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Topic: CTW funny story
Message: Posted by: gdw (Dec 3, 2007 07:30PM)
Well, I was at an internship, where they had learnt that I do magic, and I had shown everyone a few effects here and there, and I decided to do a Card through Window.

However, we were on the second story.

So, I basically set it up via a horizontal card on ceiling style toss after arriving early one morning. The card was set with a torn corner. Not that it mattered, but it was an added touch.

So, I got lucky with its placement on the window, as it was semi covered by things inside.
Or so I thought.

I waited a bit before performing, and literally, just as I walk up with my deck in hand, the girls at the front desk said they had to ask me about something.

They walk over to the window and say that here is a card on it. I'm thinking, 'so much for that trick.'

Any who, when we get to the window, no card. It blew away, lol.
So anyhow, I played it dumb and actually managed to convince them that I had nothing to do with it, lol.

It is a good thing they noticed the card mind you, as if they hadn't, I would have gone throughh the routine and thrown the cards at the window and nothing would have been there. Talk about anti-climactic.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Jan 22, 2008 08:58PM)
Always pays to second look before doing CTW to make sure the card is still there. I've seen more than one magi embarrassed because a card was no longer there.
Message: Posted by: cenafreak0709 (Jun 12, 2008 12:29AM)
LOL, "I have made the card DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I had a similar story, I was performing in a class room of second graders, and I had two friends as "assistants". They went and 'prepared'. I wanted to do it as the finale, but the kids noticed it! So my assistants went back out and tried to "undo it." The kids ignored me and were all laughing at them outside hiding from them! I learned a lesson there,
Message: Posted by: MagicAndy (Jun 12, 2008 05:23AM)
Sounds like a close call, I remember getting an assistant to help set it up on a train while I was at the station with my friends, I then assumed the next train coming was the one I wanted but I miscalculated and it wasn't meant to stop at the station >_< so I throw my cards and watch as they zoom off, to this day I maintain to my friends that the card is on that train window. :P