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Topic: Sankey Fans
Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Nov 9, 2007 11:50PM)
For those who don't get his newsletter, he has some upcoming releases you guys might be interested in:

It's one of the very coolest props I've ever created! Now you can wear an entire mind-blowing act -ON YOUR BACK!

Inspired by the Diesel™ brand of hip, high-end casual clothing, THE REVELATIONS SHIRT looks just like a very cool black t-shirt with a few hip, understated designs BUT...hidden in the graphics of the shirt are SEVEN incredible revelations including three different selected cards, the date on a borrowed coin, a classic mathematical force and even two different ESP symbols!

Perfect for both magicians and mentalists, THE REVELATIONS SHIRT is the ultimate secret weapon! (It's also the perfect way to show off yer

This is seriously something you've got to SEE TO BELIEVE and I humbly
predict it's going to be one of the HOTTEST GIFTS of the holiday season.

You'll be able to check out the full-length video demo on the new SM site, but
in the meantime I want to warn you about one thing: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE RIGHT SIZE!!!! It's available in small, medium, large and XL, but you should have enough room to easily fold the front of the shirt, so please order a size that is at least ONE SIZE LARGER than you usually wear.

I'm a small guy (5" 5'/155 lbs) and I wear a a LARGE Revelations Shirt. So my guess is that many of you would need an XL!

Along with the shirt, you receive a full-length DVD with the complete details on all 7 mind-blowing revelations + 5 of my favorite coin switches + 5 multiple card forces + 11 single card forces!

Comes with the 100% cotton, professionally printed shirt + 80 minute DVD!

"This is the best collection of intimate mental effects ever distilled and assembled on DVD -period. They're engagingly performed and explained by arguably the most creative personality in magic. This thing is loaded with fresh and strong routines that have obviously and lovingly been cultivated over time in the real world. Hurry and experience this collection for yourself! I predict that routines like Hypersensitive, Alphamail, Constellation, Reception and Painkiller - to name just five of these 20 - will become your new favorite things to perform!" -James Biss, author of "Messing with Minds"

Featuring OVER 3 HOURS of outstanding "magic of the mind," HEMISPHERES is a collection of 20 startling psychic effects, many of which I'm sharing for the very first time!

This exciting DVD includes "experiments and demonstrations" with business cards, coins, watches, playing cards, fortune cookies, photographs, magazines, notepads, paper money, tarot cards, play-doh and even a doll's eye!

I also share "The Punch Principle" and "The Billet Delivery System," two exciting techniques I've been keeping to himself for years!

And as a very special ADDED BONUS I've included a professionally printed, full-color photograph for my truly incredible PHOTO FINISH routine! I am VERY close to marketing this effect on it's own, it's that powerful. In fact, Ireland's Keith Barry just finished taping a version of PHOTO FINISH for an upcoming TV special!

Over 3 hours of killer material + the Photo Finish photograph!

This is one of my all-time favorite routines to finish almost any series of card effects! It's a total mindf*uck! After "warming-up" a selected card and the card case (with the wave of a lighter or a quick rub on the performer's sleeves) the card and the case are brought together for just a moment and, inexplicably, the card VISIBLY FUSES ONTO THE CASE! Everybody of course freaks out and immediately want to examine the case - and THEY CAN!!!

This killer close-up "closer" is an inspired combination of very cool gimmicks and extremely practical sleight-of-hand, FINAL FUSION is the kind of stunning magic effect you will always carry with you!

Comes with TWO specially designed, custom printed, official Bicycle brand
card cases and an exciting instructional DVD featuring a killer collection
of handlings including 'The Drop Fuse,' 'Wraparound Fuse,' 'Bare Back
Fuse,' 'Displaced Face,' 'Twice Burnt,' 'Close Encounter,' and the totally
awe-inspiring 'Flash Fuse.'

And as a KICK ASS BONUS, the DVD also features 'Defused!' -the mind warping follow-up effect I performs in his stand-up shows!

FINAL FUSION is a truly INSANE way to end any card routine!

Includes FULL LENGTH DVD + 2 specially printed offical Bicycle brand card cases.

Two keys are closely examined, immediately linked and unlinked several times, and the last super visual unlink happens IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS! And again, both keys can be completely examined!

You can even perform astounding links and unlinks with a BORROWED key! Or a BORROWED finger ring, drinking straw and reading glasses.

This is street magic at its very best! So much more than a single routine, SPOOKEY is an amazing collection of truly magical techniques including
the Shuttle Pass, Flying Shuttle Pass, Two Key Acquitment, Thumb Palm
Switch, Bobo Switch, One Hand Link, Holy Breath Link, Toss Off, Twist Off,
Slow Dissolve and the awe-inspiring Ultimate Unlink (an insanely visual
technique where the SPECTATOR unlinks the two keys!)

You will even learn a collection of "Advanced Techniques" including the Spin Convincer, Free Fall Unlink and the HPC Unlink!

It's the perfect effect to seriously ASTOUND PEOPLE in the street, in the bar, at school or a house party. And thanks to the wild variety of techniques, with SPOOKEY the mind-blowing possibilities are truly unlimited!

Comes complete with everything you need including keys and an exciting instructional DVD!

In last month's newsletter I shared with you an incredible testimonial from Jon Racherbaumer. Here's another advance review I just received...

"When I sat down and started watching Rev Coin Magic 2.0 I felt a tiny sliver of excitement...and then my eyeballs EXPLODED from their sockets! This is awesome stuff! I have to say this IS the best DVD I have seen in a looooonnnng time! A great DVD 100/10!" -Gareth W.

REV COIN 2.0 will be available in a couple of weeks EXCLUSIVELY through the new sankeymagic.com!

And don't forget - the first 500 people who order REV 2.0 will recieve a very SPECIAL BONUS, a machine-cut and polished half coin for the "Half A Coin Trick" on the DVD!
Message: Posted by: wpt1031 (Nov 10, 2007 12:01AM)
Yeah I got that e-mail today to. The trick t-shirt concept seems interesting. I would like to hopefully see some pictures of it first.
Message: Posted by: emanmagic5 (Nov 10, 2007 07:56AM)
Seems similar to something tenyo did...
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Nov 10, 2007 03:55PM)
I am excited about this! Way to go Sankey for bringing some great new products to the market! I am especially looking forward to Hemispheres and Final Fusion.
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 10, 2007 04:08PM)
You can expect Hemispheres to be two thirds Boris Pocus and 22 Blows to the Head stuff.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 10, 2007 05:37PM)
Jay has a lot of new material in the works. The new site ( when is that launched? ) sounds great.
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 10, 2007 05:51PM)
The new site is supposed to come this month. All it will be is stuff rearranged differently, just like the Ellusionist site.
Message: Posted by: evolve629 (Nov 11, 2007 02:01PM)
My curiosity is piqued reading HEMISPHERES, esp. the bit on Photo Finish routine that Jay Sankey states he's close to marketing this effect on it's own. And in his news letter, it's also notes "in fact, Ireland's Keith Barry just finished taping a version of PHOTO FINISH for an upcoming TV special!"
Message: Posted by: Longhorn (Nov 11, 2007 02:58PM)
Looking forward to these releases. But so many of them I need more money.
Message: Posted by: Bertrand Thornley (Nov 14, 2007 01:56AM)
Hey "THEGUY26" Jay says he's glad you found a way to help people distinguish your gender and thanks for the slavish support of his work.
Message: Posted by: Xiqual (Nov 14, 2007 03:53AM)
I love Jay Sankey's work. I always find great material on his DVDs or his single tricks. He's a great teacher and comes up with some crazy ideas.

22 Blows to the head has some killer mentalism. Laying on of hands fries people badly, and it uses any deck of cards.
"Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live,Jay Sankey live.....Jay Sankey live!Jay Sankey liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive,Jay Sankey live,!!!!!!"
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 14, 2007 05:02AM)
On 2007-11-14 02:56, Bertrand Thornley wrote:
Hey "THEGUY26" Jay says he's glad you found a way to help people distinguish your gender and thanks for the slavish support of his work.

Really? Well let him know he's getting some of my money really soon! "Spookey" looks like it will be something here I will use a lot.
Message: Posted by: JamesBiss (Nov 14, 2007 06:36PM)
Hey Guys!

As I was quoted by Jay in the promo reference above...

I've seen the DVD and I'm quite serious. I honestly believe this is outstanding! There are several really, really great bits that I think the average performer will get really excited about.

I've seen a lot of Jay's work (hell, he's a regular Jimmy Buffet of magic, he's so prolific with new products) but this DVD rocks. It's like it's been years in the making with a distillation of strong material with a mind reading bent. Heavy on "predictions"...

If you're not a fan ....yet...this will win you over. Says me.

Happy to answer any of your questions about this,

Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Nov 14, 2007 09:01PM)
Have any favorite effects James? Any overlaps from past releases that are on this dvd?
Message: Posted by: BRodgers (Nov 15, 2007 09:25AM)
Sounds Great. I'll keep my eye out.
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 15, 2007 10:12AM)
How's it compared to the first Revolutionary Coin Magic? That's my favorite DVD now. How's the comedy?
Message: Posted by: magicstudent (Nov 15, 2007 06:43PM)
SPOOKEY and HEMISPHERES, are already in stock in http://www.themagicwarehouse.com HOT list.

Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 15, 2007 07:57PM)
Spookey is too.