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Topic: The Experiment (Sixth Sense)
Message: Posted by: sweiss (Nov 4, 2007 01:05AM)
Does anyone have any information about the effect The Experiment (sixth sense)? This is a metalism effect(s)that is being sold by Panda Magic. http://www.panda-magic.com/mentalism.html The effect is originally from France http://www.magicexperiment.com My emails to Panda Magic about ordering the effect have gone unanswered. It is a bit expensive so I don't want to buy it (assuming I can get an response) just to see how it works. The description (as most do) sound fantastic.
Message: Posted by: Mik (Feb 2, 2008 12:42AM)
Funny I found this topic, I was in the magic store at Pike Place in Seattle and the owner pulled this off the shelf and opened it for me.

We both agreed the case was nice, the stuff inside didn't look much but I haven't seen it performed or used to see how well it plays.

The guy said he sold one but he has a couple on his shelf he hopes he can shift.

We agreed maybe if Criss Angel does it on his show they will sell like hot cakes!
Message: Posted by: sweiss (Feb 3, 2008 09:15PM)
Thanks for the insight. I doubt Criss Angel would use this, but one never knows. I guess I'll need to pass on this one until I can find out more about it. Evidently you agree.
Message: Posted by: Mik (Feb 9, 2008 11:51PM)
I know you are paying for the method but the quality of the props inside could have been better.Two decks of cards were cheap and not even Bicycle decks.

I'd like to see a demo video of this in action.