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Topic: Ebooks of comedy one liners
Message: Posted by: busterjuggler (Nov 8, 2007 02:02PM)
Anyone know where I can find some ebooks of comedy one liners etc?
is Aldo Columbis book available as pdf?

any books of one liners or comedy routines wuld be greatly appreciated.

Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Nov 9, 2007 05:02PM)
No Aldo is not avail. on e-book... but I have a suggestion. Buy his hard copy books.. you will find only a fraction of the lines will fit your own personality and style. As you read the book, put a dot by the ones you like. Later, type them into a word processor. that will give you a great reference document and best of all, help you memorize the better ones so they come to mind when the right occasion arrises.

Also, check out Lybrary.com. They have some humor e-books. I got a great one with heckler lines from them.

Doc Eason also has some one liners you can download (cut and paste) from his website.
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Nov 9, 2007 05:58PM)
Harry Allen of Daytona Magic has a book called "Sleight of Mouth" that is nothing but one liners and is a fun read. It's not an e-book but Mediocre has the right idea.