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Topic: Vanishing a coin
Message: Posted by: Kingslayer (Oct 8, 2007 05:54AM)

Today in school a guy said he could vanish a coin. So I gave him one and he took it with his thumb and index finger of the right hand and stuck only those two fingers in the left hand with which he had formed a fist. He pulled it out and coin was gone. Now the question. Is how did he do that? Is it kind of a palm transfer or is it more difficult?
Message: Posted by: Gordyboy (Oct 8, 2007 11:55AM)
When I see someone perform and cannot see how it was done, most of the time I prefer to enjoy the fact that they did a good job rather than try to figure it out. Even when I think I know the method, I love seeing someone do it well in such a way that I may not be sure which method they used. If you really want to know, then approach this person and show them a few sleights that you can do. Then tell them that you enjoyed the one they did and were wondering if they would be willing to share the method.

If you're a magician that can show some skill, they may be willing to share and you can work together for mutual benefit. If you're not a magician then they should not share.
Message: Posted by: spycrapper (Oct 8, 2007 12:33PM)
He has an invisible pocket in his hand
read bobo if you want to know more about this
Message: Posted by: Kingslayer (Oct 8, 2007 04:29PM)
The thing with the hidden pocket cant be no matter when somebody asked him in the last 2 weeks he did it....
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Oct 8, 2007 04:49PM)
There are a couple of different sleights he could have used to accomplish the vanish.
There are a couple in Bobo's book that has nothing to do with invisible pockets in the hand. ;)
Message: Posted by: Kingslayer (Oct 9, 2007 01:09AM)
So I'm thinkin that he is hiding it behind his watch. He has a tshirt on so he cant hide it in his pullover. and the he shoes both hands from both sides ..
Message: Posted by: spycrapper (Oct 9, 2007 09:02AM)
On 2007-10-08 17:29, Kingslayer wrote:
The thing with the hidden pocket cant be no matter when somebody asked him in the last 2 weeks he did it....

that's why I told you to find out more in bobo
Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (Oct 9, 2007 10:02AM)
Method seeker alert.
you can say what you want but we won't spoil secrets here. buy some dvd or books on the subject
Message: Posted by: Kingslayer (Oct 11, 2007 02:22AM)
Sorry for that but I still don't know how he does it I will delete the post
Message: Posted by: Jay Austin (Oct 11, 2007 05:57PM)
Kingslayer, if you want to know how that is done, follow the advice given above. A couple people refereed to Bobo's book. They are talking about Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo. It is very inexpensive but is considered a must read for anyone that is interested in coin magic. If you have problems with a slight or a general question we can answer that. We just will not give out a method. Without seeing the vanish done I could give you a couple ides. There are many ways to do what you are talking about. I can think of at least 10 different ways to accomplish that. Check out Bobo's book and you will find many of them. One would be the Bobo Coin Vanish found in chapter 3.
Message: Posted by: TKE (Oct 12, 2007 12:29AM)
I'm telling you dude, its definitely the invisible pocket in his hand.