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Topic: Jumbo cards
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Feb 18, 2003 04:55PM)
Does anyone know of any good jumbo cards for manipulation?

And if, so please tell where to purchase them online.

Message: Posted by: Carron (Feb 20, 2003 05:21AM)
http://www.magicbox.uk.com have some Jumbo Bicycles, they are the cheapest I have found the fan well and look great

Tom :heehee:
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Feb 21, 2003 02:08PM)
I am not sure if bicycles are easy to backpalm...
Message: Posted by: gtxby33 (Feb 21, 2003 04:59PM)
Are you crazy?! Do you think you are Tony Clark or Peter Marvey!? Just kidding of course, but do You really want do try this out? And BTW, I have no clue where you can find jumbo manip. cards.

Message: Posted by: Schaden (Feb 21, 2003 07:23PM)
I remember looking at a video for jumbo card manipulation. I will check on Magic Smith. It was a The Magic of _____ (some middle east country). I think the manipulation routine was called blizzard. I found it... just before I was going to post this. I just wanted to build up some excitment. It's called The Magic of Hungary Video with Multiple Artists... Search on Magic Smith. Then after you get it pm me with a review.

Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Feb 21, 2003 09:00PM)
Joćo Miranda,

I've posted a 90 second clip of me at the magic video depot:


The Jumbo's are Tony Clark while the cards in manipulation are Blue back Bee.
Maybe that will help a little.

Randy Stewart
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Feb 22, 2003 02:24PM)
Thanks a lot Randy.

What I actually want is jumbos to make simple productions, just like Peter Marvey...
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Feb 22, 2003 03:08PM)
Ah! you want a ready to perform item that duplicates Marvey's Jumbo Card production. His jumbo card production is patented as are all of his creations. It's his method alone and not available as a stock item.

I've created my own and encourage you to do the same. Research Black Art using your own black clothes as a backdrop and body loads as I've done. You may create the next big production method. The possibilities are really exciting and endless! :)

Randy Stewart

Joćo Miranda,

If you are looking for Jumbo Bicycles, try Hank Lee. I've purchased regular Jumbo cards (Red/Blue) at $15.00 a deck.
You can then devise your own method of production.

Randy Stewart
Message: Posted by: Schaden (Feb 22, 2003 09:42PM)
He produces those jumbo cards through million dollar production. You can see the line of the cards at certain times. Marvey is very skilled but painful to watch.

Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Feb 23, 2003 07:29AM)
No one understands me..... :o:

I want good jumbo cards which are EASY to backpalm, not the Bicycles ones....
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Feb 23, 2003 10:41AM)

You may try Piatnik Brand Jumbo Cards (Made In Austria).

I believe you "literally" want to backpalm the cards using a thinner stock card such as Marvey or Nielson extra thin cards.
Even with poker size cards, manipulators spend years fighting that occasional "flash".
You may try some adaptations from 'Jumbo Card Manipulation' by Dariel Fitzkee,
or 'Magic By Jan Torell' (published in 1975).

Randy Stewart
Message: Posted by: iwillfoolu (Feb 24, 2003 07:28AM)
You are looking for the cheapest Jumbos you can find. They should bend easily I bought a few on ebay for about $7 a deck. They are not Bikes.
Message: Posted by: KJfan (Jul 22, 2003 04:37PM)
I also founded the piatnick to be the best.