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Topic: How High
Message: Posted by: magicdoctor (Nov 1, 2007 10:26PM)
Just wondering how high people have hung, doing Straight Jacket escape.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 2, 2007 05:56AM)
Does it matter !!!!! Once your suspended over fifteen feet high upside down,,,you die if you fall no matter what the height.

The highest that I have done was from Scarfell Pike in the Lake District,,,suspended off of Striding Edge some 3000 feet up. Next down was from a static hot air balloon, not sure of the height of that one.

Message: Posted by: magicdoctor (Nov 2, 2007 09:20PM)
No!!!! it does'nt matter, just was sitting here thinking about it,so I thought I would ask.The suspended escape is my favorite, for me I was 274 feet.--- Michael
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Nov 2, 2007 11:03PM)
I think it does matter.

A fall of 30 feet or more is deadly.

That statement is not true. You can die on a bad landing falling only a few feet. However, something in the human brain is hardwired. Looking at a drop of 30 feet or more hits the panic button. This is all perception and not truth. Most people would feel more emotion as the EA is lifted higher and higher. Roller coasters do the same thing. The lift hill is slow to give the impression of attaining great height.

Hy Magicdoctor, where were you? Hanging out a 16th floor somewhere! 274 feet...WOW
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 3, 2007 05:51AM)
If I fell from three feet up and landed on my head that would be too much for me !
Observations >>> Both Nick Jansen and myself came to the conclusion many years ago that to do a suspended escape a happy medium must be reached. If you are too high >>> The speckies can`t see very much (So the struggle etc is lost) Your just a pin spot in the sky >>> Nick got it perfect,,,his Crane Bomb was just the right hieght,,,,high enough for the danger,,,but visible enough to be seen by all.

Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Nov 3, 2007 01:51PM)
What's heavier, a pound of feathers of a pound of bricks?

The biggest factor IMO in hanging is the blood rushing to your head. If you have a slow moving crane that takes two minutes to lift you 50 feet it's the same as a fast crane, that can lift you two hundred feet in two minutes, To me, it's not a question of height but a question of time.

Besides, unless you are being filmed, anything over say an arbitray figure of two jundred feet, the audience can not see what you are doing and you may be better off staying in focus if you want the audience to follow along Just my opinion. So I agree with the above but just wanted to add the "time" element to the equasion.
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Nov 3, 2007 01:58PM)
On the other hand. If it was proven that hanging upside down would grow hair - I would argue for the slow moving crain at 500 feet.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 3, 2007 02:11PM)
Cmon J,,,, your taking the P*** out of me now,,,, I like my shiney pate and so do some of the ladies !!!!!
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Nov 3, 2007 04:15PM)
Sorry no disrespect intended, I was just figuring out how could sell franchises and make a million dollars!
Imagine. We make people pay to be straped in a jacket and hung upside down.
It's a living.
Message: Posted by: KerryJK (Nov 3, 2007 06:37PM)
I've not yet done UDSJ from any height, but the talk about perspectives got me thinking.

I remember once standing at the top of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales, looking over a drop of - well, I don't know the exact height, but it was *&^** high - and realising I wasn't scared of falling at all, a realisation that worried me more than the actual height.
I recounted this to a friend who used to do a lot of base jumping, he nodded sagely and summed it up by saying, "The urge to jump off's incredible, isn't it?". He then went on to say that when you were up there suited up with a parachute that urge suddenly went.

Anyhow, I guess the point I'm making is there seems to be a height above which you stop thinking about falling because the ground seems so far away it's somehow no longer relevant, like looking out the window of an aeroplane at the patchwork landscape. So I'm wondering, is it actually easier psychologically to UDSJ at ridiculous heights than it is to do it at, say, twenty feet? I should imagine it must be an awesome feeling.
Message: Posted by: magicdoctor (Nov 3, 2007 09:59PM)
When I did the escape 274ft.I was just a pin spot.your right about that Kondini. It was for a very big occasion and also was a huge mental challenge for myself,I really had no idea what that height was really like until I did the escape.I hang usually between 50ft.and 80ft.Knowing how I felt when I hung at the 274ft.Kondini you said you hung at 3000ft. My hats off to you!!! I can't imagine it. What a rush!!
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Nov 4, 2007 06:54AM)
You just close your eyes and think of England !!!
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Nov 4, 2007 09:35AM)
Hey, I got out of a Jacket at 36,000 feet...
But I wasn't upside down. and Yes, I did have the urge to think of England.
Message: Posted by: magicdoctor (Nov 4, 2007 10:39AM)
Way to go Cliffg37!
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Nov 4, 2007 02:44PM)
On 2007-11-04 07:54, Kondini wrote:
You just close your eyes and think of England !!!

And suddeenly we are back on to the "some of the ladies" part of the thread! :)

To Cliff:-
You liar! You were at XXXY (whaever the height was) and falling .... pretty dam fast :) Would love to have tried that.

The height is NOT scary at 3 miles up - its not till you get a lot ower on your way down that you start to think about the falling .... the ground starts getting bigger and you thinkg of the idea of an impact!

Must admit I love the idea of doing an escape on teh way down .... may be a thumb cuff or a chinese finger trap. You know stuff that has not deen done before .... non of this cage and lots of chan stuff. Anyone could do that! Bring ont eh elastic bands! sorry that should read band! don't want to push it too much!
Message: Posted by: Starry (Nov 9, 2007 04:14PM)
I went up about three telephone poles high. I don't know how high that is, but I think I'd have to be high to do it again.

-- Ace
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Nov 11, 2007 02:45AM)
You know the joke about the Irish man (insert Mexican in the USA .... and I am sure other races all over the world) who starts work as a telephone pole installer?

The foreman says you go out and dig the hole and stand the poles in the hole. Fill in the hole so that they are nice and safe - itís really straightforward. At the end of the shift he asks the Irish man how many he installed. He says 1. The foreman tells him itís just not good enough and needs to improve tomorrow.

At the end of the second day he has done 2. The foreman is still not impressed and says he must improve further and sure he will get the hang of it tomorrow.......

At the end of the third day he has managed 4 and is absolutely shattered! The foreman is still not impressed and asks why it is taking so long. The Irish man says "have you seen how *** tall they are it takes ages to dig a hole that deep!

So ace 3 telephone poles high...... not that high depending in who installed them :)
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Nov 11, 2007 07:59AM)
Helicopter several times, up to about 1000 feet. Normally, I do suspended, at about 100'.

I remember a moment, having dropped the jacket, and changing focus. Looking around, upside down, with the wind from the rotor blowing air up my nose. And I got into a mind game about which way the wind was blowing, relative to each of the parts of the environment. Then I looked around, with 360 degrees of horizen, and it was so peaceful, and I could see so far.

But I never did get to ride inside the helicopter.
Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Nov 11, 2007 08:27AM)
Harley Harley Harley clearly the air went straight to your brain! And fried it ....

I think you find that the copter was blowing aid DOWN your nose .... unless this was an inverted copter with you floating up and away from the rotors rather than dropping down in to them ...... now that would look kinda cool ..... mmm may be for WEAR next time?

You do have a very peaceful feeling up at that sought of height outside an aircraft. Its kind of strange in a way.

You said you never got inside the heli - how did you get back down to ground? did they just land with you still hanging? I hope someone reminded the plot to stop and let you off first?
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Nov 11, 2007 09:23AM)
Down to the ground? I was supposed to do that? No wonder I feel so up in the air about everything. This has become a situation of much gravity.

It was the first times, I did USD in public. Now, I'd do a very different show of it.