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Topic: Magical moments and the child in you
Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Nov 9, 2007 12:00AM)
Just a shout out to the Café's funny people:

Can you think back to your childhood of things your parents did to transform what could have been a mundane moment into a magical one?
This could be a bit of magic, a prank, a flair of creativity and imagination, but something unusual and unique that always stuck with you....

One example, to get the conversation rolling: putting a transistor radio into a stuffed bear (before the toy manufacturers sold talking plush toys)... fun and wacky, creative loving things your folks, or perhaps avuncular relatives, did for you. If you remember it fondly, it's worth sharing.

Or maybe things you do now for your kids?

Message: Posted by: pepka (Nov 9, 2007 12:42AM)
I think this is fairly common. One Christmas, my mom had a friend climb up on our roof and make some noise. I'm actually a really heavy sleeper so she had to come and wake me, and then remind me the next morning. I think she was more excited than I was.
Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Nov 11, 2007 10:02AM)
I like that.... would it be neat to stroll a neighborhood at midnight with sleighbells?

Thing about that is, Christmas is a magical time, and automatically triggers that kind of involvement from parents. I am asking about parents who found ways to make humdrum activities fun and "magical." I've heard comedians often say they had funny parents. Well, wouldn't it follow that many magicians had magical parents? And mentalists had mental parents? ;) (Or psychic).

I just know someone out there has a treasured memory of something unique and mystical, and probably funny, that their parents did for them. Now is your chance to write about it!
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Nov 11, 2007 12:18PM)
My mother used to bang the pots and pans for hours pretending she was cooking dinner. Then she'd go out side and I'd come down and discover that there was no food at all. She blamed me for eating it all and sent to my room with no dinner, every day.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Nov 11, 2007 12:46PM)
And you tell that to the young people of today....
Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Nov 11, 2007 02:32PM)
Too bad the Café doesn't have a "now that's sentimental!" topic
Message: Posted by: styck13 (Nov 11, 2007 05:25PM)
I live to wake my kids up on Christmas. It's a competition...who can get up first. I'm undefeated thus far.

Also, one year "Santa put the Christmas gifts in the bath tub". Kids got up and saw no presents. It took one of them having going to the restroom to find them. That was several years ago and we still laugh about it.
Message: Posted by: Brian Turntime (Nov 11, 2007 06:35PM)
Can anyone think of something their parents did that was magical but not around Christmastime?
Message: Posted by: honus (Nov 14, 2007 10:24AM)
Wasn't my parents, but my cousin had this bank that was a plastic cylinder surrounded by bats with the logos of all the American League baseball teams. He told me I could hold the American League, close my eyes, ask for something, count to ten and and whatever I asked for would appear.

It worked, too! Seemed to work better when I wished for things that were already in his house, though . . . :)