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Topic: Catch-by Alan Rorrison
Message: Posted by: danielrmk (Nov 5, 2007 05:30PM)
Here`s a review for Alan Rorrison`s new bullet catch called ''Catch''.

Effect: You perform a bullet catch using a paint ball gun and a signed paint ball. A spectator shoots the paint ball at your face and you catch it between your teeth.

Important points: -everything is examinable at the end
-easy to do
-not very expensive
-signed paint ball
-100% safe

I have received a preview copy of Catch by Alan so it`s not being sold yet, but it should be available at http://www.alanrorrison.com by the end of the week.

This effect is taught in the form of a PDF and goes through everything you need to know. He tells you what paint ball gun to buy and where you can get it.

I said the effect is 100% safe, and it is 100% safe. Probably the only bullet catch that is actually 100% safe. That`s a HUGE plus right there.

I love the fact that it uses a paint ball gun. It gives the bullet catch a new feel. Suddenly the bullet catch becomes more realistic and it is taken more seriously. Who would try and catch a bullet between their teeth? If you say you`ll catch a paint ball in your mouth, it`s a little bit more beliveable, granted still hard to believe. Using a paint ball gun helps them realise the seriousness of the feat, because when you say you`ll use a paint ball gun, they`ll immediately think ''so what, it`s just a paint ball'', but then they`ll realise that a paint ball still hurts, especially if caught in the mouth.

Alan even adds a humourous way to pull off a crucial part of this effect. It`s a great idea and sure to get laughs.

He even added a bonus variation, where you stop the speeding paintball in mid-air in front of yourself like in The Matrix, then make it fall to the floor, where it can be examined.

There are pictures to help explain what he says in words and everything is clear.

There isn`t much else to say, I honestly just really like this method and I think you should check it out.

I give it a 5 out of 5. It`s affordable to perform, it`s safe, and it gives the same effect as the classic bullet catch.
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 5, 2007 07:04PM)
I too received an advance copy and I gotta tell you, this is definitely very practical and very good. If I can get my hands on the right gun, this is something I will be using in my next stand up show. As with all of Alan's stuff, the routine is easy to do yet very well constructed.

The stopping the ball in mid air idea is killer! I've never seen that before.

I believe Scott Alexander has a paint ball bullet catch but this one is faaaar less expensive. While I'm sure Scott's is great (I do not own it), Alan's is extremely convincing and would play huge in the real world.

I should also point out that the PDF is very well written and nicely illustrated with color photos. I have never read anything Alan's written before but I can tell you this, his writing style is a lot easier to understand than his accent...

Joke... Sort of... It is very clearly written. :)

I also want to say, don't let the simplicity of the effect fool you. This will work! All of the actions and props are extremely well motivated.

Two thumbs way up... You want this! ;)
Message: Posted by: KMan1564 (Nov 6, 2007 03:07AM)
Sounds very clever, especially the bit about stopping the ball in mid-air. Alan always comes out with practical audience-tested effects. I'm sure this is no different.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Nov 6, 2007 03:17AM)
Alan also sent me this some time ago and I told him then how clever I thought it was, and I still stand by how clever I think it is. For people in the UK, you can get this incredibly cheap, without having the manuscript on me at the moment, and it being so long ago since Alan sent it to me, I believe it can be made for about £10-20 ($20-40).

Compared to the other Bullet Catches out there, which are around £350ish ($700ish), there is a big difference, especially as overall it will look exactly the same, just the gun isn't as big as the usual Paint ball bullet catches, which makes it easier to carry around.

If you are looking for an affordable and workable routine, this will be for you!
Message: Posted by: Y2John (Nov 6, 2007 06:32AM)
How does this compare to ***********s one from his Delusions notes?
Message: Posted by: meyegr (Nov 6, 2007 07:20AM)
I saw the bullet catch performed with a paint ball gun 2 years ago in a magic show at a theme park in Des Moines, Iowa. (signed and all)

I wonder how this is 'new'?
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 6, 2007 05:01PM)
Hey guys. Scott alexander has one out and has had for a while which is fantastic. its jsut hard to maintain the gun and is very expensive. In my opinion the method behind this is cleaner and more direct. but I urge you all to look over Scotts also

Message: Posted by: tuffnavyrn (Nov 6, 2007 06:05PM)
When is it available?
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 6, 2007 06:33PM)
This Thursday


Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 8, 2007 08:41AM)

On sale now
Message: Posted by: Cameron Francis (Nov 8, 2007 09:10AM)
Guys, this is a steal for the asking price. It will play HUGE. Go for it! The method for stopping it in mid air is worth the asking pice. I love that.
Message: Posted by: KMan1564 (Nov 8, 2007 09:58AM)
Purchased. :)
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 8, 2007 10:11AM)
And its in your mail box koby enjoy
Message: Posted by: Y2John (Nov 8, 2007 01:10PM)
Cool, may have to get this, bt before I'd really like to know how this compares to the pellet one from Delusions...

I really like the sound of stopping it in mid air
Message: Posted by: Xtasy0 (Nov 8, 2007 08:56PM)
Alan any idea if the specific paintball gun can be found in Canada?
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 9, 2007 05:40AM)
It can be found online easy and I link you in the pdf...cheers for the kind words everyone

Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 13, 2007 07:06PM)
One small note. Now 200 happy buyers.........
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Nov 15, 2007 05:25PM)
Just a quick note to let you know. I don't review very much, I don't like very much. Although slightly biased as Alan is a good friend and we toss ideas round frequently, and I'm proud to say that even if its only a small idea I have, Alan will take it and work on it and make it 10x what I suggested. The paintball catch is fantastic. I love it. The premise of bullet catching is one of the greatest feats a show man can perform. This is practical solution for everyone. Miles of scope for the comedy performer. A great method and well...Alan is one of the most creative guys on the scene at the moment. I bought my gun of Ebay, I've performed it twice at my residency and went down a storm, I'm sure it will evolve into a full feature of my act...

Hat's off to you mate!


Message: Posted by: gitty (Nov 15, 2007 06:12PM)
Buy CATCH - it's a really clever mini-illusion!
You can perform CATCH everywhere - in your living room, on the street or on stage.

I like Alan's magic tricks because they are all very effective but easy in their handling/performance.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 18, 2007 06:22AM)
That is always what I aim for lol Happy you guys are likeing this !
Message: Posted by: natswift (Nov 18, 2007 09:20AM)
I have a couple different paintball guns, do I have to buy the specific gun?
Also can the gun be used nomally when not used for the trick?

Love Magic, Love Paintball would be an awesome addition.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Nov 18, 2007 02:28PM)
You DO need a specific gun that is cheap to get online and easy to get. The gin can be used as nromal too!! Hope this helps mate
Message: Posted by: meyegr (Nov 21, 2007 09:10PM)
For those that live in the US, try looking for a gun called Predator by Palco sports. I saw these at Bass Pro shops, and I bought one here in the midwest at Theisens (farm type store). $14.95.
Message: Posted by: Nash (Nov 22, 2007 05:05AM)
A week and a half ago Alan sent me this manuscript.
I didn't want to write a review because well, I kind of wanted to keep it to myself.

ok I'm just kidding about my selfishness, but for real now, I don't know why Alan is selling it at this price. It is a bargin to say the least.

If you are familiar with Mr.Rorrison's works, you know he has a taste for dangerous effects with the creativity to match.
What you are going to get is a practical, commercial, humorous Bullet Catch that retains its natural suspense and inherent danger (in the audiences' eyes). But reality is it is 100% safety proof. Unless you seriously froze on stage, I can't see anyone "mess" up on this trick.

While I have yet to take this on stage, I can see its potential.
Furthermore, Alan is a working magician and this has been his closer for the last five years (correct me if I'm wrong Alan).
So Folks if you want something so you can perform in front of your mirrors, stay away from this product, or just stay away from magic in general... magicians don't perform for mirrors after all.

But if you want a closer to your show, a closer within a beyond reasonable price????? I highly suggest it.

Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Feb 26, 2008 04:59PM)
Cheers guys... one side not. this nearly made Ben Willims soil his pants!!!!
Message: Posted by: APC (Feb 26, 2008 08:03PM)
Do you think this would be a good effect for a school talent show? *next year...long time to practice* I would of course warn my Dean that there is a "gun" and what not. How have people been doing this this...looks very interesting. Is there a demo?

Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Feb 28, 2008 12:00PM)
Ive been doing it on the street and corp shows. Some stage too. No demo yet
Message: Posted by: tboehnlein (Feb 28, 2008 01:00PM)
Is this the correct type of gun to use?
Message: Posted by: meyegr (Feb 28, 2008 06:40PM)
I found one in a small farm store in the midwest. They actually had two colors - blue and red. At first I thought they looked kinda hokey, but thought I could work this in. It kind of brings a laugh with the danger build, and then seeing the gun. But when that sucker kicks out the paint ball and splat - it takes on another dimension. The crowd gets a lot more interested and its an excellent effect.

I like this a lot.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Feb 29, 2008 09:26AM)
Yes that's the correct gun
Message: Posted by: lou2 (Mar 2, 2008 09:36AM)
I like this a lot , I want to use it in cabaret I have noticed that when the ball hits the target and splats the remains of the ball fly off several feet , I am slightly worried about it going further than antisipated and hitting the audience , has anyone come up with a way to reduce the bounce back?
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 2, 2008 11:37AM)
Spall a4 perspex sheet used for projectores stick tot he side of ur case liek a shiled does the job mate
Message: Posted by: prestigemagic (Mar 24, 2008 09:10AM)
Sounds almost too good to be true but with all the good reviews about this Catch I think I'll have to give it a whirl before spending huge bucks on the other expensive one currently out there. 2 Questions though:
1) Can the gun be handed out before the "deadly" shot to have the spectator take one test shot to "prove" the gun is not gimmicked..in his mind at least.
2)Any place I can download this without Paypal...just use another payment system?

Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 24, 2008 01:05PM)
It is part of the rouitine that they fire a test shot and you can get it at http://www.magicshop.co.uk wiht out paypal I think..

Hope that helps
Message: Posted by: pantseatflyer (Mar 24, 2008 09:38PM)
Just ordered this evening to perform at a Corporate event. It sounds like it will play well on stage.

I ordered via PayPal. Do you send the link to my PayPal addy? Regards..PSF
Message: Posted by: meyegr (Mar 25, 2008 08:52AM)
I have set up a brief case to fire the test shot. I modified it a bit to have 'sides', which keeps that splatter in check.

This has been going over quite well, thanks Alan!!
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 25, 2008 09:05AM)
Yes I send it to your pay pal addy. ps.. You got mail
Message: Posted by: pantseatflyer (Mar 25, 2008 09:29AM)
Thanks Alan! Looking forward to performing it! Cheers! PSF
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 25, 2008 10:40AM)
Your most welcome

Message: Posted by: Tom Lauten (Mar 25, 2008 02:10PM)
This is very tasty indeed!

I often click the "buy now" button on downloadable effects with trepidation but Alan's stuff is the "bizzo" and Catch is NOT as disappointer. I will be ordering my pistol this week and my wife will be full of woeful utterances by the weekend. Worry not my dear, people will only be firing a paintball gun at my face. It’s OK ‘cause I’ll catch the projectile in my teeth…it’ll be fine! Tee hee! See what happens when magic comes from Scotland? Economical, engaging, and darkly funny.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 25, 2008 03:23PM)
Thanx Tom Im happy you like it lol. I may quote some of that if you do not mind?

Message: Posted by: pantseatflyer (Mar 25, 2008 10:56PM)
Ordered the paintball gun with 500 paintballs from Amazon for $25! The show is not till May 22nd, so I have a little time to practice.
Message: Posted by: pantseatflyer (Mar 26, 2008 09:48AM)
I have question pertaining to patter and maybe those who own Catch can help me out. The routine is to be performed in front of my peers (300+ Information Technology employees). It will be used to introduce a new recognition pin that is awarded to team members who exhibit and exemplify "Customer Service".

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 26, 2008 10:58AM)
I suggest. " The Managerts are just out a meeting. I have to tell you some pretty harsh ideas have been flying around. They want the cs to show devotion to the job and have thought of many far right and extream ideas for an agent to prouve this. Infact here is just one of the ways they where thinking that you could propuve yourself." do the routine and ad the closing speach after catch. Well you are all very lucky as I have concinved them that only a mad man like me would be able to pull this off. As long as you do your job right,promot the company name and enjoy your self. Than that will be a sure fire way to be awareded and regogniced with one of these( hold pin etc) wich will be a sure fire way to keep your eyes on the target and the company the best it can be..

Just an idea ..any help?
Message: Posted by: Alan Rorrison (Mar 26, 2008 10:59AM)
That way ur adding company branding etc and still ading in chearful puns of the routine
Message: Posted by: AriTheMan (Oct 16, 2016 06:17PM)
Just purchased this and I really like it a lot! I'll definitely be performing this. Great job, Alan!

But, after about 30 minutes of research trying to find the right gun, I unfortunately haven't been able to find one that will work! Has anybody in the US had any success finding one? If so, please send me a link!

- Ari
Message: Posted by: amirb401 (Dec 5, 2016 02:11AM)
Hey guys ! Im really into it but I'm wondering a few things..
1) I'm worried I wouldnt be able to get a paintball gun shipped to israel, and I don't knoe which gun is needed.. so I'm wondering if anyone could link me a gun to see whats really needed id love that!

Also, is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N1TZbZZniVU this the bullet catch by alan or another version?
Just trying to see what I'm really going to buy..