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Topic: Bad websites
Message: Posted by: Martin Duffy (Sep 29, 2007 07:48PM)
I was critiscised for pointing out that someones website was unprofessional.
This person had slated ad copy for a new DVD.
I just mentioned that his own website was BAD.
I was then advised to look at his paid for ad here on Magic Café.
Its BAD too.
NOTHING looks less professional than using clip art to sell a product.
It is relevant because its a little difficult to criticise something as being "amateur hour" that has been shot by a professional DVD maker and performed by a world class magician, when you are using clipart to sell your products.
Message: Posted by: Powers of the Mime (Sep 29, 2007 08:13PM)
Felt the same way about Army of Darkness.

BTW read the thread, you're right. This guy can make up all those trick and film them in 1 day and get people to buy them, have the guy making the dvd come here and pitch it, the guys a freakn geneus. There's a sucker born every minute!
Message: Posted by: sibbie (Sep 29, 2007 08:33PM)
What is the difference between using clipart and using a web site template or "theme"?

I'm not knocking templates or "themes". I have in the past and currently do use them myself on various sites but it seem to me that these two items come from the same basket.
Message: Posted by: Hay Harrey (Sep 30, 2007 09:29PM)
You have to be talking about tony