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Topic: Content of Magicseen
Message: Posted by: magic777 (Dec 8, 2007 09:06PM)
There are probably 50% advertisments, almost all full page, most of which I have seen many times before.

Ok, these ads are necessary for the budget requirements I am sure, but I would like to see more effort on the editorial front with regards to instructional articles and effects. I feel the editorial is largely fairly shallow features on magicians. There could be at least 10 effects, or presentation idea instructional article on performing effects, per issue. I would like to see 20-30 pages at least of this content every issue. At the moment there are very few effects and articles of this nature per issue.

These effects could be related to the current magicscene or related to a promotional item by a current featured magician or advertiser. But definitely this content will help improve what could be a promising publication.
Message: Posted by: atkinsod (Jan 29, 2008 12:40PM)
Does anyone know if there is anyplace that lists the content of past issues of MagicSeen?

I've downloaded a few issues, which have been okay, but before downloading others it would be nice to know the SPECIFIC content.

Thanks in advance!

Doug A.
Message: Posted by: Chris (Mar 29, 2008 07:55AM)

You can see the contents on my website: http://www.lybrary.com/magazines-comics-magicseen-c-21_36_167.html

Click through to each issue to see it. This is directly from the magazine. It is not awfully detailed but is a start. You can now also buy magicseen from the Lybrary.
Message: Posted by: magicseen (Apr 11, 2008 02:35AM)
Hi Doug,

You can now see a full contents list on our website http://www.magicseen.co.uk where every item from all issues are listed both in alphabetical order and/or by issue number.

I hope this helps.

best wishes,

Message: Posted by: jnrussell (Dec 1, 2010 08:00PM)
I personally have really enjoyed the magazine. Seems to offer a fresh perspective, and an European view to boot! Bravo!
Message: Posted by: mormonyoyoman (Jan 5, 2011 11:36AM)
Detailed contents have and are being prepared for Magicseen issues over at Lybrary.com - VERY detailed tables of contents in some cases.

Message: Posted by: Chris (Jan 6, 2011 08:58AM)
On 2007-12-08 22:06, magic777 wrote:
There are probably 50% advertisments, almost all full page, most of which I have seen many times before.

That was perhaps true for the first issue which is not a good indicator for a magazine in general. I checked the ratio of ads, news/reviews, and editorial content for issue #36, the currently latest issue with Andi Gladwin on the cover. Here is the breakdown:

ads: 13 pages (19.1%)
news/reviews: 21 pages (30.9%)
editorial content: 34 pages (50%)

I am sure this is a lower ad content ratio than what the other big magic mags have.