, it is done. the explanations, the tricks, and the edditing all that is left are the credits. Once those are typed up, I am getting them put on the dvd (thats all the edditing left). then I am going to send them out to a few people who know their history on coin magic. I have something I know has never been done, ever in coin magic and if it has, I can not find it in print other than in Knuckle Busters. Because its mine taken to the next level on the Patriot. This stuff is killer, personal Favs are the American Dream, and my three fly. When you see this guys the effect has changed only making some little changes that clarify the effect. it looks like real magic or trick photography. Hopefully this will all be done and the responces back for the credit searches will take no longer than two weeks and it will then go onto be made. this process takes about three weeks. then it will be out. I am only going to make 1000 dvd's at this point. Wait until you see this. I hope to have a trailer on my website in the next week or so. http://www.reedmcclintock.com :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Tony (May 20, 2003 01:31PM)
Are the DVD's going to be numbered (j/k)?

BTW, your Coin Ovation DVD is great!

Message: Posted by: nalu_magic (May 20, 2003 02:35PM)
I am looking forward to your new DVD, Reed. I have found myself picky as to what kind of presentation I enyjoy. While viewing different videos and DVDs, I have found myself drawn to certain magicians for their patter, personality, skill, and genuiness. You, Reed, are one of the few that I thoroughly enjoy watching. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (May 21, 2003 12:15PM)
Nalu that was very kind, thank you.
The material on the dvd is bigger and better than anything I have ever released before. The reason being I am sick of seeingvariations on another trick, unless there is somehting that really makes it worth while to watch the same plot. This project to me has that criteria. New work on threefly so we can quite stagnating on that. Misers dream with a reason and purpose. Producing coins that leave an audience so captivated and amazed they just stop and enjoy. this stuff nails paople hard I mean really hard. I can talk big about this project because I am positive it wil live up to serious expectations. I am stoked it is almost ready to be unveiled. :bigdance:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (May 21, 2003 12:17PM)
Are you going through Murphy's with one?

Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (May 21, 2003 12:34PM)
I am always ineterested in a new 3 Fly. I think I am going to be spending some serious cash on all these DVD's....POS 1,2,3......Coin Ovations.....Coin Patriot...ugh :napping:

Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (May 21, 2003 12:58PM)
I guess I'm officially a fan, now. On the strength of Coin Ovations, from now on I'll be buying anything bearing the McClintock name.


Cy (eagerly looking forward to the official Reed McClintock Pez dispenser gift set).
Message: Posted by: Shafique (May 21, 2003 05:42PM)
No new coin material on video/dvd for ages then all of a sudden I'm having to hide my credit card statement from the wife!!


I am seriously trying to pace myself and learn - or at least seriously study the stuff that I have before I buy anything else, but i feel myself strangely drawn to the purchase of the Kam, Harbottle, McClintock material... must resist, must resist...

At least I know that for the next 10 years I won't be short of things to practice :)

Message: Posted by: Leigh (May 21, 2003 08:43PM)
Shafique, resistance is futile!

(I think a divorce lawyer may be cheaper!)
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (May 21, 2003 09:09PM)
Pyro I am going through Murphys on this project. They made me an offer I could not refuse. :bg:

I have also just signed the contract with them for the next three volumes of Knuckle Busters making six all together, there are also a few more planned but Take it a year at a time you know. I am writing my tatto book also It will contain thirty or thirty two things I have not decided on the two yet, if I am going to include them or not. It is a little history about tattooing and the art of tattoo. I have some very cool stuff that will be in the book. I of course realize that not everyone will be into this but I just thought I would share. Following the tattoo book will come the body piercing effects and there are a ton of fun tricks there to be put in also. :love:
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (May 22, 2003 06:04AM)
I, for one, would be very interested in your tattoo book. I worked hard on the design of my tattoos, I'm proud of them and I work them into my performances every chance I get.


Message: Posted by: Yves Tourigny (May 23, 2003 02:24PM)
Reed that is great news indeed. Hope you do not forget your dvd about classic palming though. I am really waiting for this one.

Yves Tourigny :nod:
Message: Posted by: Shafique (May 23, 2003 02:31PM)
Hmmm... does the tatoo book include a history of the temporary tatoos?

How about henna tatoos?


Just kidding

Message: Posted by: richgerb86 (May 23, 2003 02:43PM)
Reed, will you be accepting pre-orders. I must give you a word of thanks- Coinovations put some new wind in my sails, & gave me some inspiration at a time when my coin magic was geting a little "stale". thanks for making it exciting again.
Message: Posted by: hkmagician (May 24, 2003 09:43AM)
Hi Reed,

Will you please tell me where to order the Jumbo 3" Morgan, which you use on the 13 Coin Matrix? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 24, 2003 12:47PM)
I was kind of wondering that too!!! It's a Jumbo Barber Half though, which are the coins that I use. YAY!

Andrew :yippee:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (May 24, 2003 12:49PM)
You can get them off of Magic Smith.....

Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 24, 2003 12:52PM)
The Barbers? I go there a lot and have never seen them. I'll go check. Thanks Lee.

Message: Posted by: Schaden (May 24, 2003 12:57PM)
Maybe, not... Don't Morgans and Barbers look almost the same?

Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 24, 2003 01:09PM)
Nope Lee. They are different. Do a search on E-bay for both and you will see that they are different.

Message: Posted by: Schaden (May 24, 2003 01:20PM)
I know they are different coins but, I think you will get away with using a Morgan Jumbo. They look similar to the point that a different jumbo wouldn't matter.

Message: Posted by: hkmagician (May 24, 2003 01:35PM)
Even the Jumbo Morgan,Magic Simth already out of stock.Now they only have Jumbo Half !
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 24, 2003 01:45PM)
Hahahaha. I looked for a Barber, Lee, and they didn't have one.

Andrew :(
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 3, 2003 04:20PM)
I have put a trailer up on line. I will have more on what the dvd will contain in the next week or so.
Message: Posted by: Jason Wethington (Jun 3, 2003 04:56PM)
Where is the demo?
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 3, 2003 05:08PM)
If you got
then click on the products page and then scroll to the bottom you will find the demo. :)
Message: Posted by: Jason Wethington (Jun 3, 2003 05:10PM)
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 3, 2003 06:59PM)
You're welcome, Jason :)
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (Jun 3, 2003 07:44PM)
The demo is cool guys. Nice job Reed.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 4, 2003 12:09AM)
Thank you Andrew!
we appreciate that :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jun 6, 2003 12:31AM)
The demo is, like all good demos, merely a taste. As good as the stuff looks there, here's what you need to know about the rest of the material on Coin Patriot:

(I watched the prefinal cut last night)

We have all heard the sentiment expressed that if you get one useful trick out of a book or video, it's worth the price. Other times, people say that a video is worthwhile if it teaches a new technique; a move or strategy that may be incorporated into your existing routines. That pretty much describes most recent magic videos. For the most part, they present new and better ways to accomplish the same old things. (i.e. new handlings of coins across, matrix, or wildcoin) What, then, do you say about a video that does something more?

Coin Patriot does that "something more." It is a video that does more than cover old ground, it opens doors to whole new places. The patriotic theme is appropriate on a nubmer of levels, not the least of which is the fact that it will make you feel like Columbus discovering the New World.

You will not find variations or "improvements" here. Reed has set out to accomplish things that have not been accomplished before. Of course there are new techniques, because the effects themselves "boldly go where no man has gone before".

The majority of the effects have to do with the barehanded production of a large number of coins. There are few routines of this sort in print already, and those that do tend to follow the example of the original Miser's Dream, in that quantities of coins are unceremoniously grabbed out of the air and tossed into a recepticle. Until now, the focus has been on increasing the sheer quantity of coins produced, and the cleanliness of the productions.

Reed has reinvented the "mass production" effect by focusing not on the number of coins produced, but the manner in which they are displayed. Everything is dedicated to the final display, creating pictures in the audience's mind that are aesthetically pleasing in their own right, and psychologically deceptive, as well.

Reed first explored this sort of work in "Seven the Hard Way" from the "Knucklebusters" manuscripts. He uses this routine as a starting point to create the first routine, which is a flurry/spellbound introduction followed by the graceful production and display of seven coins, all in the hands.

He expands on this concept, involving the tabletop as a canvas. Two of the routines feature the mass production of coins, again in unprecedented and attractive ways, which are then layed out on the table, gradually forming recognizeable images. Sort of T. Nelson Downs meets Busby-Berkley, or just imagine that the tabletop is a pool, and your coins synchronised swimmers.

The final routine features the barehanded production of 20 coins, (without resort to loads, pockets, sleeves, or even a jacket)and their gradual layout creating an American flag on the tabletop. (see the trailer) I dare you to tell me that you've already got too many effects like this in your act. I dare you to show me ANY effects like this in your repertoire.

I hope this is clear enough. Coin Patriot breaks new ground. It opens doors. It does more than that. Cliches fail me.

For the most part, I am confident that it does not present the "ultimate" handling of these effects, because these effects did not exist before. Nothing was ever invented or perfected in the same day. This is not a video of variations, it is a video that will inspire variations.

All of that said, I must tell you that there is one "variation" on the disc. It's Reed revision of "Threefly". Although the plot is familiar, Reed has again changed the basic effect. The coins are still held at the fingertips. They still travel from hand to hand visibly. But when Reed does it, the viewer is left with the impression that he actually sees the coins slowly melt away on one side, and fade into view on the other. Most prior handlings leave the viewer with the impression that he was looking at the wrong hand. In this handling, on all three coins, the spectator is invited to watch both hands as the coins slowly, visibly travel. The closest thing to this is the Goshman "Sun and Moon" handling. Imagine the first time you saw that effect, magnified and repeated.

There's more to say, but no time or space. Coin Patriot is a celebration of American values in many ways. It is big, bold, brave, and most of all, revolutionary.
Message: Posted by: Tim Trono (Jun 6, 2003 02:24AM)
I had the privilege of watching this DVD yesterday and was VERY impressed. The production was very good, the coin magic strong, the explanations clear, etc. Reed and Mark Allen did a super job. There is something for everyone here... some great "easier" stuff and some REAL knuckle busters. My favorite was Reed's latest handling of Three Fly. Strongly recommended.

Tim Trono
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 6, 2003 03:10AM)
Wow Curtis and Tim. Thank you so much for the kind words. Curtis, now you see why I have been so secretive with this coin material. I really wanted to have something different to offer the magic communitee, I feel I put so much blood sweat and tears into this project. Not to mention some really great friends help me out. I have to say, I am so pleased with this project I could die today and have accomplished a goal I set for myself years ago. To do something nobody had ever done before in the world of magic. Those who get the dvd will see for themselves. The twist sleight was cool, ivory connection was cool, coin ovations etc. But this, this dvd has been a labor of love and great ambition.
I cant wait to hear what people think of this handling of three fly. let alone the productions on the dvd. I thank you guys for your support, I also appreciate you taking the time and talking about what you have seen. Very few in the world seen this stuff other than clients. Now I offer it to the magic world as a thank you for giving me so much.
Reed :blush:
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Jun 6, 2003 03:27AM)
Reed, I've given you so much of my money over the last few months that I've got no coins left to do the magic with! :rotf:

Keep it up, boss. I'm loving every second of your work. Along with the mighty Curtis Kam, you're a big part of what brought me back into magic after a three-year absence.


Message: Posted by: martyk (Jun 7, 2003 01:36AM)
Waiting to order already; marvelous write ups. 3 f
Fly imporved would be good; never did like the basic--too, too fast--routine for laymen.
Message: Posted by: Tim Trono (Jun 8, 2003 01:46AM)
Marty... based on what you wrote, you will like Reed's 3 Fly. His focus is basically slowing things down and not doing the back and forth thing ("oh shoot I must have just missed it") but really focusing them in on the actions. As mentioned this was one of my favorite pieces (OK OK I admit I am a 3 Fly addict).

Message: Posted by: trainerjep (Jun 8, 2003 06:04AM)
Reed, your coin work is incredible. I just wish I was 15 years old, so I would have years to master your stuff. You have handled many many coins at once, better than most can handle a couple of coins.
All of your blood, sweat, and tears, have paid off, man.
You are the COIN man ! :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 9, 2003 04:33AM)
The three fly on this DVD I can say will start a thought process in a very different direction. I have put all of the focus on the coins. There is absolutely none of the nonscince of looking in the wrong place at the wrong right time for the spectators. The literally see it dissolve and re-materialize in the fingertips of the other hand. The transfers no longer look or feel like transfers. I am offering a new fresh approach to the effect. I have stripped it of what it was and made it even more logical and direct. I am excited to see how the magic communities take to it.

Trainerjep Thank you for the very kind words. I am just a guy who does coin tricks and have fun with it. The DVD offers new stuff to play with new ideas and something that hasn’t ever been done before in the way I have approached it. Several years of study and hard work really went into this. It is my hope that I have made a serious contribution. I hope the work is accepted as just what it is new and fresh material and ideas. I have broke away from everyone and really went crazy with this stuff.
As Curtis said it is not the ultimate but it is so new that it will hopefully create a new path on the road of magic with coins.

We got the type all done for the cover and the cover is now done. I will have it up, hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday on http://www.reedmcclintockmagic.com.
I really appreciate all of the emails and positive feedback along with the support. You all rock! :dance:
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jun 14, 2003 04:45PM)
Two things you should know about this DVD:

First, take a look at the comments made about "Freedom Flight", Reed's development of the Visual Coins Across concept, by the man who invented the visual coins across concept:


Second, now that "Patriot is about to be released, you've only got a few days left in which to acquire your copy of "Silverado"! :bg:

Don't wait, things are changing very quickly in coinmagic, and I think you're going to want to keep up. Who said, "even if you're on the right track, you're going to get run over if you're just standing still"?
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 18, 2003 02:25PM)
Alrighty then, I just got the Coin Patriot up on the site
I am offering a pre-release special take a look at the website. The DVD is about three weeks away from being finished. :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 18, 2003 04:52PM)
I am ordering mine when my dad gets home tonight. Great deal Mr. Reed, can you pick with knuckle-busters you want?

Thanks You Mr.Reed

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 18, 2003 05:13PM)
I am not sure about the thousand yet. Some guys are telling me not to do it, and some are telling me to do it. I have three weeks to make up my mind.
At this point 1000 are being made.
I will get back to you on a final decision on this matter. I can tell you that over four hundred of these have already sold. The guys that have seen this DVD seem to really like the stuff because of its newness and flare.
Sorry, you don’t get to choose which Knuckle Busters. You get the Knuckle Buster notes. Murphys magic supplies is the distributor on this project so they will be in your local shops in about four weeks or so. I can not sell to anyone else besides them as far distribution goes, but I can sell retail to you guys for my own website.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 18, 2003 07:05PM)
I think it will be cool to just make a thousand, but make sure I have one first. LOL

In a way it will make the DVD and your tricks more desired, and I like the idea that only a thousand people are going to be doing this material.
It will be an Honor to know that I am one of the few that are able to learn some of the tricks of Reed McClintock. It will make it very special to those thousand who gets them.
It will not be like those mass-produced DVDs, but a gem to treasure and keep to yourself.

Then on the other hand you are only going to get money for a thousand DVDs. Which really is not that bad, but considering you could sell three times that much. I look at some of the Superhandz material and wish I could get some of their material.

I wish you good luck and hope you make a decision based on what you feel is right to do, and not what others have to say.

I think you should .... Ah, never mind.

Looking forward to getting your DVD and practicing many hours.

Weird enough, I actually like practicing magic.

God Bless,
Bradley Morgan
Message: Posted by: SDR (Jun 18, 2003 07:09PM)
I just ordered mine and can’t believe how friendly the currency conversion is for the cost of these items.

I would personally like to send my appreciation to Reeds wrist, that is going to hurt like hell after signing 1000 copies of knuckle busters!

Can’t wait! Like coin magic Christmas!
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Jun 18, 2003 07:32PM)
Yup, my order's in too!

Limited edition or not, there's no way I'm missing my chance to get this DVD.

I can already hear the drum roll...


Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 18, 2003 07:33PM)
Shaun, it is more like coin magic heaven. LOL

Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 18, 2003 07:42PM)
I am just about to order too. I have been thinking and his final display of the coins in the American Flag can be turned into lots of stuff. I can't wait to get this thing.

Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Jun 18, 2003 08:38PM)
The PayPal is in the mail. Where the heck are my DVD's!? (I ordered both.) My kids aren't really cut out for college anyway ... and I deserve this for Father's day, and at least I'm not on drugs and, … well, I deserve them.
Here's to a speedy production run!
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 18, 2003 11:07PM)
Thank you guys and all of the others that have purchased these from me. WE at my house appreciate that a great deal, especially my son (he's 2 and a half).
Thank you
Message: Posted by: Tony (Jun 19, 2003 02:31AM)

I'm in too. Looking forward to "da stuff". Thanks, man.

Message: Posted by: LeConte (Jun 19, 2003 05:53AM)
I can see limited print DVD's selling for more than $30.00 upon release in the future. This is a very interesting idea.

If Reed only does one print run of 1,000 copies, this will be $30 bucks very, very well spent.

Not to get into it in this thread, but this is a fascinating proposition. I wonder what factors will ultimately determine what you do.

These are going to sell out by next week!! :eek:
Message: Posted by: Sean Wisdom (Jun 19, 2003 09:02AM)
I'll be placing my order as soon as I get money! :)
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jun 19, 2003 09:49AM)
Reed, I noticed on the demo from your site that you use Barber Halves for the production of a large amount of coins. You said on Coin Ovations that you prefer Barber Halves because they are thinner, making them easier to palm a large amount. My question is this: Since I cannot spend a lot of money on more Barber Halves (they are not cheap), can these routines from the Coin Patriot be just as easily done with regular Kennedy Halves? How much more difficult will they be and would you still recommend me to get more Barber Halves in the long run? This might be a dumb question, but you never know.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 19, 2003 10:10AM)

Of course you can use Kennedy halves.

Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jun 19, 2003 01:40PM)
Thanks Pyro, I guess I'm just being a little picky here. The reason why I asked is because I am very interested in buying this DVD, and I'm always very careful now a days when buying new magic material. But I shouldn't worry about Reed, he is probably one of the most honest magicians out there.
I look forward to learning his innovative techniques.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 19, 2003 02:03PM)
OH YA!!! Just ordered my DVD.

Can't wait to get it, it looks awesome.

Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Jun 19, 2003 02:38PM)
Actually, Frank's question is a good one and not trivial. I understand these routines call for palming a large amount of coins and small differences in thickness that might not matter for 3-5 coins could make a big difference if you are palming more than that.

Reed - what are your thoughts here?

Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jun 19, 2003 03:01PM)
Frank, as a general proposition, the Barbers will make things more manageable. As you have observed, they are thinner, and very user-friendly. However, since hand size, finger thickness, relative proportions of fingers to palm, muscle strength, and comfort zones all vary from person to person, often much more so than the difference between Kennedys and Barbers, it is impossible to say whether you specifically will be able to do the material on CP with one coin or another.

I'm sure Reed can do everything on the DVD with Kennedys. I do the seven coin production with Morgan dollars. I seem to have hit my load limit at about 11 dollars, though. I might have to shift to halves to reach 20. Your mileage will also vary.
Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Jun 19, 2003 03:16PM)
[quote]Actually, Frank's question is a good one and not trivial. I understand these routines call for palming a large amount of coins and small differences in thickness that might not matter for 3-5 coins could make a big difference if you are palming more than that.

Reed - what are your thoughts here?[/quote]

Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jun 19, 2003 03:19PM)
What? Like Curtis is chopped liver?
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 19, 2003 03:24PM)
11 Silvers :wow:

And I thought my hands were big. I am going to go get more coins and see if I can reach 20 with silvers.

Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jun 19, 2003 03:24PM)
Holy cow Curtis! I look at my poor hands and wonder if I ever will be able to do that. I have very thin fingers, and my palm is not padded with much muscle (me and the muscle pass don't agree with each other). My classic palm limit with halves is 5. I can pull of 6, but my thumb will look like it's having spasms. I'm still determined though. I don't like to believe that certain hand characteristics can limit people.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 19, 2003 03:32PM)
I am working on 7 coins in each hand.
No one has ever taught me how to palm multiple coins, so I don't know if I am doing it right or not, but hey.
I can drop one coin at a time with 7 in each hand. Now I can't do it every time but I have just started to practice two days ago.
So give me a week of hard practice and all be good to go. LOL

Message: Posted by: Seth (Jun 19, 2003 03:33PM)
20 halves? YIKES!!! That's impossible... :wow:
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jun 19, 2003 03:43PM)
Oh, don't get me wrong, I did have to change the handling a bit to make the switch to dollars. Ain't no way I'm hiding seven Morgans in Malini subtlety. Well, at least not unless it's a one-on-one situation, and I just don't like the profit margin on that sort of material.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 19, 2003 03:59PM)
Hi Guys
Different coins make a difference. It all can be done with Kennedys. Please take note that I personally do not use them. I prefer to use Barber halves because they are thinner and smoother and there are a lot of benefits to them that others. The most you will need to be able to classic palm is seven in this DVD. You will need to finger palm two stacks of six in one hand. That is easy when you see the DVD. This material is not REALLY all that difficult. It will require some practice
Keep in mind that Barbers are thinner than others and make this stuff work really well.
All of you that are ordering from me thank you again I really appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: magic hands (Jun 19, 2003 04:33PM)
Not sure what Barber Halves are?
Looked at Larson’s site and he doesn’t list them.
Is this a terminology I'm not familiar with?

P.S. I have Liberty Halves.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 19, 2003 04:40PM)
No Barber Halves look exactly like Morgans, but in half dollar size. I just checked and four Barber halves equal to three Kennedy halves. That adds up in the long run when you are palming 20 coins. I only have four but hope to get more.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 19, 2003 06:16PM)
Bradley hit the nail on the head. He is absolutely right. I think Todd has and makes shells and other great gaffs with Barber coins. You may want to ask him about that.
These DVD's are going faster than I ever imagined guys. I thank all of you that are buying them from me. That really means a lot to us. Thank you again.
Reed :wow:
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 19, 2003 06:25PM)
Mr. Reed How many have you sold so far, if you don't mind me asking.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 19, 2003 07:21PM)
I have only have an idea what the Internet magic shops have sold so far. The material that I have shown around is the stuff guys say “where is that, can you hip me to it before the DVD?”, etc.
I think guys are going to freak out with this material. There is some real eye popping stuff. It was created because I could not find enough stuff I liked in print or in video, hence the development of this stuff. As far as a brand new offering to coin magic this is very fresh and new. I hope the magic world likes it. The people that have seen it so far have been very positive.
Cheers :wavey:
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jun 20, 2003 09:20AM)
Congratulations on the good sales Reed!

I look forward to seeing this DVD.

Add another one to your list of helping put your son in college. :crazydude:
Message: Posted by: odroj88 (Jun 20, 2003 04:01PM)
Reed in an earlier post you mentioned that there would be 3 card items on the DVD. However, I do not see any mention of card items in the description on your website. Just wondering if there is still card material on the DVD or did it get edited out. Thanks a lot.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 20, 2003 06:00PM)
I decided to take the card stuff out of the Coin Patriot for a couple of reasons.
Reason # 1
This DVD ended up taking on a life all its own. I felt the card stuff would detract from the DVD.

Reason #2
I felt card guys would have bought this for the card stuff and could care less about the coin stuff.

Reason #3
I decided that maybe in a few years, and if people were interested then, I will do a DVD on my card stuff that would include my T&R card, Force, card Production, Card warp presentation and handling, and a few other things with a particular gimmick with cards.

These are just a few reasons why I took it out of the Patriot DVD. I talked with a few friends about this decision and we all agreed the offering on this DVD is to NEW and DIFFERENT to add some card stuff.

I hope that clarifies some things about why there will be no card stuff. In Knuckle Busters #4 I included my force. This will be the only thing in the Knuckle Busters series having to do with cards.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 20, 2003 07:25PM)
If I had thought quicker I would have bought all the DVDs and had some killer coin magic all to myself. LOL

Please don't get “The Coin Patriot”, it looks to good for anyone else to see, but me.

Mr. Reed could you share what you are going through, and have gone through to get this DVD out to the Public. I think it would make some of use appreciate the DVD a little more, and it would be interesting to know what you have to deal with.
Has it been a good experience or will you just stick to writing books?

How did you come up with the idea for “The Coin Patriot?”

Thank you Mr. Reed,

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 20, 2003 10:38PM)
WOW, a very interesting question Bradley. You are going to make me work for this. lol. The process is not easy there are an awful lot of decisions to make, and a lot of hard work. Let me explain further. I am going to have to write this in several posts because to answer it is very lengthy. I am a McClintock and we all talk a lot. Ask my friends who know us, LOL


The first thing, why do I do a DVD on Coin Magic, isn’t there enough material out there? The answer is yes.
Here is the difference. I have something to offer that is not on any other DVD available to the magic communities. It is a fresh perspective on several years of work and thought. This warrants mention in magical history. I realize that is an egotistical thing to say. Please do not think of it that way I will explain.
When I go to the magic store I am sick & tired of buying the latest variation of such and such effect; a trick that nobody clearly put any thought into. They conceived it on their couch and said hey I bet guys will buy this lets make a quick buck.

The next night they are in production to get it out to the distributor the next day. We can all tell these kinds of tricks as soon as we read the effect, and realize immediately no this would ever work in a real world environment. We think, “ah man, suckered again.” Perfect example, if you guys read these boards from some tricks in recent past.

We are in a new millennia, magic needs to begin to take change and feel different from the audience’s perspective. Let me explain a little closer in detail.

If you do something that really fools someone, simplicity is a big part of what did it. Now please don’t take simplicity to mean lacking in complexity and difficulty in execution. Presentation also plays a huge factor, but lets get back to that in a moment. If a person is just dying to find out a secret of what the magician did, No matter how much you entertained them their curiosity is up at its peek, and he cares enough to he can go home type in magic on his search engine on his computer and, voila, the answer is in front of him at the touch of his fingertips. Now he/she can say “AHHH that’s how he did it.” Or “oh there are many others that can do the same thing”.

That magical moment has now been devastated and your work has just crumbled in the mind of that person. People are so curious and ask themselves questions these days, and they can easily get the answers to those questions. They watch a lot of television and special effects to make the movie or show more visually stimulating. So the next question is how do you create an interest in a person my generation or younger to be amazed at what you are doing.
Hit them hard and be entertaining. Many of the big guys we look up to do this by wrapping up presentation around an effect. Look at Mr. Eugene Burger. Long elaborate stories intertwined with in the magic, and the trick is not what is important, it is the story being told. I love this, and I also have the attention span for it. I love magic that is why I do it for a living.
Now living in an age where people surf the web and generally will view a site for about 15 seconds, then move on (I don’t know exactly, but it is short); advertising being shoved down our throats in a matter of seconds to get our attention to remember their product. Us, people, you and I constantly shutting it out, because it is not important to us we are becoming more and more subjective to what we let into our heads.

We are people just like the folks we are performing for, we are not different just because we are magicians. People outside of magic have problems that are on their mind, work love, money etc. they have worries, things they are really thinking about. Why should they give you their attention?
Human nature, we love to watch others doing their thing as soon as it involves us in today’s age red flags go off all over the place for them. What is this guy’s angle? What does he want from me? How do I protect myself? Etc. Please keep in mind I am talking about my venues, from nightclubs and corporate work. Not the people that know that I am at the venue and know I am there to merely just entertain. So they can choose to come over ands watch or not I am talking about approaching cold.

Times are changing and I personally am finding that many of the books I study are dwindling in truths they offer. I will bring this thought forward in a little bit. So before you start hollering I will explain in the next post. This will eventually get to where I answer your question.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 20, 2003 11:14PM)
Wow, Mr.Reed.
Thank you for your input to my question.
I am looking forward to your posts.
I am reading your guest section in the guest of the month section. Man, there are some awesome gems in there. Anyone can learn magic but what you know and are sharing, only comes with experience and knowledge of performing. I have learned so much from you on the magic Café. You have really changed the way I think about magic and coins. I admire you so much and hope to meet and hang out with you one day. You have become one of my heroes in magic.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 21, 2003 01:28AM)
Times are really changing before our eyes. The information age is now here and those people that want to know our secrets currently can. The ones who hate to be fooled by us "the modern day court jester" can locate our secrets, we had better wise up and seal our secrets.

Quit exposing them on line with video clips to showoff with. We can expand the life of this art. There was a time when this was a way of life and was viewed as real. Now you go to the jokes and Puzzles section of any bookstore and that is where you find magic. What a drag if you ask me, I guess the reality is that this is how far this art has dropped down to. From being a respected and authority to use it to control the masses in religion, to a joke in every day life.
I feel it should be preserved, I can only gather I am not the only one who feels this way. I know a few guys who still care and wont reveal the secrets.

I feel magic is a wonderful beast that is mine to hold and do with what I want. Maintaining secrets, I do with my audience, always trying to keep a mystery alive in a person mind that watches. I think many "magicians" are killing this art. To many of them pay twenty dollars for a secret. They seem to feel it affords them the right to tell their friends non-magicians what it is, and how it works.
I have done magic for people that will say they saw a trick or they have a friend who is a magician and he just did that trick and they, the audience saw how they did it, but have no idea how in the world I did it. Clearly I used the same gaff or method I just practiced and rehearsed a lot before I performed it.

If more guys would do this, magic would be a more amazing thing than what it is now. Look at television magic; I am sorry my opinion is, the shows SUCK that are on. The magic creates absolutely no mystery in my mind. People are no different than you or me and most magic is a puzzle to most people. Ever wonder why? If not it is lack of presentation and reason. I know why they dance and move about constantly trying to prove those ordinary everyday boxes that everyone of us can relate to. Especially the zigzag box, (I have one in my back yard next to my shovels and lawn mower.) How many of you close up guys have had people say to you “ you know this is the best kind of magic the stuff on stage is silly.)

I have never ever had anyone say to me, “ Well you know this close up magic is nowhere near as cool as stage magic” Why is that? Granted the money is great for a stage act. People just know, that the boxes have something to do with the secret. Even if they walk away saying that was neat but I bet there is some how a little jig that whatever, you get the idea.
They suspended their belief watched the “ magic” and now they go on their way to work out the solution, or try, worse yet come up with their own solution.

It does not matter the illusion is lost forever. People care about the method. Perhaps I am wrong and I wish I were. Many magicians are to busy running from an audience to stop turn around and grab the audience by their cajones and really give them a show. The stage magic I have seen that kills is rope; cups and balls; egg bag; gags; card tricks etc. All of those can be tricks that can be done close up.

As soon as the dancing and the music “theatrics” comes on the stage with the boxes, forget it, it is over. I just don’t believe people are that stupid that they think WOW real MAGIC BOXES, I am staying tuned for this. Please keep in mind I am not writing this to start a viewpoint topic about this. I am stating what is obvious to me, and the environments that I work. Please do not bring up Copperfield, Burton S & R etc. These points apply to them too. Otherwise they would not add close up magic effects to their acts. I hope this is clear what I am saying, inside all of that I am talking about timing, misdirection, perception, conflict, etc.
Which brings me to my point. We can do simple magic and give it a presentation that really rocks or put together routines that are so multi-layered that no matter how much they look online they can never get the answer to reconstruct the piece. Hence protecting the art and the future of this art. The offering on “Coin Patriot” will help in this discovery. I am not saying you have to agree with me, not at all. I am saying however from performing on an average of six nights a week, that these are the thoughts a guy has after he has performed for three hours straight with out a break.

What I have and am releasing to the magic world is principally old, but spiced up with new clothes and an angle with new direction. These are pieces that have all been used and are used in my performing sets. They are multi-layered, multi-structured with all sorts of dead end trails and traps for your audience.

The point of this material is to get an audience to stop trying to figure out the method of the secret, to run them ragged, slow them down, and say forget it and enjoy what they are watching. To do all of this with out confusing them on top of it. A very famous magician once told me, “Don't do tricks for tricks sake.” I had no idea what he meant. Now I do, and I partially agree with him and another part of me does not. I think building up the expectations of an audience with tricks is a great idea. It knocks their brains around leaves them spinning, and now are ready to watch and be fooled really bad. My approach works for me here is the theory in a nutshell.
In the military when you go to basic training, remember they have done this a million times, but this is YOUR first time. They build you up then they break you down, build you up, and break you even harder and so on until you are, or become a soldier. Anyone prior service or in the military can attest to this. I feel you need to do the same thing to an audience. Of course in an entertaining way, please don’t think I am asking my audience to do pushups, lol. I am not saying anything new here, but there is a major difference. I am working a lot with people in my age group and they have no discipline and focus in a nightclub They watch TV and play online, I am a prime example. People like to be led so it is your job as the entertainer to lead them to an alley and beat them up metaphorically speaking (visually with magic.)
You are the time traveler in essence you know what you are going to do they do not, use that against them and hit them over the head with it, and don’t stop until they have been completely visually devastated.

The coin Patriot is full of this type of material. It is worked out. The only problem I know there is a next step I just can not get there by myself, I need all of your help to take an effect off the DVD and have you put your thoughts into those pieces and develop your material into it, to break open the new door we are all looking for. I really believe in my heart there is new magic ready to come out but we need to dig and search and sift. Look at what is happening in the world of coin magic right now. The first ever coinvention, that has never been done before, ever in the history of magic. I am so glad to be apart of it. I want to see the next level. Coin magic is not nearly as hard as it used to be for the guys before us. They did not have the mediums we have now. I have more to right to sum up all of this and answer that tough question.

In my opinion, this DVD project is the ultimate of my work towards a new direction, in that it gives all of us something else to try and conquer. I think everyone is tired of finding the newest way to work on a classic that has been done for the last 200 years. I am not trying to say I have invented a new way to do coin magic, I am saying that there is more that can be done with coin magic. I just know it. This is the direction I am finding to get me there.
If I am trying to get to a gig and I don’t know where it is, I need a map; right? See in art there is no map we all have to pave the way, make our own road. You don’t see one soldier fighting a war, you see brigades out there fighting and making their way to accomplish a mission, but one soldier can not do it all himself. It takes a team. We are all into magic for whatever reason. Personally it is for, and to belong to, a brotherhood. A feeling of a group to belong to, and that is very sacred to me. This is what motivates me in this art and makes me want to outdo myself.

When selecting the material for this DVD I chose personal favorites of mine that I thought all of you who get it will inspire you and entertain you, the magician, to perform and knock out an audience, I imagine that is the hope of many who release material. There are just so many factors in the production of such a project.
It is not easy to shoot something for people. When you come out of the foxhole people are going to fire at you. Especially when it is new and different.

Look at the artists who tried and bombed, then look at the guys who did and succeeded. It is a risk and it honestly keeps ones nerves and stomach in knots when a release is done on a project. Imagine putting an idea out, an idea you really believe in, and find out people do not like it. That can hurt your ego and self esteem very quickly. It is a risk I am willing to take to further this art. For myself, art is self-expression; an expression of life the way you see it or anything you want right.

I practice between 6 and 8, sometimes even more, hours a day and perform all of the time. I am trying to make my own way. I can’t and won’t do anything else with my life. This is what my destiny is in this world, for this lifetime. So to create magic that fries people is a very particular mission for me. As I said earlier, we all have different reasons for doing magic. It takes all kinds to make magic go around. I am sure there are people saying, “gees there is more to life than magic.” Well for them that’s true, not for me. This is for me. I could not dream of working a job where I have to get up; go to in the morning; and punch a clock. That life is not for me.
Not that doing what I do is not work. I haven’t worked since I have been doing this stuff. I enjoy it too much.

As for production of a DVD, that is as much fun, and so I guess it is somewhat work, but because it is magic related the end result is worth it. Imagine seeing a project you worked really hard on, and the graphics and the duplication and the distributors and everything come together, the satisfaction makes it all worthwhile. I know that no matter what if I release something to the magic world, it is a best, not second-rate bit. I don’t expect it from my peers and sometimes I am disappointed, because sometimes they do. I am not and as I stated before I will not. To sell magic to magicians one cannot do it to make money as an independent person, unless you are Daryl or Ammar, and just a few others will you get rich off this racket. The money always has and always will come from performing. There are a few guys who have invented stuff and done really well financially. But, if you figure how many magicians there are in the world, then look at how many one sells of a product, come on. I am by no means wealthy or financially free from debt. But I love this art so I took a risk and got a loan, and dumped all of my money into this project. If I thought it would bomb I would not release it. I think letting other people see the material first was a wise choice also. lol
I imagine that was long winded but I hope that answered your question. If any of these things are found offensive to someone reading it, please re-read it to understand the context in which I wrote this. Nothing said was meant to be derogatory or offensive I was asked, and now I have answered.


Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 21, 2003 03:54AM)
Thank you Mr. Reed. That was an amazing answer to my question. I am looking forward to the DVD.

Message: Posted by: JustAnotherMagi (Jun 21, 2003 11:32AM)
:wow: :wow: :wow:

People like you Reed, make magic worth doing. With all these people poisoning it, and with all the **** that is released to make money; thanks for posting all that.

Have you ever considered doing mentalism? You read my mind.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 21, 2003 02:43PM)
On 2003-06-21 12:32, JustAnotherMagi wrote:
Haver you ever considered doing mentalism? You read my mind.

Don't turn him into another Kurtz.

Message: Posted by: JustAnotherMagi (Jun 21, 2003 05:25PM)
I knew someone would get that reference!

Lee ;)
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 21, 2003 07:29PM)
Lol, it is already starting to happen guys. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 21, 2003 07:34PM)

Sign me up for your mentalism DVD.

Message: Posted by: LeConte (Jun 22, 2003 03:37AM)
Thank you Reed. Your passion for magic will easily fuel you for this lifetime.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 22, 2003 06:07PM)
LOL Pyro. I wont be doing one of those for a very long time.

I do have a great passion for this art. I love magic and how it affects people. I think that is the payoff for me. :)
Reed :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jun 23, 2003 10:02AM)
All I can say is right on Reed!!

I'm extremely looking forward to this DVD now.
Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Jun 23, 2003 10:33AM)
WOW. What a GREAT POST by Reed! :thumbsup:

Really makes you think about your magic and what and why you are doing it!

Really makes you think about your magic and what and why you are doing it!

Looks like I have a WISH LIST item for my B-Day that is coming up! :dance: :spinningcoin: :dance:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 23, 2003 09:33PM)
I put in a great deal of thought for those posts. I am glad to see a few of you read it. I didn't think that many people would read all of that. I am surprised.
As far as the questions I am receiving from several people regarding lectures and conventions, and what not, You will have to tell the people that are setting up the conventions.
I am only going to three at this point in time.
P.C.A.M. I am performing
Coinvention - performing
F.F.F.F - attending
So that is the schedule thus far. I would like to do more; I guess there are just so many great magicians with far more to offer than I, that I must be really low on the call list.
Oh well, in time, I will get to do and be offered more conventions, to lecture and stuff. This all takes time. I am not one to go and ask people, “hey can I lecture?” I would feel weird. Plus I don't think it works that way, I am pretty sure.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 23, 2003 09:36PM)
On 2003-06-23 22:33, Reed McClintock wrote:
... I am glad to see a few of you read it. I didn't think that many people would read all of that. I am surprised...

I just got my lil' brother to read it to me. :bg: Sooo, many words.

Thanks Reed,

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 23, 2003 09:38PM)
:rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

I had my 2.5 year old write it for me. He clearly writes better than I do.
:rotf: :rotf: :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 23, 2003 09:39PM)
On 2003-06-23 22:38, Reed McClintock wrote:
:rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

I had my 2.5 year old write it for me. He clearly writes better than I do.
:rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

Isn't that the soon to be Illusionist?

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 23, 2003 11:20PM)
Man, I hope not, He has to do something cool with his life like be professional something other than a magician :crazydude:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jun 24, 2003 08:49AM)
On 2003-06-24 00:20, Reed McClintock wrote:
Man, I hope not, He has to do something cool with his life like be professional something other than a magician :crazydude:

An executive at Nash Productions? Ok, lets get back to coin magic.

Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jun 24, 2003 12:26PM)
Well Reed, if he takes after you we're guaranteed more great coin material in about 20 years. :goof:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 24, 2003 12:44PM)
The building of a legacy, lol
He knows how to make a coin vanish already. When he does it, he has picked up on The building of a legacy, lol.
He knows how to make a coin vanish already. When he does it, he has picked up on something that I do and I was completely unaware of. At the "magical moment" he makes the coin vanish he makes a clicking sound with his tongue on the roof of his mouth. I was like, “dude what are you doing? That is cool.” Then I said, “Hey, I do that already. Coool.” :bg:
I am a very proud Father.
Reed :goof:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Jun 27, 2003 01:05PM)
Just curious … when are they shipping the advance copies? Looking forward for mine.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 27, 2003 07:43PM)
Hello Mr. Reed,
I was wondering if there are any updates on the DVD.

What gimmicks, props, and coins will I need
to do all the material on the DVD.

Thank you Mr.Reed.

Looking forward to getting it.


P.S. If you don't want to exposes what gaffs you use, you can PM me.
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jun 30, 2003 08:28AM)
I think Reed should let it be secret until you get the DVD.

Telling you would be like ruining a Christmas gift. (I know telling you would get you ready for the DVD, but, come on, where's the fun in that?) ;)
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jun 30, 2003 10:49AM)
Well I like to have, or try to have, all the necessary stuff to do all the tricks on the DVD. I hate getting a DVD and I am not able to do some of the stuff because I have to go out and get stuff. I would rather get the stuff and be able to do the magic on the DVD.

I will ask him personally, so you won't have to know what is on the DVD.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 30, 2003 06:25PM)
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have been swamped with performing the last several days.
Just got the proofs today on the cover and the DVD. So we are getting very close. As I said the 14th looks like the finish time. If their are any hang-ups I will definitely keep you posted. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Jul 1, 2003 12:14AM)
Thanks, Reed.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 4, 2003 04:41AM)
Your welcome. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jul 4, 2003 04:17PM)

Can you accept Credit Cards yet?

I hate Pay Pal.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 5, 2003 01:45AM)
The only way I can accept credit cards is through pay-pal at this point. I am talking to a bank in a few days, to get this thing set up with credit cards. My current bank does not do "small businesses" so I am need to work out something with a bank that does. :cry:
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jul 6, 2003 11:40AM)
Alright, I can wait then...

Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 6, 2003 04:39PM)
Mr. Reed,

How are thing going for you?
I have a quick question,

What happened to the Thousand DVD thing?
Are you still going to do this?
If so how could some other Internet stores be carrying your DVD?

Is the release date still the 14?

Thanks Mr. Reed.
Can't wait for it to come out.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 6, 2003 04:57PM)
Hi Bradley
I had 1000 copies made. I sold several to Murphy’s magic supplies. That is how other magic shops all over the world are able to sell them.
I am being told by everyone (friends) and others to keep this out and do more than what I want to sell.
It looks like I really don't have a choice with this. I imagine I am going to do another run. This run is almost all sold already.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jul 6, 2003 05:12PM)
I might need to catch that next run.

Can you explain a little more about the 3-fly on this DVD? It has me interested.

Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Jul 6, 2003 06:11PM)
Congratulations! Nearly 1000 copies pre-sold. That's pretty incredible.
Best regards,
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 6, 2003 06:34PM)
My three fly is very different in the approach. I knew that the world of magic needed another three fly like a hole in the head. I really do have something very new and different on this very modern classic. The approach, angle, I was going for; I found it as far as I am concerned.
There were moments I did not care for in three fly (standard.) I wanted to do it so nobody missed the coin going over to the other fingertips. There is always that feeling, that, “darn I missed it.” I looked here when you did that over there. I don’t like that in the context of this effect. I also feel that any intelligent person will safely assume there are four coins in play. People are far smarter than most magicians give credit for in my opinion. So I figured out a way that they could watch and never feel that way in either case. It is very slow and precise. It is the only way I do this particular type of three fly now. The reactions I want are finally exact to the effect. I have spent years playing with this and stumbled onto this one day while practicing in the mirror.
It is not for everyone, but for all of mine it works beautifully. But for those that use it the way I do, will see the strength of it immediately. There are no necessary gaffs in fact. The cleanliness is so evident it really visually disarms the audience. You will see. :wavey:

Thanks Thimblerig, not quite all of them, but getting there.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 6, 2003 06:45PM)
Congratulations on selling almost 1000 DVDs Mr. Reed. A thousand or not, it is still going to be awesome.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 6, 2003 06:52PM)
I have become very intimate with this material. My hope is that the magic world will embrace it and help take coin magic to the next level. I hope to be on the same track as Kainoa, Curtis, Geoff, Jon, Mike, and others, with really changing the way coin magic is done and looked at.
Thank you for all of your support on this guys I really appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Jul 6, 2003 07:49PM)

Would you fit Kurtz into that list? I think his trio has been done 1000s of times.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 8, 2003 05:18AM)
The list above is, and was, the names that came to mind at the moment. There are many more I didn't mention, like one that nobody ever seems to mention, Al Sneider. The list is long and distinguished. I am not saying, however, one trick would constitute that as an entrance to the list, you know. Not that Kurtz isn't good. Clearly he WAS, but he did turn his back on coin magic.
Reed :wavey:
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Jul 8, 2003 10:27AM)
Yeah, I'd always thought of Gary Kurtz as a sleight-of-hand guy, so I was surprised to see references to him as some kind of "maybe/maybe-not" paranormalist. I'm a big James Randi fan, so that kind of thing sits badly with me.

I think I'll reserve judgment until I actually see one of his new-style performances. I'd hate to think that he's turned to the Dark Side.

Can't wait for the release of Coin Patriot!


Message: Posted by: lithis (Jul 8, 2003 10:37AM)
Wow, 1000 DVDs at $30 a pop! Congratulations Reed, I'll be picking mine up soon.
Message: Posted by: martyk (Jul 8, 2003 11:07PM)
The difference between you and the heroes is that you are out there DOING the stuff, as Roth and Dinel used to. Geoff and Jon have remained mysterious figures, limited releases, not full time magicians (no one does anything as well as his full time job.) Kam's stuff is on the edge but not necessarily anything I have ever wanted to do.
Kainoa (do I have the correct person?) I just met at Marc DeSouza's monthly lectures; he is attending University of Del. and had Kam as his teacher in Hawaii. Nice fellow, very talented… :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Jul 9, 2003 11:29PM)
Man do I hope to get this for my B-Day! I have told EVERYONE I know to get it for me. :gift: :birthday:

Hopefully SOMEBODY will! :kiss: :dance:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 16, 2003 09:51AM)
OK here is the latest info on the Patriot. The DvDs are duplicated, hooray. Now someone at the printers fudged and so they have to reprint the covers. They feel bad OK here is the latest info on the Patriot. The DVDs are duplicated, hooray. Now someone at the printers fudged and so they have to reprint the covers. They feel bad so they are putting a rush on my order and will be shipping by the first of next week. So hang tight and they will soon be popping up in your neck of the woods. All of you that have purchased this DVD from me, we (me and my family) really appreciate you business and are grateful to you for your business.
Reed :wavey:
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jul 16, 2003 12:32PM)
Why is it that duplicators and printers always fudge up their projects? I have heard stories from other magicians (including our very own Scott Guinn) on the horrors of releasing a video/DVD. Don't these guys know how to do their jobs?

Anyway, I've been waiting patiently for a month now, so one more week won't kill me. Can't wait to dive in when it comes!
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jul 16, 2003 01:08PM)
One more week, one more week…

I can do this, just need to practice what I have until it comes.

Look forward to seeing the DVD, Reed.
Message: Posted by: SDR (Jul 16, 2003 01:16PM)
Be glad you’re not me James! I'm in England, you guys will be reviewing it and chucking it in the bin (joke) by the time I get mine. :)
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 16, 2003 02:45PM)
Awesome, glad to hear that it is coming close to the time.

Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Jul 16, 2003 04:13PM)
That's good news, Reed, as these things go.

In the meantime, that leaves one week for everyone else to gather together all the coins they're going to need. I promise, you are going to feel very left out if you don't have at least a dozen coins that you've formed a stable loving relationship with.

Thanks to Reed, I now carry around 14 soft Morgans, for as long as my pockets hold out. You guys may laugh now, but we'll see who's laughing in a week.

Heavy Metal is in, dudes.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jul 16, 2003 05:21PM)
New form of lederhosen... cloth pants with leather pockets???
Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Jul 16, 2003 11:34PM)
14 coins needed... Ok, will have to go into the safe and get some more. :dance:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 17, 2003 12:11AM)
Jon, that made me laugh out loud. That is funny. This joke could actually be a great presentation for one of the effects on the DVD. You know, the one with the arrow production. I am going to start playing with that.
Curtis Walks with a limp not because he hurts, but when he is done performing he can do the flying trick, it gets gasps, and standing ovations all over the world. :bg:
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 17, 2003 12:25AM)
Lol, that is so funny. :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 18, 2003 04:53PM)
Here is the great news, finally!!!
I just got off the phone with the duplicators and they are packaging them up as I type this post at 2:47 pm pacific time. The lady told me they are shipping to me Monday and I am two days away from them in the post. So Thursday they will be out to all of you guys who ordered from me. I estimate a while longer to those that did not. In fact I don't know how long it will take to get to the guys that ordered from other places.
Reed :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 18, 2003 07:39PM)
Hey that is so awesome Mr. Reed. Very excited am I. LOL

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 19, 2003 06:36AM)
LOL. I think I am more excited than anyone else. I have been working on this project for way too long. :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Chris S (Jul 21, 2003 09:14PM)
Brad, just out of curiosity, why do you call Reed, “Mr. Reed?” If anything, shouldn't he be Mr. McClintock?
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 21, 2003 10:04PM)
Hey Mr. Chris.

Well Mr. McClintock is very formal. I don't think it is proper to call Mr. Reed by his first name. Mr. Reed still shows respect but it is not calling him by his first name.

Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Jul 22, 2003 09:03AM)

I remember that from a Kung fu movie called Iron and Silk.

The students wanted to call the teacher by his last name, but the teacher felt he was too young to be called by his last name.

The class compromised and ended up calling him Teacher Mark.

(Sorry, I have no idea where this is going.)
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Jul 22, 2003 12:29PM)

You are still calling him by his first name. You might as well call him Mr. McClintock because it's just a Mr. in front of the name.

Mr. Reed?
Mr. McClintock?

Call him (Reed "the coin pimp" McClintock.)
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 22, 2003 02:25PM)
Ok, whatever. You can call him whatever you want and I will call him whatever I want. In this case, Mr. Reed.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 24, 2003 01:38PM)
I have been called a lot of things much worse than my own name, lol. I always remember Mr. Bradley because he always calls me Mr. Reed. I see it as a cool, friendly thing. I think he is actually on to something with that, as far as respect thing goes. I am not old enough to be called Mr. McClintock or Sir, so Mr. Reed works since we are casual acquaintances. He knows he can call me Reed also. I think it does show a courteous manner in that is the way he was brought up also. Anyway, with that said Reed or Mr. Reed, that McClintock guy, whatever. It all works for me. Lol :wavey:

Wrap, wrap, wrap, at the door, 10:00 in the morning.

Sneakers creep across the bathroom floor, jump out the window and what do I see: several cases of DVDs standing tall at the front door staring at me.
I think to myself "this is it, this DVD is going to be the !!!"

This is a rap I wrote this morning for myself. lol. I am not a very good rapper. But hey, try all art forms. It builds character.

EXTRA, EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! They are here! They are here. What is Reed talking about (Shameless plug.) “THE COIN PATRIOT”, it arrived this morning at the front door. I watched one and studied the cover, stoked that they did a great job. I hope all of you enjoy this DVD. There is guaranteed new coin magic which you have never seen before.
I thank all of you that pre ordered them from me. They will be shipping Friday and Monday. I sold an awful lot, so to get them all addressed and packaged up in one day is not realistic. The first 100 will go out in Friday's post. Your invoice will tell you where you are. Over the weekend I have some friends coming over to help me address and package the rest and they will go out on Monday. I thank you all again that supported me and this project. I hope that the wait will have been worthwhile. For those that did not buy from me and went to your favorite dealer, those DVDs will be going out soon like the middle or end of the next week.
Thank you all again. I appreciate all of you with the patience to stand by me on this project.
Message: Posted by: Tom Witcomb (Jul 24, 2003 03:32PM)
Thanks for the update...I'm #630!!!!!!!
Please LMK how you are shipping priority or media {so I can put my chair by the mailbox and wait for the mailman}...Tom
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Jul 24, 2003 03:55PM)
I'm one step ahead of you Tom. I'm gonna set up a lawn chair with some beers at the airport runway and I'm gonna grab my copy as soon as it gets off the plane. Anyone in the New York City area who is expecting Reed's DVD can join me. BYOB please. :cheers:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 24, 2003 06:45PM)
You guys are funny, lol :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

Some of the orders will go priority, some will go regular post, some will go media. I am looking at a stack of invoices here. Don't worry guys, both of yours are looking like they go priority from the paper work I have here in front of me.

I would watch out- drinking beer, watching the planes go by with a buzz will give you a serious woozy feeling, believe me, :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: cheers
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Jul 24, 2003 06:54PM)
Way awesome. I am in Texas right now, so I better get home and watch the mail. lol

Thank you Mr.Reed

Can wait to get it.

Message: Posted by: Bill Citino (Jul 24, 2003 06:55PM)
Hey Reed, I know your real busy with all of the orders and what not, but is there any way to find out how mine will get shipped.
Order #592, Thanks in advance, I understand if you can't though. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 25, 2003 04:35AM)
Hi- I had a quick second and you are a priority mail, peps135. I wont be able to tell everyone if they are priority mail or not. Please rest assured with all that is going on. I had several phone calls today and this weekend- we are getting every single order out by Monday. I have to. Otherwise y'all will be waiting a couple of weeks. Upseting you guys is not something I have time for. Keeping you happy is my goal. Especially since all of you ordered from me. You are customers I intend to take care of the very best I can. My wife is a big help. Again I thank all of you.
Reed :nose:
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Jul 25, 2003 07:44AM)
Okay, so factoring in delivery time to the UK, that means I've got maybe a couple of weeks to cherish my last remaining unbusted knuckle.

Thanks for the heads-up, Reed. I can't wait!


Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 26, 2003 05:52PM)
I hope it doesn't take that long to get to you. We will see what we can do to get it there sooner to you.
My hands are going numb. I have been personalizing each set of notes to you guys. So instead of thank you and my signature I have been writing each person name and a little message then my name. Wow I thought it would be easy. We are almost done with getting them all labelled and enveloped to send. I am on track to send it all out Monday morning.
I am excited about this project and the offerings to all of you and hope that you all get something you can use from this dvd.
Again I thank all of you for your support and kindness of and about this project.
Reed :wavey:
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Jul 26, 2003 08:12PM)
Oh man, I'd completely forgotten about the autographed notes - now the waiting's really killing me! :rotf:

Thanks again, Reed. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this DVD.


Message: Posted by: Bill Citino (Jul 26, 2003 10:28PM)
Well Mr Reed, Mr McClintock, Reed, with all due respect and not to copy off of anyone, I just want to say thank you for what you are doing. I've read through the Knucklebuster manuscripts and man, let me tell you, if this DVD is anything like those, and I have a feeling it's going to be better, cheers to you. Congrats to all of your success, you're the man! LOL
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jul 29, 2003 05:35AM)
Well after a very busy weekend and shows and signing lecture notes, addressing envelopes etc. This weekend we got all of them out and shipped Monday morning. I spent about 2 hours at the post office, just for all of you guys. See, I do love you guys. I wish y'all could have seen the look on the postal worker's face as we were bringing boxes of packages in. It was priceless. Please keep in mind the postage was not. lol. Wow, you would think the government could fix the deficit with just the income of the post office.
I thank all of you again that bought the DVD from me. What you are getting on this DVD is work that is a lot of blood, sweat and tears. This is a project I am very pleased with and hope that all of you will be also.
Reed :gift:
Message: Posted by: Chris "linkster" Watson (Jul 29, 2003 06:54AM)
Hi Reed,

Congratulations on the success so far of your coin patriot release. I am really looking forward to some serious practice once the package has found it's way to this side of he pond. ;)

I have yet to see any of your work and am looking forward to doing so. If the thoughts you have put down in writing in the Café over recent months are anything to go by, I am sure I will not be dissapointed. I like the fact we are seeing the boundries being pushed....an exiting time for all us coin freaks.

All the best with this and future releases,
Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Jul 31, 2003 09:18PM)
Well today was my Birthday :birthday: and was HOPING to get this in the mail today, NO SUCH LUCK :bawl:

Maybe tommorrow...let's hope so!

Really looking forward to this DVD!

Thanks again Reed...You Da Man! :dance:
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Aug 1, 2003 09:33AM)
Well Ed, Happy Birthday.

I guess I'm either the only one that isn't still watching the DVD, or just the first to get in front of the computer to post.

Reed, I only watched the performances (and was late for work in the process), and I have to say, that the productions were excellent!! I love the flag production, though I'm gonna have to find a jumbo Canadian penny so I can do the Canadian Flag.

Freedom Flight IS the next evolution of Three-fly. Reed, you just cemented a name in magic history for yourself with that one man... absolute eye-candy. My favorite thing to say about effects, and I don't get to say it often.

"It Fooled Me."

I'm not saying that I know everything, (cause I know I don't) but I love seeing stuff that makes me take a double look, with 'What the...." mumbling under my breath.

Reed, this is an excellent DVD. One of the best I've seen so far. Keep it up, my man. :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Aug 1, 2003 10:30AM)

Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Aug 1, 2003 11:58AM)
Now that is just WRONG! I ALWAYS get my stuff before James.... :goof:

Oh well, NOTHING AGAIN TODAY.....another ****py day for me... :mad: :dance:
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Aug 1, 2003 12:23PM)
Things to do while waiting for that special package from Reed:

Go buy some very soft half dollars. The Barber half dollars are good for these routines.

Learn to hold out LOTS of coins in fingerpalm and classic palm. Until you can hold and hide, these routines are going to be very tough.

Get comfortable walking coins while palming coins.

That should take at least a few days and give the USPS time to get your package delivered.
Message: Posted by: Johannes Pohl (Aug 1, 2003 02:03PM)
Hi there,

I haven't read every single posting in this thread, so I'm not sure whether this has already been mentioned.
When will the DVD be available - say - in Germany? Has it already been distributed to some of the big US online shops where, in turn, German dealers could order them from?

Thanks in advance for any (helpful) comments :)
Message: Posted by: carlb (Aug 1, 2003 02:55PM)
I hesitate to say so (because I don't want others to feel bad) but I got my CP DVD a couple of night's ago.

Reed turn's "That's Ridiculous!" into "That's outrageously Absurd!" - really some unprecented work on massively multiple coin production. I particularly like in the hands productions/displays.

The Three Fly is a very interesting variant that, as Reed says, really changes the "feel" of the routine. Very pretty.

I have to say, however, that some of my favorite parts are his comments on presentation and performance at the end of the DVD and in the KB Notes that came with the package (if you ordered from him directly.)

This is great inspirational work. Thanks Reed!

P.S. Jonathan's "while you're waiting" tips are right on the mark.
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Aug 2, 2003 12:22AM)
I just got back from the coin store and I got myself 20 Barber halves and I'm ready to go. Oh ya... I am still waiting for the DVD. Ahhhhhhhhhhh


P.S.I also ordered Coin-ovations today, and it is also a really awesome DVD. Thanks Mr.Reed.
Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Aug 2, 2003 11:17AM)

Not sure I understand: "Get comfortable walking coins while palming coins. " Was this a typo or something?

Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Aug 2, 2003 03:41PM)
O HAPPY DAY! I got my copy today!!! :banana:

All I can say is WOW! GREAT MATERIAL on there Reed! Very impressive stuff!

Have to work on classic palming MULTIPLE STACKS of coins! WHEW....

Just a THANK YOU again for such GREAT MATERIAL!

WAY TO GO REED! :dance:
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Aug 4, 2003 07:40AM)
"Get comfortable walking coins while palming coins. " Was this a typo or something?

-No, it wasn't. If you know how to roll a coin on the backs of your fingers, then you'll understand this sentence.

Good Stuff Ed. Look forward to you showing me your work buddy.
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Aug 4, 2003 07:55PM)
Oh boy I'm getting antsy :fruity:

I still haven't received it yet. I'm jealous, jealous I say! :P
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Aug 4, 2003 09:01PM)
Same here haven't received mine yet either :pout:
Message: Posted by: Review King (Aug 5, 2003 12:39AM)
Patience boys!!!

Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Aug 5, 2003 02:12AM)
Wow, I'm surprised I got my copy before some of you guys. I'm in the UK and mine arrived three days ago!

Trust me, It's worth the wait. In addition to the killer routines, there's a "closing thoughts" mini-lecture at the end of the disk that's a real eye-opener (and even hints at what we've got to look forward to in the Knuckle Busters series).

Chalk up yet another winner for the Mighty Mr. McClintock.

Thanks for the blindingly fast delivery, Reed!


Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Aug 5, 2003 03:11AM)
Thanks, I do know that as the coin roll or steeplechase, but haven't heard it called "walking" before, and I've been doing it for 25 years...oh well. Jonathan PM'd me and enlightened me as well.
Message: Posted by: magic1178 (Aug 5, 2003 04:09AM)
Hey Guys, Derek here from Victoria BC.
I just got back from the PCAM in Port Coquitlam Canada. Shawn Farquhar put it on(awesome job Shawn) :dancing:

Anyways,Mr.Reed McClintock was there and all I can say is HOLY #$%@ . He is very talented and has inspired me to really try and come up with original stuff, like he has. I bought his Coin Ovations which has his 13 coin matrix...WOW!!! Everything he does, truly looks like real magic. Also his McClintock twist is magical as well.
During the convention,in about every corner,there was some magician working on the Twist.
On a side note I'd like to share with you that Reed was kind enough to let me stay with him at the hotel where the convention was being held. I was a little short on money and with out hesitation, he let me stay with him with open arms. Hold on,we didn't hug or anything (not that there's anything wrong with that) :rotf:
He was kind and was performing magic and jamming until all hours of the night
Reed, you rock man! :righton: :stircoffee: I'm glad to have met ya brother.
Derek Johnston

Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Aug 5, 2003 11:15AM)
I got mine. Great stuff. Some of the coolest coin magic out.

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

Message: Posted by: Kelvin Ng (Aug 6, 2003 01:03AM)
Hey guys, I was also at the PCAM convention as well. Hey Derek, ya I totally agree with you Reed is definitley got some good stuff! the coin patriot video is great as well as Silverado and Coin Ovations.

Reed has definitley inspired me to improve my coin work as well as just performing magic as smooth as possible.

His Knuckle Busters notes are extremely helpful to any of the coin workers out there.

I am very glad to be able to meet Reed at the convention and I highly recommend any of his work.

Kelvin :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Aug 6, 2003 10:34AM)
I see hardly any feedback on the DVD. I got it yesterday and it's crazy! I'm totally motivated now to walk around with 7 coins in classic palm! I did it this morning on the train and by the time I got to work I had a huge cramp :fruity: But it's worth it. I want to perfect Resolution 1777 and Flying Colors. The bigger productions will have to wait a while. And I also love what Reed's has done to 3-fly. He slowed it down considerably so it can be better digested by spectators. He also gave it a "less cramped" handling which makes it seem like the coins are traveling out in the open. And the last phase is also a new idea that will catch people off guard. Plus, it's not difficult!

Nice work Reed! Thanks for giving me some motivation to learn new coin material.
Message: Posted by: mattpuglisi (Aug 6, 2003 10:42AM)
I'm so excited! I can't wait to see this material!
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Aug 6, 2003 10:50AM)
Matt, I'm just glad I'm not the only one who hasn't received the dvd yet :)
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Aug 6, 2003 10:50AM)
Matt- I think you will enjoy it. It seems up your alley. (If my reading your past posts correctly).

Man, I can't wait for Reed to get over to this side of the island. I'm closer to New York than Oregon. :(

(I live in the Toronto area)
Message: Posted by: totalpackage56 (Aug 6, 2003 01:34PM)
What a DVD. Mr McClintock does it again! Now I'm off to go purchase X-Con.....
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Aug 6, 2003 08:41PM)
Thank you guys for the great and very kind words. I am pleased with this project and the way it turned out, and even more pleased all of you are also. Please feel free to post if there are any questions.
P.C.A.M was great this year I got to meet alot of folks and made alot of new friends thanks.
I was also asked about a lecture tour through Canada, and work a few conventions so I will keep all of you on the board posted as to the progress of the planning.
Reed :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Aug 6, 2003 10:10PM)
Hope it's insured, man. It's been 9 days (got my Charming Chinese Challenge from Ohio [the other side of the country] in just 2 days)....
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Aug 6, 2003 10:41PM)
Some went priority and some went media mail. I would be willing to bet you have yours within a day or two. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Aug 7, 2003 12:28AM)
Whew, thanks.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Aug 7, 2003 07:19PM)
Tony you know I am here for ya man. I will see you at the castle next month I hope you can make it down.
Reed :wavey:
Message: Posted by: d107 (Aug 8, 2003 06:45AM)

Got the dvd this week and great stuff. Thanks so much for releasing these effects. Still deciding where to start. This will keep me busy for quite awhile.

Thanks again.

Message: Posted by: Tony (Aug 8, 2003 10:14AM)

Looking forward to seeing you there and at the CoinVention.

Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Aug 11, 2003 09:22PM)
Am I the only one that STILL hasn't received the new dvd yet?

Anyone else?

Message: Posted by: cardguy (Aug 13, 2003 09:49AM)
I'm interested in knowing if anyone has got the basic production sequence down?
Message: Posted by: harris (Aug 13, 2003 10:01AM)
I don't have the dvd yet, I did just order a DVD player.

I do use the coin roll while multiple palming coins.

It was an idea suggested to me by Albert Goshman, back in 1976.

Harris "slowly entering into modern Technology" Deutsch
Laughologist and Nearly Normal Coin Guy
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Aug 13, 2003 01:28PM)

I can do it, but not smooth enough to perform at the restaurant.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Aug 13, 2003 01:32PM)
I refuse to comment until Joe's copy arrives. :)
Message: Posted by: Tony (Aug 13, 2003 08:46PM)
Me too...
Message: Posted by: Neale Bacon (Aug 13, 2003 09:39PM)
I also saw Reed and got to talk with him at PCAM, and you guys are right..he's a gentleman and I enjoyed talking magic with him. Turns out we are both bugs on the theory and performance of magic (ala Our Magic)

Anyway, I saw him do the Coin Patriot, and WOW! what a finish. Especially for my American friends!

Now if he could only learn to do that in the shape of a maple leaf...
Message: Posted by: Yves Tourigny (Aug 15, 2003 01:31PM)
Well I received the DVD a while ago ( not trying to pick on someone else) and even though I love the slow and deliberate style Reed has, I did not find anything that interest me in Coin Patriot. But that is just me. Even though I can appreciate all the technique and ideas involved inthis kind of effect I do not seem to care. Well maybe next time. I must say that I greatly enjoyed his earlier offerings though. You can't please everybody I guess.... :(
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Aug 15, 2003 09:25PM)

Re: I refuse to comment until Joe's copy arrives

You can comment away :thumbsup: I received my copy today :dancing: already watched it about six times now. :bg:

This is GREAT stuff!!! And Reed is a really cool guy, and with this new dvd he's not only offering some amazing Routines but new ideas in coin magic And don't forget his tips at the end a lot of good info there.

Yves Tourigny
I think you should watch the DVD again and think of the ideas behind the routines, even if you don't care for the routines the ideas and concepts behind them should inspire you. (There's a lot of great ideas and thinking in theses routines) You can add to, take away, and expand on these routines or even apply these ideas to other types of magic (Cards, sponge balls, rope). I know I just got my copy today and it's got me thinking.

I think if we take Curtis's "Palms of Steel" Kainoa's "Coins on edge" And Reeds "Coin Patriot" combine with ideas of the past the possibilities are endless.

Reed thanks for the great routines and ideas. Can't wait to see this stuff live at the COINvention.

Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Aug 15, 2003 11:33PM)

I'm glad you feel that Coin Patriot was worth the wait. Now that the boycott is over, I can say this:

I think there was a question regarding whether anyone is using this material. I can tell you that my current opener at the tables is my rehandling of Reed's seven coin production. I produce six silver dollars and a large Japanese coin. I then do "51 coins to pocket" (more on this later) then a HPC routine, and then my new handling of "flying eagles". All of which would not have come about had Reed not started the "heavy metal" craze. The opportunity to break out of the box, and work with more than my usual three coins has been very refreshing.

I have also incorporated parts of "Freedom Flight" into my own Fingertip Coins Across, and I have some very early work on manipulating an image on the mat. It's an 11 coin production, the coins are placed in a pattern, and the pattern magically changes.

Of course, I was around when Reed came up with some of this stuff, so I've had longer to mess with it. All I'm saying is give it a chance, and actually try the material. Soon you'll be carrying around 20 coins wherever you go, just in case someone asks you to do something. :goof:

Oh, and Joe, regarding:

"I think if we take Curtis's "Palms of Steel" Kainoa's "Coins on edge" And Reeds "Coin Patriot" combine with ideas of the past the possibilities are endless."

...and if you add a few ideas from Jonathan Townsend, you've pretty much got my lecture notes. I'll post a note when they're available.
Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Aug 16, 2003 12:19AM)
WOW..Looks like I got into coin magic at the right time!
This is AWESOME..... :wow:
A BIG THANKS to all that have inspired me...Curtis, Kaiona and Reed...Man....what can I say...You guys are AWESOME! :dance: :thanx:
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Aug 16, 2003 08:52AM)
Yes can't leave Jonathan Townsend out. The man who started the whole Visible Coins Across (3fly) Craze.

I think you guys should do a huge dvd just on 3fly and it's variations.
Start with Jonathan doing his original handling and end with Reed doing his latest handling from "Coin Patriot" in-between have a few others doing their take on 3fly (Curtis,Kaiona,T.hooser,G.thomas)just to name a few. Not just do the trick and explanations, but with each one discuss the thinking behind it. I know this would make it at least a 2 hour dvd, maybe longer, but it would be one of the best dvd's anyone could buy.

Just send me the FIRST copy :bg:

Message: Posted by: Kainoa (Aug 16, 2003 09:58AM)
On 2003-08-16 09:52, mystre71 wrote:
I think you guys should do a huge dvd just on 3fly and it's variations

Curtis: are you still planning on doing this?

The Kamlicious one was talking about this almost a year ago....too bad not all of those names are going to be at the Coinvention....
Message: Posted by: ftlum (Aug 19, 2003 12:47PM)
I finally got my DVD-- and Reed's handling of 3-fly is FANTASTIC!!! I love the graceful speed (slowness, really) that he uses. To use an over-used cliché: it is worth the price of the tape! Now, if I could just convince my wife that my spending money on all my DVDs is worth it... *sigh*.

On a side note, can anyone recommend a coin shop in Orange County, CA (Irvine, specifically) that sells worn Barber halves?


-- Frank
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Aug 19, 2003 01:13PM)
This has to be one of the longest threads I've seen in a while. To be honest at the beginning I wasn't that interested in buying this DVD but now my interest has been sparked. I’ve just got to see it now. Haha…
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Aug 19, 2003 01:25PM)
Best be quick, Reed will only have a couple more left.

(I'm sure close to a thousand people have bought this by now.)
Message: Posted by: Tony (Aug 19, 2003 04:42PM)
Frank L., check out your friendly coin dealers in your neck of the woods for worn Barber halves.

On another note, the post office lost my copy (probably one of those days they went "Postal"--no pun intended :) ). The kind Mr. Reed is sending me another one. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Aug 20, 2003 02:39PM)
Frank L., you should check out E-bay. I found it to be the best resource for getting silver coins. You might have to wait a few days until you see a set that you like, but it will come up eventually.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Aug 31, 2003 04:00PM)
As far as 3FLY, I think Nate Kranzo's version using 3 different coins ( International 3 Fly ) is the best I've seen. Using different coins was a birilliant idea.

I have Coin Patriot and it proved "Reed is THE MAN".

Chris :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 27, 2003 08:30PM)
Hi All.

As many of you know about a month ago my heart stopped and I died. Thank goodness for modern technology. I thank all of you for your words of encouragement and thoughts that have been expressed in e-mail and letter form.

When you die and are brought back to life something happens to you, I can’t explain it, but in my heart and mind feels different about magic. Now it is about the art of making your audience feel, and experience something special. Keep this in mind the material on “The Coin Patriot” is to create a work of art you can not hang on any wall but will last forever on the memory of your minds eye. Sorry if that is too deep but it took me years to put that phrase together, and it describes precisely what magic should be in my opinion. The reality is that all you take with you is what is in your head
Thank you all for your time.

:handcuffs: Break free, I have
Message: Posted by: Bradley Morgan (Sep 27, 2003 09:51PM)
Man, Mr. Reed I did not know you died. I am glad to see you are doing better now.

“The Coin Patriot” is so awesome. People, get it. That is all I can say.

Message: Posted by: TrcikPony (Sep 27, 2003 10:28PM)
THANK GOD. He gave Reed back to us and his family!!!

There is real magic!!!

Message: Posted by: sleightofhander (Sep 28, 2003 12:57AM)
Wow, I was wondering why I hadn't seen many posts from Reed in a while. Glad to hear your ok Reed. I do know that when you have a close brush with death, it makes you take inventory on the most important things in life. Take care. - Mark
Message: Posted by: MrCyNic (Sep 28, 2003 05:01AM)
Okay, that was a shock.

Sorry to hear about that, Reed. I'm glad you're okay (I figured you'd just been busy working).

As you say, thank goodness for modern technology.

My best to you and your family.


Message: Posted by: SDR (Sep 28, 2003 05:49AM)
Reed, I'm really sorry to hear about what happened and am so glad your still with us. I've sent you an important e-mail.
Message: Posted by: Mistro (Sep 28, 2003 10:47AM)
Sorry to hear that you died Reed. But you came back to life! So it's all good.
Message: Posted by: djvirtualreality (Sep 28, 2003 11:13AM)
Glad to know your back with us Reed

This DVD really seems like some hardcore coin work.

P.S My 1000th post…
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 28, 2003 11:47AM)
Thank you guys, I am fine and ready to move on. Again all of your support is appreciated. We are just making all of the transitions here.
Next on the list is:
Cups and Balls routine
My light/heavy gimmick for the close up worker; you know the box that is light, and then you make it heavy, or impossible to lift. I have a way to do this close up on the table and you can look through the box or use it with a cigarette pack or an empty glass, lots of things It will be called the universal light heavy gimmick.
I am also going to let go of my torn and restored card.
I have about five other things also lined up.
I have more I am letting go of in the future also. I will keep you all posted.
I thank all of you again for your support and friendship. It means a great deal to me.
Message: Posted by: Samuel Catoe (Sep 28, 2003 09:11PM)
Glad to hear you are doing better. Just remember that now you can truly say that you have had worse days than the one you are having at the time. I have seen the face just like you have. I just didn't get quite so good a look at it as you did. Nonetheless, it does make you look at life much more differently. Just remember to love your friends and family, and NEVER assume they just know how much you care. Tell them. Good luck and God bless.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 28, 2003 10:40PM)
Here here.
It strange this new feeling about life that I have. This weekend I took my family to the ocean and did not do any tricks Friday or Saturday. That is the first time in years, I did nothing magic related. It was great to spend time with my family. My son had never seen the ocean and to watch his face light up when we crested that hill, holy smokes, was it a real magical moment in my life. I had forgotten about life outside of magic and so I will be taking many journeys and enjoying other things that life offers. Boy, I had missed out on so much because I took it all for granted. I won't be posting as much as I did before the issue. I will be here periodically, just not as much.
Message: Posted by: tommy ng (Sep 29, 2003 04:38AM)
Glad to know your back with us. You still live in Portland? I am a Chinese guy in Tillamook. Do you remember me? Maybe I can call you out with dinner or something. :band:
Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Sep 29, 2003 07:59AM)

I'm glad to know you are ok Reed.

Man, that would of been a terrible blow to the coin magic community.

Stay with us for a long time Reed. We need a guy like you helping us open new doors in magic.
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Sep 29, 2003 12:35PM)
What I want to know is how come no one knew about this? Reed, did you want to keep this private?

Well, lets not dwell on the past. I'm glad you are still here with us. You provide many of us with inspiration, and you are just plain an awesome guy (even though I never met you in person, I can just tell). I hope to actually meet you one day. Take care.

-Frank G.
Message: Posted by: SethHoward (Sep 29, 2003 05:09PM)
I have sat back and read this thread for the past couple of months now I feel I must comment. Let me start with this, I am in no way a coin worker. I prefer cards. However, I have seen many coin videos and DVDs. I recently watched the “Coin Patriot” with expectation of seeing amazing coin magic. To be quite honest I was very disappointed. The hype surrounding this DVD is about the same surrounding the EM Pocket Charger.
Why don't I like this DVD? Now I know some people will say it is because of some issues between Reed and myself. However, I'll be the first the say I went into watching this with an unbiased view.
I did not like this DVD for many reasons I'll just highlight a few:
Using lines like, "It's gone like a fart in the wind." I could understand this in an "American Pie" movie, but in a "revolutionary coin magic DVD"?
The unnaturalness in palming multiple coins (20). I applaud the ability but question the practicality. As someone who does not do coin magic I knew exactly where the coins were coming from, what is to stop a spectator from knowing the same thing.
The repetitiveness of producing coins between the fingers over and over. To me this was just boring.
Reed going in and out of character. If you have a personality when you are doing magic it is very important to keep the same one throughout. Otherwise you a.) look foolish or b.) confuse the spectators of who you are supposed to be.
There I have said it. I know I will probably receive a lot of PM's about this and I gladly welcome them. As far as recommendations I would recommend any video or DVD by David Roth, Michael Rubenstein, or Kurtis Kam for those who are truly looking for "revolutionary coin magic".
Seth Howard
Message: Posted by: WandSpin (Sep 29, 2003 05:46PM)
Jumping Catfish! I have this DVD and reading Seth's post, you wouldn't think we watched the same one.

I found the whole project incredible and a joy to watch and learn from.

As far as in and out of character, Bill Malone does this and says it's effective to do.

I think Reed is one of the most advanced thinkers in coin magic and this project showed that.

I also love the work of the other performers Seth mentioned.

I may not agree, but I'm glad Seth shared his thoughts and put some detail into them.
Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Sep 29, 2003 09:11PM)
Seth Who?

Who is this guy???
Message: Posted by: SethHoward (Sep 29, 2003 11:54PM)
What would it matter who I was? I am someone who watched the DVD and gave an honest review of it.
Message: Posted by: gforster (Sep 30, 2003 12:05AM)
I have not yet (I will soon - next paycheck) bought this DVD. I am looking forward to it. I forsee alot of arguments because of Seth's post. Having seen other work of Reed's, I don't think I'll agree with him. BUT, this is a public forum, and I'm glad he has the guts to express his opinion. Seth, you may end up getting alot of flack for your post, but I thank you for dealing with what you believe to be legitimate concerns. Again, I doubt I'll agree with you, but everything man-made has its shortcomings.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Sep 30, 2003 01:01AM)
To address Seth's criticisms...

The routining of largescale coin productions requires some work beyond the productions themselves. The methods of getting loaded up for such productions are
well known to those who do silks or doves.

The performer's choice of patter and presentation in general is a personal matter and does not seem restricted by the routines construction or design.

The performer's management of their personae is also a matter unrelated to the mechanics of the routines on the DVD.

It might be easier to form an opinoin of Reed's performing style from a live performance for laymen.

I would suggest that after learning to manage coin loads and the basic productions as taught on the DVD, the student should explore using additional props or even just a scarf from which to 'wring' the coins.

Seth, what is your feeling about the 'freedom fly' routine?

also about making 'coin paintings' or sculptures?
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 30, 2003 06:15AM)
Thank you for your "critique". I knew when I put out this work that I could not please everyone. If we all did the same material, magic would be not much fun. For those of you that are unaware, Seth Howard gave the world of magic a fine trick called Howard’s Hustle, a version of the two card Monte. :wavey: :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: cardguy (Sep 30, 2003 01:35PM)
:rotf: :rotf: :rotf:
Howard's Hustle is HARDLY a fine effect. When I saw a demo once I asked myself "why?"
"Gee, let me put this card behind my back so I can do something fishy with it."
I thought the whole point of a monte effect is that the cards don't leave the spectator's sight?

At least Reed's work is inspiring.
Message: Posted by: WandSpin (Sep 30, 2003 02:10PM)
I agree with cardguy. I sold this effect right after I disappointedly opened it up and read it. I was hustled by buying it!
Message: Posted by: SethHoward (Sep 30, 2003 04:03PM)
First off, I didn't think this was a forum where I couldn't put a review.
To answer some questions, just because Bill Malone says it's okay to go in an out of character does not mean I have to agree with it. I personally believe you should have one character that you do magic with.
Second, I am not a fan of "painting a picture" with coins because of the fact in a restaurant setting you do not have that much room on the customer's table.
Also, there is no fishy move behind your back with the Howard'$ Hustle. If cardguy wants I can send him a free one. I understand reviewing something if you have seen it but to make an assumption about an effect you have never had is another thing.
Wandspin sorry you did not like the effect, many people have purchased and still use it just like Reed's DVD not everyone will like it and I don't expect everyone to.

I would also to make a note that I did not bring up my effect in this. I am just responding to it.
Message: Posted by: Spydur (Sep 30, 2003 05:13PM)
Hello there guys,

I just saw Reed's DVD and "Wow..." If you guys liked the three coin production out of my lecture notes, "Sense" you have to check out Reed's DVD! I was stunned at how he used it. I had never even thought it would go there. Have a GREAT day.

Message: Posted by: mystre71 (Sep 30, 2003 06:01PM)
RE:Second, I am not a fan of "painting a picture" with coins because of the fact in a restaurant setting you do not have that much room on the customer's table.

Well Seth, if you read this thread like you say you did
then you would have known before buying the DVD that there was a large amount of coin production on it.

Also in the descriptions on the dvd says "seven coin production,six coin production, 13 coin production and 20 coin production.

You could have save yourself alot of time and money and just not got the DVD.

Also for a guy who prefers card over coins and doesn't like big coin production,
why even post something negative about a dvd on big coin productions?
AND on the biggest thread here that if you read the whole thing you would know everyone else here thinks it's a great dvd,And has moved coin magic up a level.

You said you and Reed had past issues so I think you came here just to stirr up trouble and Reed has acted very respectful about it.
so I'm going to say nothing else about it.

Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Sep 30, 2003 07:09PM)
For those of you who have the dvd you saw a credit given to a guy name Corey Burke and his notes "sense" These notes I highly reguard. If you guys want to see some excellent magic, Coreys notes are very worth your while. They inspired me a great deal. With out his three coin production I would have never went that direction for multiple production/ mini misers dream, again thank you corey.

Message: Posted by: SethHoward (Sep 30, 2003 09:38PM)
Here are some past posts from Reed about this:
"As far as a brand new offering to coin magic this is very fresh and new." Jun 19, 2003 8:21pm
"I have something to offer that is not on any other DVD available to the magic communities. It is a fresh perspective on several years of work and thought. This warrants mention in magical history. I realize that is an egotistical thing to say." Jun 20, 2003 11:38pm
I did not wish to start a debate on this issue but let me give you my perspective on this again. The hype surrounding this dvd. All material on this is a re-working of previous routines. Yes in fact I have read all of this lit and followed it out of curiosity, especially when the creator says it "warrants mention in magical history". I am a fan of multiple coin productions, in fact I love the Miser's Dream for the seemingly impossiblity of coins being produced at the fingertips from "open" hands. When you palm 20 coins your hands are not open.
I will mention again some of the professionalism was lacking, "It's gone like a fart in the wind." This phrase deserves mention in magical history? I have already explained my views on the change in personality throughout the dvd.
My question to you mystre is this: If Reed has taken coin magic to the next level, what was the level before? I believe the levels were set long ago by men like David Roth, Michael Rubenstein, and Kurtis Kam. For magic to go to the next level one would have to surpass all the workings of these men and many more. Everytime I watch Roth on video I am flabbergasted. I almost feel as I am watching magic.
The very first version of 13 coins I saw floored me. I see no reason why you need to add a "picture" to the effect. To me this is not attaining a new level just because you make a picture with it. Besides, Reed is not the first magician to make pictures with coins.
This is not an attack on Reed or his magic, I have posted in other forums I like some of Reed's work. I helped setup Reed's first lecture here in Portland. He has a nice handling of Steve Dobson's dice routine, the "Ivory Connection." He also has a very good handling of the linking rings. Honestly I enjoyed Coin Ovations over the Coin Patriot.
My disappointment of the Coin Patriot was because it was being touted as taking coin magic to the next level and I did not see that. That is a huge claim to make. What was the level before? That is all I ask.
Message: Posted by: WandSpin (Sep 30, 2003 10:30PM)
I'd liek for all of us to be very professional regarding Seth's post and questions. Some of us love Reed and naturally want to defend him. But to do so in a rude way defeats the prurpose of this beautiful forum. let's be an example to everyone that we can agree, to disagree.

Let's "pretend" we're in a real Café and sitting around a table. A good spirited debate is different from attacking.

Message: Posted by: Bill Citino (Sep 30, 2003 10:53PM)

It seems that you aren't a big fan of any of the effects on the DVD. However are there any coins effects that you do prefer, I mean I can understand when others say that the DVD isn't for everyone. Personally I love the DVD, however in regards to the comment you made about going in and out of character, maybe that is Reed's character. Maybe the way he performs is two-sided. I'd just like to note that I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just posting my opinion.

Message: Posted by: CoolMAgic4U (Sep 30, 2003 11:39PM)
WandSpin couldn't have said it any better. Let's just all agree that we disagree on some things and let it slide.

Nothing will be gained by attacking someone for there OPINION. If Seth doesn't like it...so be it...

Maybe there are some things that he likes that you don't..is this a reason to have a big argument? NO!

Just like a relationship you have to respect the other persons opinion. Nothing is gained from trying to FORCE someone to agree with your OPINION.

Just my 2 cents on this issue.

PS I LOVED the DVD..but that is just me...LOL :dance:
Message: Posted by: Musashi (Oct 1, 2003 02:33AM)
On 2003-09-30 20:09, Reed McClintock wrote:
For those of you who have the dvd you saw a credit given to a guy name Corey Burke and his notes "sense" These notes I highly reguard. If you guys want to see some excellent magic, Coreys notes are very worth your while. They inspired me a great deal. With out his three coin production I would have never went that direction for multiple production/ mini misers dream, again thank you corey.


Hear hear! Corey is a good friend and a great magician! Keep your eyes peeled for this guy. His lecture notes are concise and well thought out. The Three coin production that inspired Reed is magical and fun. Check it out if you get a chance!


I enjoy your presentations and thinking in all manner of things. Please keep it up!

About the DVD, I like the fact that Reed has worked out a magical and flowing production of multiple coins. It is inspiring me to look in new directions for coin magic. I think that is what is the best about Reed's work. Don't get stuck in the mud, and don't let anything stop you from trying to be different!

Message: Posted by: James Harrison (Oct 1, 2003 07:42AM)
The miser's dream plot is the main focus of the dvd. But being able to produce that many coins say in a short sleeved shirt, without diving in the pockets is an interesting development.

As there are different mediums in coin magic, (i..e. Misers dream, c/s transpo, coins across......) Reed focused on one.

Mainly because, and I believe he mentioned it on the dvd) that producing money from nowhere is like real magic.

What Reed put out is fresh, different, and worth mentioning. When I watched Reed produce all those coins, his hands didn't looked cramped. mainly because he wasn't classic palming twenty coins in his hands.

He was using another palm.

Though practice will have to be required to perform Reed's material, I don't think it should be condsidered non revolutionary.

"Gone, like a fart in the wind."

LOL, So I guess all the comments made by Jay Sankey in his "Revolutionary Coin Magic tape was considered alright? This was an educational tape, yet Jay makes mention of heroine, swears, and makes rude jokes.

Yet a lot of people refer to this tape as having some of the best coin magic on it.

For me personally, I'd rather learn Reed's stuff. Being able to produce the amount of cash that Reed does seems magicial to me.

For me, I've never had anyone look at me like I was a rude magician for asking someone to move something on the table. (Mind you, if you are performing when they already have food, you've picked the wrong time to be there [Not you personally Seth, just commenting to the use of the restaurant table])

I've asked people to move their drinks so I could perform Reed's 13 coin matrix.

In fact, when I've gone to a table and said I was a magician, people have moved stuff on the table without me even mentioning it. So performing Reed's material shouldn't be a problem.

As for knowing where the coins come from, well, you knew what the dvd was before you got it. The dvd was discussed before it even came out.

Reed was asked what was involved for this dvd, and he mentioned what the hardest thing was on the dvd. Being able to palm twenty coins. (Not all in the same hand, 12 in one, 8 in the other) I've practiced palming ten coins in each hand, and although I can't put my hand out in front of me and spread my hand out, at my side, the hand looks normal, as it also does when producing the coins. Practice it will take.

So we all knew where the coins where coming from when we watched it.

But when I showed the performance part to my magician friends, who aren't into coin magic, and didn't know anything about it. They were shocked, they had no idea where he was getting all the coins.

Just thought I'd mention that.
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Oct 1, 2003 11:51AM)
Reed Rocks!!!!

Coin Power!!

Seth, I take it you have never seen him work in person. Maybe you would change your tune a bit.

Reed, I heard about your heart. I'm glad you are better now.
Message: Posted by: SethHoward (Oct 1, 2003 12:29PM)
Please refer to my above post. I helped setup Reed's first lecture in Portland. I have seen him work in person.
(Also I am not a fan of Jay Sankey because of his crassness.)
Message: Posted by: truthteller (Oct 1, 2003 12:40PM)
I have seen Reed perform in person. I was left cold. It is clear that his magic is difficult to perform. It is also clear that his magic is difficult for him to perform. Producing a gazillion coins is not in and of itself magical, producing a gazillion coins magically is. When laypeople see Reed, I am sure they recognize that it takes skill to do what he does. But I also believe they do not walk away with a feeling of having seen magic. Reed is a great juggler of tiny metal objects.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Oct 1, 2003 01:16PM)
There are alot of people who do not like other people. Whether or not it is magic, music, construction etc. I thank you folks that support me and I thank you who don't. Life is to short to get worked up over something so trivial. I don't personally have the time to get involved right now. I have a paying gig to get to.

:handcuffs: Break free. I have and it feels great.
Message: Posted by: Jason London (Oct 1, 2003 01:44PM)

Great post, Reed! I agree, life is just to short...live it to the fullest!

By the way, had lot's of fun in Hollywood. We'll have to do the Castle again soon! I'll call you this weekend and we'll chat.
Message: Posted by: totalpackage56 (Oct 1, 2003 01:47PM)
I personally love Coin Patriot, and all of Reeds work, yet we should not attack Mr. Howard or his product based on his opinion. But, like Reed said, this is all so trivial anyways. What I'm interested in is Reed's new products, the T&R card and Cups and Balls routine. Any more info Reed?
Break free I have and it feels great.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Oct 1, 2003 03:09PM)
I just finished the edditing on the cups and balls routine. Tonight we will be inserting all of the photos. Probably about a month away. The torn and restored card is not far behind that. Knuckle busters four will come out after the Cups and balls. :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Oct 1, 2003 03:11PM)
My bad Seth. Can you please change your picture to something a bit more happy? You look so mad there.

Smile, you're a magician!!

Whew! Dude, you are a freaking machine!!
Message: Posted by: totalpackage56 (Oct 1, 2003 03:35PM)
Reed, anxiously awaiting all of your new material, while still loving the old! I know this doesn't fit into the topic here, but I figured I may as well ask here. Reed, I respect and enjoy all of your work and was wondering, what makes your C&B routine different from the rest? Also, any timetable for the universal heavy/light gimmick?
Message: Posted by: wu tang (Oct 1, 2003 06:27PM)
Well I'm sure glad to know that you are doing well now reed.
I'm not much of a coin guy myself but when I saw reed this summer at the pcam 2003, he totally floored me!!!his coin work is just amazing!not to mention that he is so good with cards!his mcclintock twist is done so smoothly like water!!!he was kind enough to share with all of us many of the routines.i practiced the twist for the next few days and finally got the hang of it. for those who have never seen the twist...i suggest you go buy the video!!! it does take a lot of practice tho.seeing reed performing live in person at the pcam was worth the whole ticket price!!!i totally loved it!
it is just sad that his health is not too good.i really hope that you are feeling better and hope that ur health improves. not all of us are given a second chance to live again...reed getting a second chance ...well that in my opinion is magic.
hope to see you one day again reed
wu tang
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Oct 1, 2003 07:01PM)
Thank you for the kind words Wu Tang, and I am glad your handling the twist. It is a fun bit of business.

Hi Total Package Thank you for your support also, and to answer your question. The Cups and balls has been developed over a long period. I start out three ahead then two behind, then one behind. the cups are seen empty and then the loads are revealed. I found a gret time to make the load of all three limes in one beat of misdirection. You don't have to expose the method as so many of other C&B routines do at the end for the loading sequence. Not that it is bad nor are the other routines, just was not me. This is Not the ultimate and I am not claiming it to be, but it is another way you can do the cups and balls with serious impact. I love this loading concept. Also I have something in there , a sort of one handed sylvester pitch for reloading a ball. Built on the same priciple as the pitch. I hope this helps. Pete Biro really liked it, and seemed excited when I said I was going to release it.
Like I said if you have a strong working cups and balls routine you may pass on this one. It will be spendy, I tell you all this upfront. I am also including my ring on wand routine also. I know Lonnie will like it, this is right up his alley. I didn't get a chance to show ya Lonnie. I love it :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: WandSpin (Oct 1, 2003 11:52PM)
Reed will the cups and balls be on DVD ( I don't' learn well from print-dyslexic )
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Oct 2, 2003 02:38AM)
No Not on dvd for a while. It will be a manuscript, sorry. I will say your typing is faboulous.
Message: Posted by: harris (Oct 20, 2003 05:00PM)
I just ordered the Coin Patriot DVD from Reed's Site on Friday.

It is the first Magic DVD after getting the flat screen and DVD Player.

In the meantime I am playing around with multiple palms with both hands, and taking aspirin's to prevent cramping.

I am also hinting to my wife about others of your Coin DVD's.

Thanks for the inspiration to step out of the Box, Okito that is.(mini lol)


Get it,

Got it.


Thanks Reed for the great thinking and great and quick service.

You are appreciated by,

Message: Posted by: Ron Giesecke (Oct 27, 2003 10:04AM)

Is your cups and balls a solitary project, or will it be included in a coin series?

From what I've seen o your coin work, I am truly interested in what hands like your will endeavor for the cups and balls. . . :)


Never mind. I'm an idiot. Somehow I missed your post about it being a manuscript.

Either way, I am always interested. Keep up the creative edge.