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Topic: Funny prizes
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Oct 2, 2007 11:36AM)
I am working on a new routine for my Magic Game Show. I need help with some funny prizes like "a washer and dryer" and I give them a metal washer and a paper towel. Another would be " a diamond pin" and I give them a dime and a safety pin. You get the idea. Can anyone think of anymore that I can use?--Rev Bill
Message: Posted by: nucinud (Oct 2, 2007 04:09PM)
A Toyota - A toy yoda (from Star Wars)
100 thousand grand (it's a candy bar)
Message: Posted by: Lyndel (Oct 2, 2007 05:43PM)
A box of real diamonds! - a box containing the Ace thru King of diamonds from a deck of cards.

A brand new I-Phone - a junk phone with an eye ball glued to it.

The best seat in the house - a toilet seat.

A leather brief case - an actual brief case with real briefs (underwear) inside.

A round to it - a round piece of paper with the letters "Tuit" printed on it.

A new apple computer - a chalk board shaped like an apple with a simple math equation written on it.

Message: Posted by: Ken Sibley (Oct 2, 2007 10:37PM)
A 6 or 8 piece Breakfast set - the package of little boxes of cereal.

Copper engraving of Abraham Lincoln - A penny.

Portrait of George Washington - A dollar.
Message: Posted by: btedeski (Oct 3, 2007 08:08AM)
Give them an Ipod,

I pea pod with an eye glued on (small and cheap like a good price should be)
Message: Posted by: REV BILL (Oct 3, 2007 04:15PM)
These are great!!! Are these original or did you all get them from a book? Anyway keep em' coming.--Bill
Message: Posted by: Lyndel (Oct 3, 2007 06:15PM)
Most of the ones I submitted are old clown bits.

Message: Posted by: Barry Gitelson (Oct 3, 2007 08:44PM)
A new washer and dryer

(a coin shaped washer and a paper towel)
Message: Posted by: Ken Sibley (Oct 3, 2007 09:07PM)
I have no idea where they came from. Been around for years. Vaudeville maybe?
Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Oct 8, 2007 05:31PM)
In my show, I used to give out a spork and a bag of non-matching socks. It's a pretty funny bit, and the audience always loved it.

Cody Fisher has a routine where he gives out an AOL CD. As all of you know, they're FREE and are located in almost EVERY post office- at least here anyway..

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: Eric Lott (Oct 9, 2007 08:34AM)
I performed Osterlind's version of Bank Night once and threw in some gag gifts. One was an expired 25% off coupon to JCPenney's. Another was an already scratched off lottery ticket. I think I had a gift card that had already been used too. I ended up winning the $100, but I gave everyone a legitimate lottery ticket, similar to Osterlind, for their help.
Message: Posted by: styck13 (Oct 9, 2007 06:49PM)
In my mobile DJ Shows, I used to give away BIIIG MONEY..it was a hundred dollar bill that I'd blown up to a HUGE SIZE..maybe a foot long... I had my phone number in the serial number spot on one side, my company name in the serial number on the other side, and my picture in the center.

While I was typing I also thought about ...You would win a crisp clean 100 dollar bill... and give them a crisp clean bill for 100 dollars for "services rendered". I dunno, just rolling around ideas.

(Devon's Dad)
Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Oct 10, 2007 11:25AM)
How about "a hundred bucks" and give them 100 small pictures of male deer?

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: cfleming (Oct 13, 2007 06:26PM)
After a routine using an assistant I offer them a prize, A 200 peice breakfast set and pull out a smaal box of cereal. After they Groan I say "well, how about a 500 peice breakfast set?" I then drop the box on the floor and smash it with my foot, Always gets a good laugh.
Message: Posted by: richards (Jan 4, 2008 08:52AM)
A Diamond Ring (Give helper a dime and ring a bell).
Message: Posted by: KidMagic (Jan 9, 2008 07:38AM)
Haha sorry I got none but theese are really funny!

Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 9, 2008 08:26AM)
A nine inch pianist.
Message: Posted by: Eric Lott (Jan 9, 2008 01:53PM)
I performed a version of Bank Night a month or so ago and gave out some of the prizes that were suggested here. I'll try to get a clip of it up if anyone is interested. I think the prizes I gave away were:

A small diamond (2 of diamonds)
A Limited Edition 1964 Copper Engraving of Abraham Lincoln (penny)
Washer and dryer

The grand prize was an iPhone. I took a toy cell phone and glued a big eye to it. I also had the AOL CD as a backup. I searched high and low for a toy Yoda, but couldn't find one anywhere.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jan 9, 2008 03:41PM)
The AOL CD is actually a pretty funny idea. I have used that many times myself cause in my industry we get a ton of them. Never fails to get a laugh.

Message: Posted by: Magic Enhancer (Jan 9, 2008 04:10PM)

Thanks for following up with us and I'm glad we were all able to help you. I'd definitely like to see the video. Looks like it was a real funny routine. As for "Toy Yodas", here are few links directing you to them:




Thanks again for the update!

Robert Haas
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jan 9, 2008 07:26PM)
Thanks Rob for the links.

Message: Posted by: Sealegs (May 21, 2008 07:37AM)
An old kids one from the UK is; I'll give you 10 pounds (=thumps)