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Topic: I really need help...
Message: Posted by: Andrew H. (Oct 18, 2007 10:54PM)
I need help on many different levels. Iím in search of a mentor for both close-up and stage. I have good magicians in my area, but they're really not the mentor type. I have a pretty strong background and have won a few competitions.
Iím also looking for information on a 19th century snake oil salesman act. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 20, 2007 11:08AM)
What kind of stage magic are you into or need help with. I may not be a mentor to you. but I'll be willing to help you out if I can. I also need help but I'm unable to find it. Even though I'm willing to pay for it I cant find anyone to assist me.
Message: Posted by: Andrew H. (Oct 21, 2007 07:29PM)
Doves mostly. I want to take a dove act to compete with, but my friends say that itís not original enough. I just really want someone that I can call for help.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 21, 2007 07:42PM)
They may and may not be right. The main thing is how are you going to produce them. You need to think of how your going to produce them, plus be sure they're not going to have a heart attack or be cooped up to long for this. If you want pm me on this or contact me on aim.
Message: Posted by: Andrew H. (Oct 22, 2007 04:38PM)
I have the act put together and have been doing it for about two years. It's hard to tell without someone actually there to observe.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 22, 2007 07:03PM)
How has the response been, and have you had anyone give you advice after doing it? What are you trying to accomplish? Making them appear, disappear etc. and is there a video of it?
Message: Posted by: Big Daddy Cool (Oct 23, 2007 10:20AM)
Coaching services - check out my resume at http://www.flip-side.com/coaching.html

One of my first students was Angela Funovits. She is one of the 10 on NBC's Phenomenon....
Message: Posted by: Andrew H. (Oct 25, 2007 10:43PM)

I havenít seen you since twin city two years ago. I'll give it some thought. Another factor is how much you charge, I am a college student so funds are limited!

P.S. Maybe I could put your problems in some cement loafer, LOL.
Message: Posted by: Andrew H. (Oct 31, 2007 04:56PM)
I'm still looking for help. So if anyone knows anything about snake oil salesmaen of the 1800s PLEASE let me know...Books, DVDS, tricks, etc.
Message: Posted by: Big Daddy Cool (Oct 31, 2007 08:34PM)

I sent you my home number. I haven't heard from you. Give me a call...

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Oct 31, 2007 08:34PM)
Andrew check out this book title No Applause Just Money. supposedly it has info that your looking for.