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Topic: Cig thru quarter
Message: Posted by: snushy (Nov 17, 2007 08:09AM)
Now that U.S. quarters vary so widely on the back, does anyone know if cig thru quarter gimmicks are being made where you push the cig through the head side?
Larry Zaslow
Message: Posted by: dncmagic (Nov 17, 2007 10:59AM)
I know they have one where you can show both sides of the quarter before, during, and after the effect

Message: Posted by: snushy (Nov 17, 2007 11:11AM)
Thanks dnc, but doesn't solve the problem. I don't want to show the back because it could be different from the borrowed coin. The head side is the same, so I want to do the penetration from that side.
When I was a kid (the 70's), that's the way Johnson's always made them. They made the change because the back design is so much busier, it hides the gaff better. I never had a problem with that in the old days, so I wish they'd go back to that design.
Larry Zaslow
Message: Posted by: JTW (Nov 17, 2007 05:49PM)
Not to toot my own horn but if you do a search here on the Café I tip a great way to use an old gimmick and a new quarter.
Message: Posted by: THEGUY26 (Will Swanson) (Nov 17, 2007 06:23PM)
How about a link?
Message: Posted by: Corbett (Nov 17, 2007 07:58PM)
I use the difference in old/new quarters as part of my patter. I ask specifically for one of the "old" quarters with the eagle on the back. "There is a reason you know, why the mint changed from this old design.... there was a weakness in both the metal as well as the actual eagle design....let me show you what I mean.. blah, blah, blah." The old quarters are still everywhere, and very available, and this way, it gives you a reason to ask for it specifically.
Message: Posted by: JTW (Nov 19, 2007 12:17PM)
Here is the handling I was talking about (it is also in my lecture notes if anyone is interested in the whole routine.)

Begin by gluing a piece of aluminum foil to a quarter with 3m restickable adhesive. Finger palm this gimmick in the left hand. I don't use a cig for the routine, I use a Bic pen I keep it in my right trouser pocket. This is important because of the cap on the pen. Ask for the loan of a quarter, if you get a new one the script is

[b]Ahh a new quarter...you know that these really aren't new right? Well actually the first few thousand were but after that they realized they could save money by just plating the old ones with a bit of nickel and voila'! New Quarters! The trouble is they used a very cheap source for the plating process and sometimes it comes right off. Look...[/b]

Suiting actions to words display the borrowed quarter and do a simple spellbound or shuttle pass while you talk [i]I prefer the shuttle pass.[/i] This should be done BEFORE you get to the last word which is [b]"Look"[/b] too much atention is drawn to the hand when you use that word... Keep the face of the quarter shielded but don't be too obvious about it [i]obviously[/i]. Reach into the right pocket to get the pen and at the same time ditch the coin. Remove the pen cap and use it to scratch off the aluminum in small chunks. Let it fall to the table, the adhesive should scratch off as well leaving you clean. Toss the quarter to the table.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 20, 2007 09:56AM)
There we go, Jason. Foiled again!

Keep on scheming.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

PS --- Drop by the ranch when you're this way.
Message: Posted by: spcarlson (Jan 9, 2008 09:27PM)
Great idea ctroyer

I am going to dig my old Cig thru Quarter out. I have not used it because of all the new coins out today. I just responded to a Café post stating Cig thru Quarter as Coin with the Most Mileage. ;o)

Message: Posted by: Salby (Jan 10, 2008 02:05PM)
Hey JTW.... Where can we see the contents of your lecture notes??
Message: Posted by: bobn3 (Jan 11, 2008 02:55PM)
I have seen the quarters that you can "show both sides," and they are not an improvement. The whole back of the coin becomes the gimmick, which creates some real angle problems. With thoughtful handling, you don't need to show both sides.

Bob Phillips
Message: Posted by: Douglas.M (Jan 12, 2008 10:30PM)
Here's another way, using the good old Johnsons Products standard gaff:

Begin by telling everyone that for the next illusion, you will need to borrow "at least four quarters". Collect the quarters from various people. Notice which coin in your hand is is an eagle quarter and take that one out while setting the others aside for later.

If there are no eagle quarters, grab a state quarter but only show the heads side before the switch. Due to the multiple-loaned coins, everyone will assume one of them was an eagle coin.

After the penetration effect, segue into another effect that uses four coins (matrix, shadow, shade, translocation, or coins across effect). I highly recommend Imagination Coins by Garrett Thomas.

At the end, return all the coins to the lenders.

Never underestimate effects done with borrowed objects!

Douglas M.
Message: Posted by: benjie84 (Jan 12, 2008 10:43PM)
I was actually wondering today how many people use this still in their walk around bag o tricks? Ctroyer, I love your thinking-keep up the good work!
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Jan 16, 2008 08:54AM)
Here's what I do.

I ask if anyone has a pocketful of change. If someone takes out a handful, it doesn't matter if it includes an old-style quarter. I have an old-style quarter pal***, I immediately reach into the pile (I don't give the spectator the opportunity to focus on the specific coins in his hand) and move the coins around as I simultaneously secretly add the pal*** old-style quarter to the pile, and I pick up another coin.

I look at the coin I picked up, let's say it's a dime, and then I look at the other coins in the spectator's hand and say that I'll use a quarter instead. I simply place the dime back into the spectator's hand, and pick up the old-style quarter that I secretly placed there.

If nobody has a pocketful of change, I do something else.

This solution will cost you a quarter per performance.

Message: Posted by: TWOCAN (Jan 16, 2008 09:48AM)
Great idea Larry. that's the most logical idea I have heard so far. Love logic it works every time. Thanks PT