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Topic: Somethin New
Message: Posted by: Doomo (Nov 7, 2007 03:45PM)
Howdy folx. I do not shout out about my own stuff that often. BUT... Those of you who were at THE Midwest Magic Jubilee, saw me demonstrate a new effect. At the time it had no name. Almost 30 of you gave me your business cards and wanted it when it came out... Well, it is done. It is NOT on the website yet, but it will be by this weekend. The final price was $30.00... Quite a few of you told me to charge more. People like Lassen and John Mendoza and Jack Carpenter have all said I should release it, so here I go.

Oh yes, and guys, I did come up with a name... Pocket Space. Cause it takes up so little. Those of you who were at the Jubilee and spoke with me, contact me in private, you get a deal for waiting! Thanks for your time...
Message: Posted by: Robert M (Nov 7, 2007 03:49PM)
Can you give us a brief description of the effect, Tony?

Message: Posted by: jordanjohnson (Nov 7, 2007 03:51PM)
You want to expand on what the effect is??
Message: Posted by: emanmagic5 (Nov 7, 2007 04:02PM)
How can you make a post about nothing?
Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Nov 7, 2007 04:03PM)
Pocket Space.. sounds interesting, but what is it?
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 7, 2007 04:03PM)
Yes, that would be most intruigingly excellent to describe the effect...
Message: Posted by: sabitu (Nov 7, 2007 04:30PM)
Correct me if I'm wrong Tony, I believe this is a new wallet Tony has created. I got this info from a post by Tony in another thread which can be seen below.

On 2007-09-25 13:03, Doomo wrote:
Hello all... Long time no speak... I have something I think is genuinely new in the wallet line coming to you. It is either palming or no palming. In most cases it will look identical to your current billfold wallet. It will carry all the credit cards and cash and other stuff you normally carry in your current billfold. And best of all, it will sell for $ 35.00 in U.S.A. funds. It will come with a downloadable video showing the loading method(s). The preliminary name is Janus. As with all my products I do not do preorders. I will advise you when it is ready. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Anthony Miller

Message: Posted by: Doomo (Nov 7, 2007 05:16PM)
Ok... My fault... The above post was intended to be a heads up for the people at the Jubilee... Most of whom, did not have their email addy's on their business cards... But they mostly were members of the Café... So this seemed the most expedient way of alerting them...

As to the effect, it is a bit tricky to describe. But here goes. A spectator cuts an invisible deck of cards. He tells you how many he cut off the deck. You remove a business card and a playing card from your wallet. The spectator takes the business card and turns it over. Printed on it is all 52 cards of the deck. In a random order. He sees what card is at the cut number. (you don't know-really) he turns over the playing card. It is the same... RESET? You put both back in your wallet (ungimmicked wallet). Next table, different number, different card. Pluss, it takes up almost NO space and gets a great reaction.

Think of it as a combination of acaan and card to wallet. I came up with it after playing with acaan. But I HATED all the dealing and extra decks and... well all the preparation and fussiness... So I showed it to several people such as Jack Carpenter and John Mendoza and Justin Miller and Chad Long and Jason Dean and Todd Lassen and got unanimous thumbs up. Plus about 100 people at the jubilee in St.Louis. Everyone said bring it out... so I am...

As an interesting sidenote. Lately I have taken to having the business card enlarged and printed on a t-shirt. Same procedure but I have them find the card on the shirt and then they turn over the card. Gets a killer reaction in the bars where I test my shtuff...

I guess the only real problem is that it takes up almost no space and most magicians want a hi tech gimmick. They wont like this. The whole thing, instructions and all weigh less than an ounce. Those who are expecting a big box of shtuff will be sadly disapponted. But ***! It is a way fun effect!
Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Nov 7, 2007 05:29PM)
Wow! Sounds great! I want one! :)
Message: Posted by: Doomo (Nov 11, 2007 06:36PM)
Ok... Sorry to not get back sooner... But I was in Michigan at the Motor city close up convention... I come back and my mailbox is filled with orders... Funny thing was, I sold out at the convention! About the best quote I got was from Troy Hooser. After watching me demo it about ten times he goes "I love it! I'll buy it!". Sorry if I seem a little wakky at the moment. But going on 30 hours no sleep! Had a great time. Everone loved the new item... I am felling GREAT!