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Topic: Needle Thru Arm
Message: Posted by: TuKanz (Sep 26, 2007 02:17PM)
I have one of the cheaper ones and was wondering if it is worth getting one of the more hight dollar set-ups....I have had lots of fun with it,but it has seen better days.I am going to get a new one no matter what just because it's to much fun to pass up.....Will one of the high end needles last long enough to justify the high cost?
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Sep 26, 2007 02:29PM)
Heck, I just use a paperclip. I am of course, able to control the blood flow in my arms. Otherwise it'd be very messy.

Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Sep 26, 2007 02:33PM)
And I use a shark hook.
It all works.
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Sep 26, 2007 03:49PM)
Years ago, when I was a teenager, I had a friend who would stick hatpins through his biceps, flex his arm and bend the pins. There was never any blood. Anyway, the blood is not necessary and is something of an exaggeration, especially when there is a lot of it. How often does a doctor's injection site bleed? Even a lab blood extraction rarely bleeds afterward, and that is directly into a vein.

Message: Posted by: docsteve (Sep 26, 2007 03:59PM)
Bill's right...
although I'm so cack-handed, they often pour with blood.
*sigh - dreams of doing a one-handed cobra cut with a brand new deck*
Message: Posted by: askernas (Sep 27, 2007 01:11PM)
Isn't the question of weather or not there will be blood after sticking a needle somewhere in your arm in real life really redundant ?

Isn't things more coming down to what the audience expect?

Pop culture, tv shows and movies teach our audience what to expect, and why not play into their expectations?

And .. to add finally ... A friend of mine had a blood sample taken from near the elbow (can't recall the english name for it) .. and ended up bleeding inside the arm, and after a few days the entire arm was blue and green ;)

Also, when doing blood tests and similar, they are made quite non intrusive of the wound. If one would jerk the needle back and forth and it is inside a vein, I would guess that there is a great possibility of blood ;)

I've used the Harry Anderson's Needle thru arm for many many years, and freaked people out with it. I did not use a comedy routine for it ...
Message: Posted by: christiancagigal (Sep 27, 2007 06:56PM)
I've gone through a few different needles in the past few years. My first one was the "authorized" Harry Anderson needle (this was a loooong time ago) and it was terrible. I've gone through a few other brands. The bulb's leak. Or, it's hard to keep them from sliding off sometimes yadda yadda yadda. Then recently I purchased the new improved Harry needle. IT'S GREAT! The bulb screws on instead of sliding on. It's sturdy, thin, sharp and quite long...i just walked into punchline...well there you have.

Message: Posted by: docbarnes (Sep 29, 2007 11:09PM)
Although piercing has become more common it is amazing the impact the illusion creates. The blood is needed to create the extra impact. I have heard of one geek performer that does the illusion for real. My favorite story about the trick is a nursing student deciding to change her majors after watching the effect. She stated that is I canít handle a magic trick there is no way I can handle the real thing. This proved that even though in her mind she understood it was an illusion the performance had a significant impact.
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Sep 29, 2007 11:17PM)
Askernas, the blue-green arm effect would be pretty cool!

Message: Posted by: askernas (Oct 1, 2007 03:53AM)
It would certainly help selling the effect Bill ;)

just don't try needle through arm with an oversized Scythe or you may end up like my avatar... ;)
Message: Posted by: askernas (Oct 3, 2007 02:17PM)
By the way ... I need to get myself a new needle .. is the new and improved Harry Needle the one that is a little thicker than the old one?

Although I appreciate the smallness of the old one ... it was a bit tough to squeeze out the red juices through such a small hole ....
Message: Posted by: baggins321 (Oct 4, 2007 12:18PM)
Anyone got a resource on how to perform a makeshift needle through arm if one already has li**id l**ex?
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Oct 4, 2007 12:26PM)
Actually li**id l**ex works horribly for the trick.
As far as this trick goes, I wouldn't know what to do with the stuff.
Message: Posted by: DeadDave (Oct 9, 2007 11:29PM)
I had one of the Harry Anderson versions for years, the one where the bulb screwed onto the needle. It was fantastic.
I once had a woman faint while I was doing it, she did fine with the needle part but fainted dead away when I cut it out of my arm with a utility knife. (Her boyfriend caught her, no harm done.)
The added blood was perfectly logical with that set-up.
Message: Posted by: Keith Mitchell (Jan 29, 2008 10:44AM)
I am 45 now, but when I was a little kid my brother and his girlfriend took me to the Ohio state fair. It might have been in Columbus Ohio, I really don't remember.

Anyway, we went to the State Fair and there was this guy on stage asking for a volunteer to come up on the stage and do something. I am legally deaf and being a kid I was williing to volunteer to do just about anything, and there I was jumping up and down waving my skinny arm making sure I got picked. Yep, I got picked to go up on the stage, and had no idea what I had just volunteered to do. Ran up on this stage surrounded by strange people, and I am thinking to myself "What in the world am I doing up here?" This big guy, from a little kid's point of view, was yapping his mouth and I had no idea what he was saying, but he finally put his alcohol smelling arm out in front of me. He told me to use the fingers of both my hands to pinch a chunk of his fore-arm skin, and I could see that there was already a bunch of needle holes in that arm that was right in front of my young eyes, he then proceded to jab his arm with this long needle. Suddenly the chunk of skin that I was pinching had slipped from my feeble little fingers, all that alcohol was slick, at that point I thought I had done something wrong and everyone just laughed.

That is all I remember, just a flash back from the past.

I do remember him sticking that long needle through the chunck of skin that I was holding tightly. I could actually feel the needle jabbing through the skin. One thing for sure, IT WAS REAL! No fake stuff, and no blood.

So, if this guy can do it for real, then why do we have to fake it? I know I don't have the guts to stick a needle through my skin, but people pierce their skin all the time in very strange places.

Another thing I remember about the state fair is that I got sick from eating something that I wish I hadn't. Puked all over the place. (LOL).

Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Jan 29, 2008 12:08PM)
Why fake it?
I have done real piercing on stage.
It hurts.
A lot.
I couldn't do it 6 shows a day. Fake, I can do it dozens.
Plus, no chance of infections.
Zamora the torture king does it show after show...I can't.
So I don't.
Plus- My version with the shark hooks- They get yanked out with a fishing pole in such a way that if they were real, I'd need stiches.
So yeah...I could do it.
Message: Posted by: Keith Mitchell (Jan 29, 2008 05:09PM)
I was not aware of the pain, I just assumed that with all the piercing that is going on now-a-days that people actually enjoyed it. Just not in the habit of using my body for a pin-cushion.

Needle in the arm stunt is beginning to peak my interest, and I might buy one and join the fun.

Message: Posted by: Gemeanii (Jan 30, 2008 08:01PM)

Just because you want to - doesn't mean it's safe, or you should try. If you are serious, go over to Believe it or not in Carnival and read the sticky post from Harley.

Then, and only then, start looking for a teacher. There are ways to minimize the down side but doing this stunt is not safe, despite the fact that many have, and still do this... and more. Yes, I was stuck by the master, Red Stewart and stapled a $20 to his forehead. I was also taught some of this stunt by people who know the act and who I trust. Would I ever recommend someone trying it on their own, not a chance. Too many ways this can go wrong.

I'm sure Gwyd will agree - Seek a teacher!

Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Jan 30, 2008 08:27PM)
On 2008-01-29 11:44, madkiki wrote:

So, if this guy can do it for real, then why do we have to fake it? I know I don't have the guts to stick a needle through my skin, but people pierce their skin all the time in very strange places.


Cause I'm a wuss, that's why!
Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Jan 31, 2008 04:16AM)
I think the blood is necesasry and important.
Why? Because when people see the bloods out, this will make more impact on it> believe me, with blood you will make them more scary.
Viking needle is best, thick and clean. you do not need to hide blood in other place.

Message: Posted by: TuKanz (Jan 31, 2008 06:23AM)
I like the shock factor of the the blood because it's one of those things that most people are thinking there is no way that this can be anything but magic.
Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Jan 31, 2008 10:18AM)
Yeah, blood is my favourite. I agreed with Tukanz.Blood make more shock.

Message: Posted by: Steve_Mollett (Jan 31, 2008 04:17PM)
Have done it real; have done it fake.
Audience reaction was the same.

The real approach I reserved for intimate 'living room' situations.
Message: Posted by: Bill Ligon (Jan 31, 2008 04:29PM)
I don't like poking holes in my body. I might puncture my self.