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Topic: Nashville FCM Conference
Message: Posted by: dbearden (Nov 7, 2007 05:45PM)
The Music City Creative Ministries Conference, sponsored by the Nashville FCM, starts tomorrow (Thursday) in Nashville. Sadly (for me), I will not be able to attend again this year (I have only missed about 3 conferences since it started many years ago)....my "other" job is a high school band director, and wouldn't you know it, our football team made the playoffs...so I will be doing my "band thing" and can't get off to come to the conference this year (I missed last year too).....if any of you will be attending, please let me know how it went. I have always enjoyed going to Nashville...the folks up there always go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome, and I have learned so much over the years by attending this conference. I hope it all goes well this year, and will keep the conference & those attending & participating in my prayers.
Message: Posted by: DaddyDoodle (Nov 7, 2007 08:50PM)
Last year was fantastic! Duane Laflin was the headliner and gave a couple lectures. I missed Saturday, but loved Thursday and Friday. This year should be just as good!
Message: Posted by: dbearden (Nov 10, 2007 04:44PM)
Anyone on here attend this year? Give us some info on how it went!
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 18, 2007 11:31AM)

You are right! Tennessee does have "Welcome" down to a science. Sorry that I missed it too. I'd like to hear a report too.

If they're just not talking, we need to look into that!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: dbearden (Nov 22, 2007 07:26PM)
Doesn't look like anyone from up there is checking out the forum, Bob....but if anyone is out there who attended, please tell us about it.