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Topic: Smoke Jets
Message: Posted by: Rick123 (Feb 18, 2003 05:06PM)
Can anyone help.

We are putting a show together and need to have 5 jets of smoke which shoot up into the air about 15FT. We need the jets to last about 5 seconds and need the smoke to vanish as soon as the jets stop.

I am not sure but I think Lance Burton uses smoke jets for his car appearence.

Can anyone tell me where I can buy this system or who supplies this effect.

Message: Posted by: zigmont (Feb 18, 2003 05:21PM)
I can help you with the smoke jets.
How wide of an area does each jet need to spread. What are you covering?

These devices are only custom made.
I can custom make whatever you require.
I can tell you that it not cheap to have or run 5 heads.
Message: Posted by: Rick123 (Feb 18, 2003 05:36PM)
Hi Zigmont,

I need to cover an area of 15ft wide by 15ft high. I thought I would need about 5 but if I don't that's good. I thought to screen the area I could have 3 jets shooting up and 1 jet shooting from the left and 1 from the right. The smoke must screen off the area for about 5 seconds and then when the jets stop the smoke must vanish very fast.

Is it smoke jets that Lance Burton uses?

What are your thoughts?

Message: Posted by: zigmont (Feb 18, 2003 06:06PM)
The jets take about two feet to spread out six foot wide. Is this a one time event, traveling show or inhouse show.

Our jets will travel 15-20 feet high and 6 foot wide.
Yes this is the C02 Jets Lance Burton uses.When shut off, nothing in the air.
Message: Posted by: Rick123 (Feb 18, 2003 06:27PM)
The show is an 8 month run.

How would the jets sit on stage?
Would they take long to set up on stage?
What would the running cost be (approx)?
Would there be a large gap at the bottom?
What is the time to manufacture this and rough cost?

Message: Posted by: zigmont (Feb 18, 2003 06:39PM)
you need to email me or PM me and I will answer your questions in regards to prices.
These are low profile.a few inchs hign
Fast to set
You will have a two foot gap (at bottom) until it spreads, if you don't run side vent jets. Side vents would cover that the gap.
Can get them to you in two weeks

Where are you located?