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Topic: Hold out multi purpose
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 19, 2007 03:22PM)
I have never messed with any holdouts here in the past so stay with me here. I am looking for a holdout that can cop chips as well as cards that is preferably under 5 hundred

Is the black widow capable of doing this as well as the beanshooter? Thanks
Message: Posted by: rawdawg (Nov 19, 2007 05:16PM)
The Beanshooter is for cards only. Maybe paper money, too... or business cards, buffet coupons, etc...

Don't know much about the Black Widow except we used to catch them by hand back in the days.
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Nov 19, 2007 10:55PM)
I have a Black Widow .... but, never gave it the time it deserves to make it look good.

I can tell you that wearing a holdout is far from comfortable :)

It can hold a chip as well as several cards and is easier to bring "in" and "out" than a bean shooter.....But, it does take work to make it look as good as the demo video clips.
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 20, 2007 12:13PM)
They run about 250 right? Any clips showing the BW using cards?
Message: Posted by: kloud (Nov 20, 2007 04:48PM)
When do you need to decide on a holdout by?

I have the Black Widow and just purchased a bean shooter holdout, though I don't expect to receive it till next week. I'll be able to give you a good comparison on how they work after.
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Nov 20, 2007 06:52PM)

I would like to hear your impression....But, my take is that both are designed with very different purposes in mind.

The BW is more versatile, but clumsier. The bean shooter is just for cards.
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 21, 2007 12:03PM)
Don't need it any specific time. It's somthing I think I should start looking into now so I'm doing some research. Anxious to hear what you think though. kloud, what do you think of the BW so far. And expert, how do you find it clumsy. Thanks a lot in advance
Message: Posted by: silverking (Nov 21, 2007 01:30PM)
The Black Widow is a magicians hold out....designed for magic.

It's not a traditional "thief" design and isn't near as functional as the Beanshooter or other hold-outs built specifically for card play.

IMHO, you're wasting your time looking at a Black Widow for cards.
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 21, 2007 02:43PM)
Ok thanks for that. Things involving the trabucco has to be gimmicked am I correct?
Message: Posted by: Mr. Z (Nov 21, 2007 05:53PM)
For the record, the beanshooter isn't "just" for cards. The same-type holdout was used to steal checks in craps by the boxman.
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Nov 21, 2007 08:01PM)
I just found it uncomfortable wearing the BW on my arm. But, as I said...I did not give it the time it deserves...

I played with it a toy for a day and watch the video instructions.

It was very well designed and manufactured....and I believ it havs a lot of potential if you work with it.
Message: Posted by: kloud (Nov 21, 2007 09:48PM)
I was really surprised when I first saw the Black Widow. I had built a very similar holdout years ago, but with a different type of holdout "head".

The Black Widow's greatest strength is its special (and very well designed) head which allows it to deliver non-magnetic items to your hand or to a spectator's hand. The head on the Black Widow is more of an "active" head, and I don't know of any other holdout that can deliver items like the Black Widow.
What I don't like about the Black Widow is that it's too bulky.
I've tried my hand at making holdouts, and the problem I saw with making "solid" (e.g. not fish-line gravity) holdout designs is that unless you use lazy tongs or some other telescoping design, the holdout will have to be bulky.

I wanted to have a non-gravity holdout to do holdout work sitting down, but I've realized that I rarely do holdout work sitting down anyway.
Message: Posted by: Expertmagician (Nov 22, 2007 11:23AM)

Nicely summarized :)
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 23, 2007 10:20AM)
Alright well the beanshooter is looking pretty good right now. Thanks guys
Message: Posted by: splice (Nov 23, 2007 10:24AM)
The better question is where to get one - is the Granville Taylor replica the only one that's available to us? I would be interested in getting one soon.
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 23, 2007 05:22PM)
I emailed them so I'll let you know what the reply is
Message: Posted by: reasons14 (Nov 24, 2007 01:25PM)
It's 53 including mail to the US. They accept paypal as payment method.
Message: Posted by: kloud (Nov 24, 2007 10:00PM)
The regular price as actually around 80. It's only 53 now because Granville Taylor is clearing our his stock (I bought the 2nd to last bean shooter in stock). Whoever wants it should grab it ASAP at this great price!
Message: Posted by: kloud (Nov 29, 2007 03:48AM)

I just got my Bean Shooter holdout. The Bean Shooter and the Black Widow are very different. If you want to work with cards, the Bean Shooter is your best bet. However, I don't see how it could be suitable for holding out chips, but I haven't played with it yet.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Nov 29, 2007 05:17PM)
Anyone here use a short sleeve hold out. You know just band around the top of the arm with a baggy short sleeve shirt.
Message: Posted by: Clock (Nov 30, 2007 06:52AM)
I have been playing around with the idea of using the armpit as a holdout. The dirty hand goes under the armpit as you cross your arms. No straps to get caught with...The card is well hidden with a baggy shirt or jacket.

Grant Carden
Message: Posted by: kloud (Nov 30, 2007 09:10PM)
Clock, you should check out the short-sleeve holdout on Cardshark.us