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Topic: Recap Revisited
Message: Posted by: iSawThat (Feb 23, 2003 04:33AM)
Hi, I've posted my problem with this trick before, the only weak link in what I think is an AMAZING impromptu trick: the all round vanish move to produce the cap from the knee. I've taken to making it slightly less impromptu, but more impossible looking I think: I keep a duplicate of the pen cap (how sad do we magicians get!) in my left pocket, do the vanish, search both my pockets with my hands and then deposit the cap in my right hand into my right pocket as I take the duplicate out of the left pocket. Since the whole routine seems very sleight-of-handish, I'm thinking I can get away with this little ruse and pass it off as clever sleight of hand. What do you people use?
Message: Posted by: joseph (Feb 23, 2003 06:59AM)
I agree. 10/10 impromptu trick. What great thinking on a common, everyday item found everywhere. I think that the knee production is the hardest portion of the routine, but I saw that variation even makes it easier, and I like to hear of any improvements or variations, too. I do the original striking vanish from the palm, not the fingertips. Look at Greg's original version, and the improved revisited. Excellent stuff. :bg:
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Feb 23, 2003 10:40PM)
Good Idea, what about ending with a similar sequence and producing different colored caps one after another? I know you can get red green blue & black.
Message: Posted by: frank (Feb 24, 2003 10:40AM)

Smart thinking. It's easy to carry a duplicate cap in your pocket.

I have no problem doing the all-around vanish. My striking vanish is only 80%. I've had problems getting the pen in/out of my watch strap too.

Great routine! I'll keep working on it...

Message: Posted by: iSawThat (Feb 25, 2003 02:11PM)
I don't really have a problem with the all round vanish unless I am wearing a jacket, which gets in the way. So far I've spent hours working on my striking vanish from both the fingertips (for this routine) and the palm (for my cups and balls routine), and this trick has gone into my A list repertoire already, it seems to come through for me all the time. Still trying to find a better solution for the all round vanish that can be done with a borrowed pen though... the solution has as yet proven elusive. Keep the ideas coming people! It's a fantastic routine, I really, really love performing it.
Message: Posted by: knave (Feb 27, 2003 11:09AM)
The spare pen top is a great idea!

Ive been using the following variation to get out of using the all round vanish, its not any better I just find it easier. It does, however put a bit more pressure on your striking vanish.

After the striking vanish, replace the cap back on the pen under cover of the right hand whilst showing the empty left hand. This is quite easy with a little practice; just keep the right hand moving whilst showing both sides of the left hand. Look puzzled, then toss the pen from the right to left hand, obviously making sure that the cap in concealed in the left when it arrives, then use the pen to show the right hand to be empty in the same fashion. This is basically the old cups and balls move where you toss the wand and ball from one hand to another as if its just the wand. As the cap is already on the pen this isnt really a move, just make sure the toss is on the off beat and you change your focus from left hand to right hand as you do it (the opposite direction to the throw), no one will see the cap, its very deceptive. Look puzzled again, take the pen pack into your right hand leaving the cap in the left and finish up as usual.

In some respects I think this method can make the routine harder as it is important to get the pen top in a good right hand position after the striking vanish but if you get that bit right its very easy.

Message: Posted by: samthemagical (Feb 28, 2003 08:33PM)
Just to be an echo: Great Idea! Recap is wonderful, but it is always a major plus to simplify.
Another move, more difficult, is below:

For this you need semi-poofy hair. You will see:
At the basic ear vanish of the pen itself, instead, slip in *deep* into your HAIR! Wierd? YES. but then, with a little practice, you can drop the pen into your hand when it is behind your back. This always cuts the groans I get with the ear.
Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Mar 2, 2003 10:01AM)
I love pulling the cap out from behind the knee just for the fact of you get to use the line,"thats why they call it a knee cap." That gets a great reation everytime. I just keep in mind the first time I ever saw Greg Wilson show me this trick and have been using it ever since. This has got to be by far the greatest impromtu trick ever!
Everyone eles ideas are great also. Keep those minds thiinking.
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Mar 3, 2003 04:42PM)
Im learning it from the Off the cuff video. I love the routine, but for me the biggest problem is a sleight-of-ear! Im having a hard time getting the pen in place, but its even worse with the cap... I dont know whats wrong with my ears, theyre not protruding or large or anything. They just wont grip :D Maybe I wont washem for a while so they get sticky.
Message: Posted by: therntier (Mar 3, 2003 05:49PM)
Stick it in your ear. That's what he does on On the Spot.
Message: Posted by: Ozer4 (Mar 4, 2003 10:27AM)
Yeah definitely stick in IN your ear, that gets great reactions. I almost never wear a watch so I skip the last phase. As for the all-around vanish, it is tricky. I'm not sure how much of the effect is lost by strike vanishing, then tossing the pen into your other hand, and reaching below your right knee to produce the cap. :cheers:
Message: Posted by: therntier (Mar 4, 2003 12:00PM)
I personally find the strike vanish harder than the all around vanish. The pen cap keeps stabbing me. I think that the all around vanish is necessary. I don't think that the strike vanish is good enough to get rid of all possibilities that the pen was tossed to the other hand. When you produce it with the left hand, I think that it makes the strike vanish stronger.

My favorite part about sticking it in your ear is the line he uses once "What, I can't hear you?" I use it every time.
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Mar 4, 2003 01:49PM)
In the ear... OK, great tip. I guess Ill have to wash my ears after all.

Message: Posted by: lithis (Mar 4, 2003 08:35PM)
Just wanted to say how much I love this effect. Even though some people figure out a couple of the moves because of angles, they still love it.
Message: Posted by: dillib (Mar 5, 2003 05:13AM)
It serves its purpose as both a gag and a magnificent trick at the same time, and coupled with the impromptu aspect of it, it certainly is up among the best tricks I do.
Message: Posted by: Psychosis (Mar 25, 2003 12:38PM)
I just started learning this one. I've seen it in AoA numerous times and just glanced over it. After seeing Gregg perform this on video, I was so impressed with the reaction that I had to learn it.

My only problems thus far are the striking vanish (to me it doesn't look convincing yet), and placing of the cap in the ear. I feel it's too "fumbly". Any advice?
Message: Posted by: therntier (Mar 25, 2003 01:06PM)
The striking vanish is not convincing to me either. Part of the deception is its speed. You will never convince yourself that your strike vanish looks good becuase you know when its going to happen. The deception for the audience happens because its gone before they even realized something happened. That's why, in my opinion, you must move quickly into the next phase of the routine, you don't want them to catch on.
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Mar 25, 2003 06:30PM)
Speed is not the issue, guys. In fact, when Michael Ammar teaches the strike vanish, he makes a point to tell his students that speed is not a factor. The most important factor is timing. Watch anybody that is competent with the sleight; you'll see what I mean.

Message: Posted by: Psychosis (Mar 26, 2003 12:45PM)

I've watched numerous people perform the sleight. Maybe it's because most of the videos I see are on the internet, but I never see the move (or hardly see it). This could be because the frame rate of internet-based video is not as high as video/dvd frame rates. Either way, they still look great. I'll just have to keep practicing!
Message: Posted by: dlcarr50 (Mar 26, 2003 01:06PM)
Your version is great for you, keep it up. I have a lot of good things to say about the all around vanish, but if your version is good for you, again keep it up.
Message: Posted by: Justin Flom (Mar 29, 2003 02:20AM)
If you don't wear a watch, what's a strong ending to recaped? The cap in the ear is strong, but I don't think it puts the frosting on the cake. Any ideas?
Message: Posted by: truellusionist (Mar 30, 2003 01:33PM)
Hey Justin,

Well, you can make the pen and cap vanish as a whole (For example sleeving it after you pull the cap from out of your ear and placing it back onto the pen). If the pen belongs to them, reappear it and give it back! This altered ending phase should give you more room for creative patter as well.
Message: Posted by: Shawn D (Apr 2, 2003 09:09PM)
I wear a watch when doing this trick but don't always ditch the pen in it.
I will sometimes take the cap out of my ear put it back on the pen and say," and here is a souvenir." acting like I am going to hand it to them. Gets a good laugh. I just pull it back and they make a ewww face.
Give it a try
Message: Posted by: indianajones (Apr 10, 2003 10:17PM)
Carl Coultier, in his video, Third Hand, did some interesting things with a pen...you might be able to incorporate it into your routine
Message: Posted by: cardz (Apr 14, 2003 10:28AM)
I don't wear a watch either.

I just slip the pen into my jeans pocket as I show the cap in my ear. *hint: turn your body more and get the correct timing*

Bring out the cap. Show that the pen has vanished.

False transfer the cap and show that the cap has vanished.

Produce the cap from behind the spectator's ear, and, at the same time, retrieve the pen from your jeans.

Produce the pen from your cap as the original does.
Message: Posted by: Marc Levine (Apr 28, 2003 05:56PM)
I don't wear a watch either. At the end of the routine I do a snap vanish of the whole pen as I pretend to break it over my right knee. I then all around vanish the whole pen and produce it from my left pocket... give it a shot, it works. Just be careful when you tap your right thigh as you're "looking" for the pen make sure it runs the long way behind your hand (for obvious reasons). This shouldn't be too hard considering the snap vanish puts the pen in that position anyway. Enjoy.
Message: Posted by: Danny Diamond (May 7, 2003 02:32PM)
My biggest problem with this trick is the Striking Vanish itself. Producing it from behind my knee is easy for me. I have the AOA Books and I have read the instructions and watched the Demo Video many times, but I still can't understand how Gregory Wilson does the Striking Vanish without even moving his left hand at all. Is there a better source for breaking down this vanish somewhere?
Message: Posted by: ruiefe (May 7, 2003 05:34PM)
Is there a better source for breaking down this vanish somewhere?

David Williamson's book! And not for the striking vanish itself. Its full of wonderful ideas.
Message: Posted by: wassabi_87 (May 17, 2003 05:48PM)
Do you guys have a place on the net where I can get instructions for the trick?
Message: Posted by: ChrisMagic52 (May 18, 2003 07:05PM)
Honestly, I've done this trick a couple of times and I don't get good reactions from it. Maybe because the people I do it for don't like Pen tricks.
Message: Posted by: ferraroj (May 19, 2003 08:58PM)
Is recap published in a book or is it sold as single effect?
Message: Posted by: gforster (Jun 4, 2003 07:47PM)
Wow, with all the extra ideas you guys have, we could come up with a "Recapped Revisited
...Again" routine! I am still working on getting this routine down (my hands aren't used to handling a pen cap yet) :)

ferraroj, this routine can be found on Greg Wilson's "On the Spot" video. Will it ever come out on DVD???
Message: Posted by: kull_spider (Jun 5, 2003 09:30AM)
On 2003-05-18 20:05, chrismagic52 wrote:
Honestly, I've done this trick a couple of times and I don't get good reactions from it. Maybe because the people I do it for don't like Pen tricks.
I don't think that this is really a stand-alone trick by itself. It's more of a comedy piece which really demonstrates the art of misdirection. I usually do this trick as an opener before going into cards, and it does get the :rotf: rather than :wow:
Message: Posted by: lesterkirad (Jun 5, 2003 10:03AM)
This trick is on Gregory's 'Off the Cuff' video as well as his 'On the Spot' videos as
'Recap Revisted' where he goes over it again in a little better detail. I highly recommend either one of them. Every single effect is usuable which makes the videos well worth the price.

When doing recap: for the strike vanish, I point the tip of the pen at the hand holding the cap. I hold the pen cap in the direction it would be in if I was going to put it back on the pen. When you are in this position and you do the strike vanish, the cap makes a half rotation. This puts you in position so that you can put the cap on the opposite end of the pen using just your right hand.

This gets a great reaction because the cap vanishes the left, not only reappears in the right, but it is also on the pen. I do this strike vanish after I have done the one where it ends up behind the knee. Because the cap ends up in two different places, I don't think it is harmful to do the strike vanish twice.

For an ending to the trick: when you make the cap disappear and go in your ear, place the pen in your pocket when they are looking at you ear. Then, you bring the cap down to your other hand and immediately do the criss-cross motion with your hands together that Gregory suggests. Open your hands and show the pen is gone. Say "I know what you are thinking, the pen isn't here" and turn so they can see it isn't behind your ear.

When they are looking at your ear place the cap in your pocket. Do the criss cross hands again and make the cap disappear. Act surprised and say "Can I borrow a pen? I have a really neat trick I can do with it. I promise, you won't get it back."
Message: Posted by: gforster (Jun 5, 2003 06:16PM)
For the striking vanish, check out what Sankey has to say about it. I think his method is very, very good and natural. I believe he discusses it on Sankey-tised volume one, but I could be wrong.
Message: Posted by: Psychosis (Jun 6, 2003 02:43PM)
Jay also discusses it on the Best Of volume 2 (Leaving Home). I think it's also on a video for Leaving Home by itself (but I could be mistaken).
Message: Posted by: markkwan (Jun 17, 2003 04:50PM)
Another cap in the pocket; I never thought of that. I do perfer the all around vanish, even if I am only able to get it 80% of the time. I will keep that in mind.
Message: Posted by: Michaels (Jun 23, 2003 10:43PM)
On 2003-05-19 21:58, ferraroj wrote:
Is recap published in a book or is it sold as single effect?
It's published in Harris' AOA.

On 2003-03-29 03:20, Justin Flom wrote:
If you don't wear a watch, what's a strong ending to recaped? The cap in the ear is strong, but I don't think it puts the frosting on the cake. Any ideas?
You can steal a second cap and do a Sylvester Pitch over and over so it appears the cap is multiplying. Then end with the cap changing colors on the last pitch. I've tried this and it gets a great response.
Message: Posted by: JesseMagic (Jul 1, 2003 04:21AM)
Some of the vanishes are just sleights where angles are key (I don't really like this)...I do the watch vanish at the end... :bg:
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jul 1, 2003 08:50AM)
I have finally gotten enough practice in on this trick to the point where I have gotten very good reactions to it, and thus gained more confidence in doing it. I must have practiced this trick for at least 6 months (getting all the phases down) before I started attempting it on spectators outside my close family. But it has really been fun and paid off.

I still don't have the confidence I would like in doing Gregory's 3/4's across. Uggg! I have been practicing that one for over a year and still can't get it 100% even 5 times in a row. My own personal rule of thumb for tricks like this is being able to do it 10 out of 10 times without a major mistake.

But hey, thanks for the tip concerning the alternate behind the knee revelation.

Message: Posted by: Gerben (Jul 1, 2003 03:19PM)
A good magic friend of mine says that you should put the cap behind your ear, like the pen, instead of in your ear.
His reason for this is that, even though you can clean your ear two times a day, a spectator won't know this, and might think it's gross.

Do you guys agree?
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jul 1, 2003 05:10PM)
What's wrong with gross?
Unless you're pulling out a large eraser sized clump of shiny, somewhat luminescent light brown colored ear wax I don't see any problem.
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Jul 2, 2003 09:17PM)
Nothing too gross here guys...

After producing the cap from INSIDE my ear, with the cap in finger palm I take my index finder and brush it on the specs shoulder- "let me wipe off the ear wax...." Then I give them the pen (with my name and phone number imprinted on the pen.

I've done it hundreds of times, and they always accept the free pen. Clean ears and good humor keep it from being too gross.
Message: Posted by: pasteboardforbrains (Jul 23, 2003 09:40AM)
I'm interested in geting this, in which of the videos/dvds/books do you reccomend for learning this trick?
Message: Posted by: therntier (Jul 23, 2003 10:08AM)
On the Spot or Off the Cuff both do a good job. If you have the cash, get On the Spot, it has some more powerful routines in it.
Message: Posted by: Leeman (Sep 4, 2003 02:34AM)
If you are going to use an extra cap put the cap in your sock or something like that and you could have the spectator pull it out. You'll have so much misdirection you could do what ever you want then.
Message: Posted by: kihei kid (Sep 5, 2003 07:27AM)
Paste board, I highly recommend [i]On the Spot[/i]. It is full of great routines and to watch Gregory Wilson in real life situations is funny and educational. A couple of times in the video he starts to get busted but he is very quick witted, uses fantastic skills and ends up shredding the very person who thought they had him. Recap is worth the price alone, those pens are everywere! All around vanish is a snap for me, my striking vanish is not as good as his...yet.
Message: Posted by: bizarrewreck (Oct 7, 2003 03:06AM)
My hardest critic is my wife, so when I performed pen cap revisted on her and got some stunned deer eyes, I knew it was awesome! Plus, it's fun to practice. I love grabbing a pen and going through the routine over and over again.
Message: Posted by: dmk_kirkland (Oct 7, 2003 08:45AM)
Chad Long has some bits of business with a pen and a duplicate. I think they're described in his lecture notes.
Message: Posted by: Dave Schutt (Oct 22, 2003 04:42PM)
First I'd like to say that the "On the Spot" video is my new favorite. It's given me a lot of useable routines and has allowed me the freedom to not walk out of the house loaded up like an Atlas moving van and still be able to entertain people at a moments notice. I also think its refreshing from an audience stand point because of all the "revelation" Fox specials people are more suspicious. I can just say from experience, when I've approached a table and used sugar packets, napkins, salt shakers, and do an effect, I've gotten just as strong reactions as some of my stronger effects like the Invisible Deck but without the "out" that it was a trick deck, etc.

Anyway, a couple thoughts on recap revisted. Even though in his explanation Gregory Wilson says he doesn't move the hand holding the cap, in the performance you can see he does lift both hands a bit but not as drastically as say Ammar does on his cups and balls routine. It's more of a well timed drop of the left hand that momentarily suspends the cap in the air.

I've used a second cap that I've slipped into a specators pocket before the routine so after the strike vanish I say to the loaded specator sounding a little annoyed, "Hey I know the hand is quicker than the eye but can you give me my cap back?" He looks puzzled, "I saw you slip it into your pocket right there!" Pointing to the pocket. This gets a good reaction, and avoids the DREADED All Around Vanish...which personally I haven't really had a problem with, except in the beginning when I was nervous. Lastly, as a comedy effect I've palmed a gob of waz and stuck the cap on it when taking it out of my ear as demonstrated in the Sylvester Pitch Video.