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Topic: Fast & Loose Fundraiser
Message: Posted by: Nicodemus (Dec 1, 2007 04:51PM)
So.. let's say that you understand of the Fast & Loose moves... from Whit's book and the DeSouza video... but now have an opportunity to perform at a fundraiser...

How do you go about that? What concerns me is maintaining interest.. getting people to be involved.. throwing new 'hooks' to keep the game going.

Has anyone done this and would be willing to part with some wisdom?

TIA, - Nicodemus
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Dec 1, 2007 11:18PM)
I'd check with Whit. He's a member of the Café and would probably be glad to help you.

If you can find a way to keep the crowd moving, you shouldn't have any problem with spectators being interested since they won't be around long enough to get bored. If, on the other hand, you're going to entertain a static crowd that does not move, well...you better find some more stuff to do.

Good luck. Mark. :cups:
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jan 2, 2008 02:48PM)
As long as they come to you, and not have yourself "center stage" it should be fine. You can run Fast and Loose all day, rotating through people as you go. When one person starts slowing down, simply turn to their partner or other casually interested person and ask "You look like a sharp person, what would [i]you[/i] choose?" and go from there. If (when!) the second person picks correctly, congratulate them and turn your attention to them.

Using "fun money" purchased at the door for the fund raiser is a perfect way to make it interesting and raise money at the same time. You can "fleece" them all you like and it doesn't "sting" as it's all for a good cause.

Nickodemus, if you're not already a member of the [url=http://www.scoundrelsforum.com]Scoundrels Forum[/url], I suggest you visit us there. This topic is discussed freqently over there.