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Topic: Kinda My First Show!
Message: Posted by: Ethereal (Dec 9, 2007 12:34AM)
I was with my brother at his work, practicing tricks when he asked me to perform for his friends. I agreed because he bought me this cool black-rider bicycle deck! :)

Anyway, I did the revolver (revolution) then the 4-ace force-a-card, then a few coin vanishes and a cool prediction card trick I kind of designed.

In the end there were over 10 people watching and overall I did pretty good.

But my legs were SHAKING.
Message: Posted by: BrianMillerMagic (Dec 9, 2007 12:44AM)
Bravo! Those legs will stop shaking over time as you become more confident, so don't fret. The important thing is that you found the guts to perform for a audience, even a small one, for the first time. Best wishes for your future in magic!
Message: Posted by: criverstamu09 (Dec 9, 2007 01:00AM)
Message: Posted by: Ray_Mago (Dec 9, 2007 03:01PM)
When I first performed, it was no big deal,

but when I performed for my friends, holy crap my hands were shaking so much. they still kind of do, but it's getting better.
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Dec 9, 2007 03:37PM)
Well your legs may never stop shaking, but they will reach a point where you won't notice. You are doing great, just keep it up.
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Dec 9, 2007 09:58PM)
Welcome to the wonderful world of doing your first routines for folks that are not family, etc.! Magic is much more fun when it is shared.....Bravo,
Message: Posted by: Ethereal (Dec 10, 2007 12:00AM)
Thanks guys! Ya, doing tricks for your family and friends is one thing, but random people who are 10 years older than you...
Message: Posted by: mrunge (Dec 10, 2007 10:00PM)
Way to go! Keep up the good work.

Mark. :applause:
Message: Posted by: disneywld (Dec 16, 2007 10:10AM)
It will become easier the more you do it. To relieve the nervousness, I sort of get into a performing mode. I give myself a few seconds, a switch is somewhat turned, and I am someone different that the normal me.
Message: Posted by: Jay Austin (Dec 18, 2007 06:32PM)

Also interesting name. Any semblance to the network protocol analyzer?
Message: Posted by: Robert Apodaca (Dec 20, 2007 01:45AM)
I've always found it easier to perform for strangers than friends or family.
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Dec 21, 2007 01:20AM)
Well done-
your journey into the magic world of performing has begun

Keep it up!!
Message: Posted by: aligator (Dec 21, 2007 07:34AM)
I agree with Apodoca. Performing for strangers is usually easier than for friends and family. In any case, it's always good to get those initial jitters out of the way.
Message: Posted by: Ethereal (Dec 24, 2007 01:07AM)
Thanks for the support guys!
Message: Posted by: sieler (Dec 25, 2007 12:56AM)
Hi Ethereal,

I found it useful to write down a list of effects to perform for a short show,
because the first few times I did one I'd forget what I did, or what I could do :)
Also, that helps you avoid things that *you* know are different, but that
non-magicians would think are the same effect.

Message: Posted by: JardiniMagic (Jan 1, 2008 08:16PM)
Great Work! Just keep it up! the more experience the Better for you!
Message: Posted by: The Amazing Noobini (Jan 7, 2008 09:55AM)
This story put me in a good mood! I think you will do well out there. It's lucky that your legs are the shaking parts since you don't (presumably) do magic with them. With me it's the hands. :)
Message: Posted by: KidMagic (Jan 8, 2008 05:04PM)
Good job! I remember my first time performing, scared to death that I might mess up and shaking and that was only in front of 10 people. After that it just keeps getting easier. Good luck in the future!